1.    Opening & Welcome.

Fr Kim Benton opened the meeting with a prayer.

2.    Present
Fr Kim Benton,  Judy James, Ron Cobbledick, Mary Muntz, Rob Elliott, Margaret Mitchell, Bev Patrick, Robyn Pendlebury, Merle Cobbledick, John Stammers, Heather Stammers, Wendy Watson, Lou Hamon.
3.    Apologies
Beth Eldridge, Keith Schier.

MOTION: “That the apologies be accepted”.
Moved: Merle Cobbledick.            Seconded: John Stammers.                              Agreed.

4.     Confirmation of Minutes
MOTION: “That the amended Minutes of the Parish Council held 16th June 2011 be confirmed as a true and correct record of the proceedings of the meeting”.
Moved: Ron Cobbledick.                    Seconded: Robyn Pendlebury.                             Agreed.
5        Business Arising from previous minutes.
 5.1    Hand rail chancel steps St. Georges. Pending.
5.2    Sale of St Paul’s Harmonium. Discussions taking place.
 5.3    Switchboards. In hand, to be progressed.
 5.4    Banking Facilities. Holy Trinity Vestry Account closed and balance transferred to Bendigo Bank. Internet banking for Parish established.
 5.5    Rochester Parish. Held over to General Business.
 5.6    Air Conditioning for Holy Trinity and Hamon Parish Centre. Holy Trinity installed.             
5.7    Local Producers Expo.
6.       Correspondence.
6.1.    KML: Quote for Air-Conditioner. Rob Elliott to follow up.
Action by:Rob ElliottTime by:ASAP
6.2.    Kristen Prentice: Fencing quotes for 42 Chapel Street. STY $1559, Shepp City Fencing $1290, with Parish share to be half.
MOTION: “That Shepp City Fencing quote of $1290 be approved with Parish share $645”
Moved: Rob Elliott.            Seconded: Mary Muntz.                              Agreed.
Parish Secretary to write to Kristen Prentice with Parish Council decision.

Action by: Parish Secretary Time by: ASAP

6.3.    G.V. Pest Control: Notice.

MOTION: “That Solar City be contacted to inspect Rectory”
Moved: Bev Patrick.            Seconded: Judy James.                              Agreed.

Action by: Fr. Kim. Time by: As arranged

6.4.    Anglican Church Calendar.
6.5.    BSA/Seafarers/CMS/MediaCom.
6.6.    Nil.

MOTION: “That the correspondence inwards be accepted ”.
Moved: John Stammers.            Seconded: Margaret Mitchell.                               Agreed.
7.      Rectors Report:
Written Report tabled and discussed.

7.1      Worship.
7.1.1 Enjoyable visit of Bishop John and Archdeacon John Davis for Holy Trinity’s Patronal Festival 19th June – pleasing great turnout from all over the Parish. Thanks to Holy Trinity for hospitality.
7.1.2 The second Meditation Mass was conducted in the evening of Sunday 26th June.
7.1.3 Combined service with UCA at Holy Trinity was cancelled as UCA withdrew.
7.2 Baptisms and Funerals.
7.2.1.No baptisms for this period.
7.2.2 Conducted two funerals for this period.

MOTION: “That Parish Council send condolences and note in the minutes the life and contribution of Charlie Eldridge to Holy Trinity.”
Moved: Fr. Kim. AGREED
7.3. Diocesan.
7.3.1 Attended induction of Rev.. Thevathasan Samuel Premarajah as PIC of Parish of Central Goulburn 24th June.
7.3.2.Attended Clergy Retreat 21-23 June.
7.3.3 Attended meeting of the Diocesan Spiritual Healing Group 21st July as Bishop’s consultant to group.
7.4  Staffing.
7.4.1 Taking Annual Leave from Monday 8th August to Monday 29th August.
7.4.2 Locum for my August Annual Leave is Fr Geoffrey Polliness from Yarrawonga, Fr. Ralph will assist as he is able. All weekday services and nursing home services are cancelled during the period of my leave.
7.5. Parish Events.
7.5.1 Dr Zhivargo trip to Melbourne 18th June with a full bus and a most enjoyable occasion. Thanks to Heather Stammers for organisation.
7.5.2 St George’s Garage Sale – very successful event – thanks to Betty Gray for setting up and all stallholders who contributed greatly.
7.5.3 St George’s Wine Appreciation Dinner was a most enjoyable social occasion – thanks to the Stammers for hosting.
7.6 Meetings.
7.6.1 Farmers Mentoring Program – met with Bob Currie 29th June to discuss roll out of the program.
7.6.2 Villa Maria Assistance Funding for affected families 7th July – attended meeting called by Suzie Don Leonard to set up a mechanism for getting funds distributed to carers of people with mental disorders.
7.7. Communications.
7.7.1 Press release re Bishop’s visit to Holy Trinity sent to Advocate and Red Gum Courier.
7.7.2 Website has been launched and open http://www.numurkahnathaliaanglicans.org – some pages are still under construction.
7.8 Other.
7.8.1 Rochester Parish trip. Have written to Parish Secretary re the service – collection of non-perishable goods has gone well and some monies have also been donated.
7.8.2 Carr’s have indicated 25th September as preferred date for visit for Holy Trinity and St Georges.
7.9. For Profit Enterprises.
7.9.1 Friday Gourmet Fiesta planning is well underway.
7.10. Projects.
7.10.1 Farmer Mentoring Program – Meeting with Bob Currie next week to get planning underway for this region before I go on leave.
7.10.2 Community Education and Engagement Project – David Tacey has not responded so I have approached Rev Dr Merrill Kitchen to be speaker for the next Spirited Conversation now scheduled for October.
7.11. Maintenance.
7.11.1 Essential Service Inspection report has not yet been received.

Action by: Fr. Kim. Time by: Follow Up.

7.11.2 A water fire extinguisher has been obtained and installed at St Paul’s Wakiti Creek- thanks to Nathalia CFA.
7.11.3 Contact has been made with electrician to start work on upgrading our switchboards.
7.11.4 Plumber has fixed leaking sink in Rectory.
7.11.5 St George’s organ has been serviced and parts ordered before final repairs completed.
7.11.6 St George’s piano has been tuned this month.
MOTION: “That the Rector’s Report be received and accepted”
Moved: Fr. Kim.                                                                   Agreed.
8                        Financial Report:
Cheque Account                                $    9534.59
V.2. Account                                      $   15150.16
St George’s ladies Guild                  $    1077.38
Holy Trinity Ladies Guild               $     2513.59
Holy Trinity Mother’s Union         $      246.95
Holy Trinity Diocese Wang.           $      190.79
Holy Trinity Vestry Account          $    1054.04
Offertory                                            $    6445.35
Accounts Payable                             $    5548.85

Motion: “That Capital Works expenditure be funded from Investment Funds”
Moved: Rob Elliott.      Seconded: Ron Cobbledick.               Agreed.

MOTION: “ That the Financial Report be accepted and the accounts passed for payment”.
Moved: Wendy Watson.                                    Seconded: Judy James.                      Agreed.
MOTION: “That funds collected for Flood Relief be donated to Rochester Parish”
Moved: Heather Stammers.                        Seconded: Mary Muntz.                           Agreed.

9.       GST BUSINESS:
9.1.      Catering: M. Young Funeral 15th July, C. Eldridge Funeral 15th July.
9.2.     Hall Hire: M. Young Funeral 15th July.
9.3.     Funerals: C. Sutcliffe 24th June, C. Eldridge 15th July.
9.4       Fundraising: St George’s Garage Sale 25th June, Dr Zhivargo Theatre Trip 18th June,  Holy Trinity Guild Partners International 27th June.
MOTION: “That the fundraising activities be Input Taxed”.
       Moved: Lou Hamon.                        Seconded: Bev Patrick.                                      Agreed.
10.1. Worship: Committee met and discussed calendar of events.
10.2. Faith Enhancement: St Paul’s have started “History of Christianity”, St George’s to commence next week. Bible Study at Holy Trinity continuing.
10.3. Hospitality:
10.4. Promotion: Website launched, press releases written
10.5. Pastoral Care: Parish Roll requested.

Action by: Rob Elliott Time by: To print.

10.6. Governance: Strategic Plan revised. New Executive Summary tabled.
MOTION: “That the Parish Council adopt the revised Strategic Plan, and forward to Diocese”
Moved: Rob Elliott.                                    Seconded: Mary Muntz                            Agreed.
10.7. Resources & Finance: Met and examined finances and budget and pleased with progress.
Budget vs Actual Financial Report presented to Parish Council.
MOTION: “That reports be received”
Moved: Bev Patrick.                        Seconded: Robyn Pendlebury.                                 Agreed.
11.            WARDEN’S REPORTS:
St. George’s: 11.1. Pews have been stabilized and anchored to floor, thanks to John  Stammers.
11.2 On-going pigeon problem raised.
MOTION: “That door closers be replaced on doors into church from narthex.”
Moved: Rob Elliott.                        Seconded: Heather Stammers.                                Agreed.

Action by: Wardens Time by: A.S.A.P.

11.3. Water leak at meter repaired, courtesy Gerry Green
11.4. Sign changed free of charge. Letter of thanks to be written.
Holy Trinity:   11.5. Accounts for Hot Water System and wiring of Air Conditioners to come.
MOTION: “That Warden’s Reports be accepted”.
Moved: Margaret Mitchell.                        Seconded: Ron Cobbledick.                        Agreed.
12.            OTHER REPORTS:
12.1. Holy Trinity Guild: Morning Tea successful, Lyn Murdoch & Lois Adams winners of competition. Paid for carpet. Street Stall August 12th.
12.2.  Mother’s Union: Planning Faith Enhancement morning followed by lunch. Uniting Church and St. Mary’s to be invited.
13.          General Business:
13.1. Rochester visit. Travel arrangements to be finalised next Sunday.
Fr. Ralph to conduct a service at St George’s.
13.2. Holy Trinity requires door or curtain to keep heat from air-conditioner in.

Action          Wardens Investigate.

13.3. Test & Tag at St George’s to be done.

 Action by: Rob Elliott. Time by: As arranged.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday 15th SEPTEMBER 2011 – St. George’s Numurkah.
August meeting cancelled as Fr Kim will be on annual leave. Wardens to call a meeting if needed.
MOTION: “That accounts be paid as they come in”
Moved: Wendy Watson.                        Seconded: Rob Elliott. AGREED
Meeting closed with prayer and grace at 9.20 pm.

Minutes confirmed…………………………………………….        Date………………………………….

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