1.    Opening & Welcome.

Fr Kim Benton opened the meeting with a prayer.

2.    Present

Fr Kim Benton,  John Stammers, Heather Stammers, Keith Schier, Margaret Mitchell, Robyn Pendlebury,  Merle Cobbledick,  Judy James, Mary Muntz,  Lou Hamon.

 3.    Apologies

Wendy Watson, Rob Elliott, Bev Patrick, Beth Eldridge, Ron Cobbledick.

MOTION: “That the apologies be accepted”.

Moved: Heather Stammers.            Seconded: Robyn Pendlebury.                              Agreed.

4.     Confirmation of Minutes  

MOTION: “That the Minutes of the Parish Council held 15th September  2011 be confirmed as a true and correct record of the proceedings of the meeting”.

Moved: Merle Cobbledick.                    Seconded: John Stammers.                              Agreed.

5        Business Arising from previous minutes.

 5.1    Hand rail chancel steps St. Georges. Pending.

MOTION: “That handrails to Rectory Doors be installed”

Moved: Lou Hamon.                  Seconded: Keith Schier.                        Agreed.

5.2    Sale of St Paul’s Harmonium. Advertised in Country News. Decision to sell large              harmonium and retain the small harmonium made by congregation.

 5.3    Switchboards. Follow up initial contact with alternate electricians, Laidlaw Electrical, or            Fizz Mayberry to be approached.

Action By:

Rev. Kim Time by: ASAP.

 5.4    Fencing 42 Chapel Street: Colour Jasper chosen.

6.       Correspondence.


 6.1.    Diocese of Wangaratta: Clergy Stipends 2012.

Meeting went into Committee with Fr. Kim withdrawing.

Agreed to adopt Churchwarden’s recommendation to increase stipend to pull 100% of Melbourne Diocese stipend next year.

Action by:

Treasurer/Secretary Time by: End of year.

6.2.    Cobram Windows: Quote to replace doors at St. George’s.

6.3.    Kirsten Prentice: Colour of fence 42 Chapel Street.

6.4.    Di Burgmann: Rochester visit to our Parish.


6.6.    Defence Anglicans 


 6.6.    Solar City Locksmith: Extra keys for St. George’s.

6.7.    Ron & Vanessa Monk: Letter of thanks, donation to Betty Daniel Scholarship.

MOTION: “That the correspondence inwards be accepted ”.

Moved: Lou Hamon.            Seconded: Robyn Pendlebury.                                     Agreed.

 7.      Rectors Report:

Written Report tabled and discussed.

7.1 Worship:

7.1.1 Combined Service with UCA Nathalia was held in Holy Trinity Sunday 18th September.

7.1.2 Celebration to mark retirement of Betty Daniel as St George’s Organist after 50 years on              Sunday 25th September.

7.1.3 Commitment to Stewardship Sunday was held Sunday 2nd October.

7.1.4 Blessing of the Animals was held Sunday 9th October In Holy Trinity & St. George’s.

7.1.5 Choral Evensong and supper led by St Matthew’s Choristers of Albury with Archdeacon Peter MacLeod-Miller well attended on Sunday 23rd October in St George’s.

7.1.6 Faith Enhancement Groups recommenced studying the History of Christianity.

7.1.7 Cafe Church in Wunghnu cancelled due to commitments in September/October. Continue             next year.

7.2 Baptisms and Funerals

7.2.1 There were two funerals conducted. One was a Requiem for Betty Daniel on Monday 3rd  October and one Baptism at Holy Trinity Saturday 24th September.

7.3 Diocesan

7.3.1 Attended the Diocesan Conference 18-23 October.

7.3.2 Attending cluster clergy lunches in Shepparton on Thursdays.

7.3.3 New look Advocate being launched tonight.

7.4.0 Staffing:

7.4.1 Fr Ralph’s health in uncertain and there have been a number of incidences the past month.   By mutual agreement request to assist on Sunday’s has been withdrawn, will take occasional services at Pioneer’s Lodge.

7.4.2  Attending a professional development liturgy day this Saturday.

7.4.3 Attending a 3 day short course on meditation 2-4 November in Melbourne.

7.5.0 Parish Events:

7.5.1 St George’s night at the movies 12th October was a tremendous effort and very successful..

7.5.2 Choral Evensong for the Foodbowl Festival was a tremendous success. High Tea and             Concert cancelled, with only 2 RSVPs for the High Tea.

7.6.0 Meetings:

7.6.1 Bishop at the Diocesan Conference

7.7.0 Communications

7.7.1 Press releases to local media re Blessing of the Animals and Retirement of Betty Daniel.

7.7.2 The latest edition of The Advocate carried article on our Rochester visit and obituary for Betty Daniel.

7.8.0 Other:

7.8.1  Forthcoming events –

7.8.2  Parish Eucharist and welcoming Parish of Rochester.

7.8.3  Sandwich Board for St George’s has arrived.

7.8.0 For Profit enterprises

7.8.1 Bunning Community BBQ.

MOTION: “That the Parish participate in the Bunnings Community BBQ next year, and request                                            submitted.

            Moved: John Stammers..                        Seconded: Mary Muntz..                    Agreed

Action by: Fr. Kim Time by: ASAP.

7.9.0 Projects

7.9.1 Farmer Mentoring Program – I am to meet Jill of Anglicare in the next week or so.

7.9.2 Community Education and Engagement Project –The next Spirited Conversation to be rescheduled for 2012.

7.10.0 Maintenance

7.10.1 Essential Service Inspection report has not yet been received, have contacted contractor.

7.10.2 I have again tried the electrician to start work on upgrading our switchboards

7.10.3 St George’s organ has been serviced and parts ordered before final repairs completed

MOTION: “That the Rector’s Report be received and accepted”

Moved: Fr. Kim.                                                                         Agreed                                               

8                        Financial Report:

Cheque Account                                    $    9115.39

V.2. Account                                                $  15495.54

St George’s ladies Guild                $     347.48

Holy Trinity Ladies Guild                        $    3297.01

Holy Trinity Mother’s Union                        $      246.95

Holy Trinity Diocese Wang.            $      190.79

Holy Trinity Vestry Account            $    1054.04

Offertory                                                $    8023.45

Accounts Payable                                    $      347.74

MOTION: “ That the Financial Report be accepted and the accounts passed for payment”.

Moved: Lou Hamon.                        Seconded: Judy James.                                           Agreed.

 9.       GST BUSINESS:

             9.1.            Catering: Funerals: Betty Daniel, A.W. Larsen, A Jeffrey.

9.2.     Hall Hire: P Cox Funerals: 21st September, 7th/18th/28th October.

9.3.            Funerals: Ivan Clifford Board 2nd October, Betty Daniel 3rd October.

9.4            Fundraising: St George’s Film Night.

MOTION: “That the fundraising activities be Input Taxed”.

       Moved: Lou Hamon.                        Seconded: Mary Muntz                                             Agreed.



11.            WARDEN’S REPORT

St. George’s: 11.1 Handrail pending.

Holy Trinity: 11.2 Air Conditioner rebate of $380 received.

11.3  Invitation to Old Rectory for celebration of 100 years since foundation stone                                           was laid. Several parishioners attended.  


12.1. Review of year: Successful but busy.

12.2. Budget: Commitment disappointing, but budget on track. Figures to be published monthly showing commitment alongside expenses, with a deficit figure to be made up fundraising or other.

Action by: Treasurer Time by: Monthly.

12.3. Clergy Stipend: Recommend increase to full 100% of Melbourne Diocese next year.

12.4. Assistant Organist for St George’s and Holy Trinity. Advertise for expressions of interest.

MOTION: “That the Parish advertise for expressions of interest for an assistant organist”

Moved: Heather Stammers:            Seconded: Keith Schier.                        Agreed.

Action by: Wardens Time by: December.

12.5. Gift of Betty Daniel’s organ. To be placed in Holy Trinity with Holy Trinity’s organ to go to Wakiti.

MOTION: “That a letter of thanks be sent to the Daniel Family”

Moved: Fr. Kim                  Seconded: Lou Hamon.                              Agreed.


Action by: Secretary Time by: ASAP

12.6 Holy Trinity’s 125th Anniversary November 2012. To remain on agenda.

12.7. White ant infestation at All Saints Barmah. Jerry Swan to attend to.

Action by:

Jerry Swan Time by: ASAP

12.8. Monitor screens to be installed in St George’s.

12.9. Back to Church Sunday 27th November.

12.10.Consider Friday Gourmet Fiesta as part of Foodbowl Festival. Enquiries to be made re engaging Police Show band

Action by: Lou Hamon Time by: ASAP



         13.          OTHER REPORTS

    13.1 Holy Trinity Ladies Guild. Successful Blooms Day. $272 profit.

Street Stall & Raffle dates booked for 2012.

13.2  Mothers Union: Diocesan AGM 17th November Wangaratta.

12.3. Strawberry Festival commence selling raffle tickets in November.

MOTION: “That the reports be received”

Moved: John Stammers.                          Seconded by: Mary Muntz.                        Agreed.

         14.      GENERAL BUSINESS:

14.1. Parish Council Christmas Dinner on 15th December. Menu will be circulated, please   indicate preference and numbers attending. Cost $30 per head. Dinner is for Councilors and  partners.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday 17th NOVEMBER 2011 – St George’s NUMURKAH.

Meeting closed with prayer and grace at 9.15 pm.

Minutes confirmed…………………………………………….        Date………………………………….

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