1.    Opening & Welcome.
Fr Kim Benton opened the meeting with a prayer.
2.    Present
Fr Kim Benton,  Margaret Mitchell, Keith Schier, Ron Cobbledick, Merle Cobbledick, John Stammers, Robyn Pendlebury, Mary Muntz, Judy James, Wendy Watson, Lou Hamon, Bev Patrick (from 9.30pm).
3.    Apologies
Bev Patrick, Beth Eldridge, Rob Elliott, Heather Stammers.
MOTION: “That the apologies be accepted”.
Moved: Mary Muntz.            Seconded: Margaret Mitchell.                                    Agreed.
4.     Confirmation of Minutes
MOTION: “That the  Minutes of the Parish Council held 19th May 2011 be confirmed as a true and correct record of the proceedings of the meeting”.
Moved: Margaret Mitchell.                    Seconded: John Stammers.                               Agreed.
5        Business Arising from previous minutes.
 5.1    Hand rail chancel steps St. Georges. Pending.
5.2    Sale of St Paul’s Harmonium. Pending.
 5.3    Switchboards. St George’s inspected and considered “unsafe” under current regulations. Holy Trinity & All Saints Barmah would be of similar standard. Estimate cost of replacement $700 – $1000.
MOTION: “That the Rector progresses with refurbishment”
Moved: Ron Cobbledick.      Seconded: Robyn Pendlebury.                        Agreed.

Action by: Rector. Time: A.S.A.P.

 5.4    Banking Facilities. Awaiting bank instructions. Re impending closure of ANZ Branch at Nathalia. Nathalia Vestry Account to be closed and transferred to Strawberry Festival Account at Bendigo Bank’s Nathalia Branch.

Action by: Signatories of account. Time: A.S.A.P.

 5.5    Rochester Parish. Indication of goods for hamper and number of bus required.

Action required: Pew Sheet notice. Time: A.S.A.P.

 5.6    Air Conditioning for Holy Trinity and Hamon Parish Centre. Through Rob Elliott a quote of $5000 received from Mark Medland.
MOTION: “That Mark Medland’s quote be received for Numurkah and Ross Smith’s quote be received for Holy Trinity.
Moved: John Stammers.      Seconded: Keith Schier.            Motion withdrawn.
MOTION: “That Holy Trinity proceed with installation, and Numurkah investigate capacity of units quoted.
Moved: Keith Schier.            Seconded: John Stammers.                  Agreed.

Action by: Keith Schier Holy Trinity. John Stammers St George’s. Time: A.S.A.P.

 5.7    Local Producers Expo Held over to Reports.
 5.8    Carpet Replacement Holy Trinity.  Carpet installed.
6.      Correspondence.
6.1.    Anglicare/Nungalinya College/BCA/Access Ministries.
6.2.    Letter of Thanks: Rotary Club of Numurkah – donation to Farmer Mentoring Project.
6.3.    Letters of Thanks: Debutante Ball – Ven. Peter McLeod-Millar, Gary Swann, Lorraine Farrar, Rhonda Walsh, Wendy Watson, Judy Grenness, Kaye Jensen, Sue Kayess,  Lorraine Madex..
MOTION: “That the correspondence inwards be accepted and the outwards adopted”.
Moved: Margaret Mitchell.            Seconded: Wendy Watson.                               Agreed.
7.      Rectors Report:
Written Report tabled and discussed.
7.1      Worship.
7.1.1 Wunghnu Cafe Church Sunday 22 May.
7.1.2 MU Quiet Day at St Paul’s Tuesday 24th May.
7.1.3 Ethiopian Mission Day 29th May. This launched the mission to support education in the Diocese of Ethiopia. Brown Jars to be distributed Sunday week.
7.1.4 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Service held in St George’s Thursday 9th June.
7.2 Church.
7.2.1.Baptised three children from the Brown family in Holy Trinity Sunday 29th May.
7.2.2 Conducted four funerals for this period.
7.3. Staffing.
7.3.1 Clergy Retreat next week – Tuesday to Thursday.
7.3.1 Sourcing priests as locum for Annual Leave in August.
7.4  Parish Events.
7.4.1 Ethiopian Mission Dinner held Friday 27th May. 22 people attended a very successful evening.
7.5. Meetings
7.5.1 Synod 3-4 June.
7.5.2 Ministry Fair in Shepparton Sat 28th May.
7.6 Communications
7.6.1 Ethiopian Dinner reported in Leader & article sent to Advocate.
7.6.2 No progress on website.
7.7. Other.
7.7.1 Dr Zhivargo Trip Sat 18th June.
7.7.2 Holy Trinity Patronal Festival this Sunday. Bishop John & Archdeacon John to attend.
7.7.3 Rochester Trip to be organised – collection of non-perishable goods.
7.7.4 Carr’s have indicated 25th September as preferred for visit to Holy Trinity & St Georges.
7.8. For Profit Enterprises.
7.8.1 Garage Sale St George’s 25th June.
7.9. Projects.
7.9.1 Farmer Mentoring Program – worker is on sick leave – this is in abeyance at the moment.
7.9.2 Community Education and Engagement Project – invitation sent to Davis Tracey to be speaker for Spirited Conversations 23rd July – no response as yet.
7.10. Maintenance.
7.10.1 Essential Service Inspection report has not yet been received.
7.10.2 Heating in Rectory repaired.
7.10.3 Heating in St George’s serviced – was working, needs to be checked again.
MOTION: “That the Rector’s Report be received and accepted”
Moved: Fr. Kim.                                                                   Agreed.
8                        Financial Report:
Cheque Account                                $    9757.17
V.2. Account                                      $   15150.16
St George’s ladies Guild                  $     1071.38
Holy Trinity Ladies Guild               $    4850.98
Holy Trinity Mother’s Union         $       246.95
Holy Trinity Diocese Wang.           $       190.79
Holy Trinity Vestry Account          $     1054.04
Offertory                                            $      4805.10
Accounts Payable                             $      2285.80
MOTION: “ That the Financial Report be accepted and the accounts passed for payment”.
Moved: Wendy Watson.                      Seconded: John Stammers.                        Agreed.

9.       GST BUSINESS:
9.1.   Catering: A. Jorgensen Funeral 26th May, Bob Taylor 31st May, H. Routley Funeral 16th June.
9.2.  Hall Hire: C. Morphett Funeral 10th June, A Jorgensen Funeral 26th May, H. Routley Funeral 16th June.
9.3.  Funerals: A Jorgensen 26th May, Bob Taylor 31st May, H. Routley 16th June.
9.4   Fundraising: Ethiopian Appeal Dinner 27th May.
MOTION: “That the fundraising activities be Input Taxed”.
       Moved: Lou Hamon.                        Seconded: Mary Muntz.     Agreed.
             Proposal for “Local Producers Expo” discussed.
Fr. Kim presented a working sheet for the organisation of the event.

Local Producers Expo

Local producers have been experiencing tough times, notwithstanding the ending of a 10year drought, unexpected rain and floods have affected some but not all farmers and manufactures.
A proposal has been received by Parish Council for the Parish to auspice a Local Producers Expo to promote local business activity, particularly primary producers and processors.
The Parish in association with Anglicare is facilitating the Farmers’ Mentoring Project in response to the ongoing difficulties experienced by some farming enterprises; a project officer has been engaged to start the pilot scheme, and will take some time to fully implement. This will be an activity of this project in the interim but will also provide valuable point of contact with the target groups.
Goal: To provide a suitable venue to promote local producers and processors products
Target populations
Producers – grain farmers, beef, sheep and pig growers, dairy farmers, orchardists, vigneron, beekeepers, nut growers, poultry farmers, market gardeners (vegetable, tomato growers, strawberry growers) fish farmers, nurseries
Processors – milk producers, cheese makers, honey makers, seeds and nut processors, winemakers, canneries, bakers, olive oil manufactures, fruit and vegetable suppliers, plants.
Wholesale and retail customers – businesses, distributors, retailers, general public
A four- hour expo open to the public for trading of products and produce, entertainment, food and refreshments to be available
4-8pm Friday 23 September 2011 – Nathalia Community Centre,

  Activity Purpose Where Actioned by Date to be completed
1. Prepare contact/invites for producers Comprehensive list of producers with contact details      
2. Prepare contact/invites for processors Comprehensive list of processors with contact details      
3. Prepare media strategy Ensure publicity      
4. Make contact with producers and processors To get support for the expo      
5. Preparation of venue Tables, chairs, stands, public address, food areas, rubbish disposal      
6. Obtain insurances, council approvals and licenses Keep it legal      
7. Prepare brochures and print materials Publicity and promotion      
8. Initiate publicity strategy / contact publicity outlets Press, radio, tv local and national      
9. Entertainment Arrange and book entertainment      
10. Invite VIPs Raise profile of event      
11. Organise work team for the day Volunteers are recruited to assist in setting up / crowd control / cleaning up      
12. Undertake evaluation What happened

What worked
What could be done differently   
Implementation Teams

Team Names
Producers contact
Processors contact
Volunteer coordinator

After discussion motion moved.
MOTION: “Parish Council not proceed with Producers Expo at this time, but look at next year”
Moved: Margaret Mitchell.                         Seconded: Judy James.                                                           
AMENDMENT: “That Parish Council leave on agenda and keep discussing at future meetings:
Moved: Bev Patrick.                                    Seconded by: Mary Muntz.    Agreed.

Action by: Secretary & Parish Council. Time: Monthly meetings.

 Margaret Mitchell proposed following activities and dates, for adoption.
Wine Sampling: 9th July
Film Night: 14th September.
Trivia Night: Saturday 8th October. To be run in Parish Centre by Lindsay &                          Margaret Mitchell.
Parish Council Dinner:  15th December at Bernie Ryan’s.
MOTION: “That activities be adopted”
Moved: Margaret Mitchell.                  Seconded by: Wendy Watson.       Agreed.
Thanks was extended to Margaret Mitchell for her initiative.

Action by: Margaret Mitchell. Time: As requir

11.            WARDEN’S REPORTS
St. George’s: 11.1. Reported that pews still causing some concern to some parishioners.
11.2. Visiting requests.
Holy Trinity:   11.3. Carpet installed. Thanks to those who assisted.
MOTION: “That Warden’s Reports be accepted”.
Moved: Margaret Mitchell.                        Seconded: Wendy Watson.                       Agreed.
12.1. Holy Trinity Guild: Partners International 27th June.
12.2.  Mother’s Union: Seymour visit, MU Council Wangaratta Monday, Meeting 28th June.
13.  General Business:
13.1.         Nil.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday 21st July 2011 – Holy Trinity, Nathalia.
Meeting closed with prayer and grace at 9.50 pm.
Minutes confirmed…………………………………………….        Date………………………………….

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