1. Opening & Welcome.
Fr Kim Benton opened the meeting with a prayer at 8.08pm

2. Present
Fr Kim Benton, John Stammers, Keith Schier, Judy James, Bev Leaf, Rob Elliott, Ron Cobbledick, Merle Cobbledick, Margaret Mitchell, Mary Muntz, Bev Patrick, Wendy Watson, Robyn Pendlebury, Lou Hamon.

3. Apologies
Robyn Broms.
MOTION: “That the apology be accepted”
Moved: Mary Muntz. Seconded: Margaret Mitchell. Agreed.

4. Confirmation of Minutes

MOTION: “That the Minutes of the Parish Council held 19th July be confirmed as a true and correct record.”
Moved: Ron Cobbledick. Seconded: Beverley Leaf. Agreed.

5. Business Arising from previous minutes.

5.1 Hand rail chancel steps St. Georges. Awaiting quote.
5.2 Switchboards. Pending.
5.3 Holy Trinity 125th Anniversary. Report follows.
5.4 Replacement of doors at St George’s. 2 weeks for construction.
5.5 Bunning’s Community BBQ. Date 30th November 2012.
5.6 St Paul’s water tank.
5.7. Solar Power Rectory. Waiting for smart meter.
5.8. Rectory Gardens. Report follows.
5.9. Rectory ceiling & floor. Pending.
5.10 Photocopier, computer & printer replacement have been installed.

7. Correspondence.

6.1. Diocese: Ad Clerum, Scrolls Illuminated.
6.2. ACT: Letter of thanks & receipt for Christmas Bowl donation.
6.3. Australian Anglican Church Calendar/SU.
6.4. Diocese: Year Book 7 pamphlets for Priesthood & Diaconate.ABM News.


6.5. Nil.

MOTION: “That the correspondence inwards be accepted ”.
Moved: Fr Kim. Seconded: John Stammers. Agreed.

8.. Rectors Report:
Written Report tabled and discussed.

8.1.0 Introduction:
This report covers the period of service from 20th July – 16th August 2012. Cold and grey are the days of our lives but spring is close. This has been a busy period and to acknowledge the assistance and commitment of many of you to our enterprise.

8.2.0 Ministry
8.2.1 Worship:
2.1.1 Services of worship have been offered in the usual pattern – numbers are have picked up somewhat which is heartening
2.1.2 Parish Eucharist was held at Holy Trinity followed by a splendid morning tea – thank you to the ladies of Holy Trinity
2.1.3 A Meditation service was offered evening of Sunday 12th August at St George’s – few participants but very worthwhile
2.1.4 Commitment to Stewardship Program commenced on Sunday 5th August and Commitment Sunday is this Sunday 19

8.2.2 Pastoral services
2.2.1 No weddings
2.2.2 Funerals: 2 funerals in the parish and I conducted 1 funeral St Augustine’s
2.2.3 Baptisms: One baptism during this period, on Sunday 22nd July

8.2.3 Other ministry
I have been fingered as a Spiritual Director and attended a training in Benalla

8.2.4 Outreach:
2.4.1 Hamon Parish Centre continues to be home for Orana
2.4.3 Hamon Parish Centre continues to be used for meetings of the Community Flood Committee
2.4.5 Residents’ Flood Recovery BBQ and meeting – another meeting should be scheduled to keep the momentum and contact

8.2.5 Diocesan
2.5.1 Due to Andrew Neum’s overseas leave I have been requested to assist with funeral in Shepparton as part of the Shepparton Cluster

8.3.0 Staffing:

8.4.0 Parish Events:
4.1. Faith Enhancement groups continue to meet at St George’s & St Paul’s
4.2 St George’s Night at the Movies 25th July – Most Exotic Marigold Hotel – Great night thanks to all who prepared food and especially to Margaret who coordinated the whole thing – well done thank you.
4.3 St George’s Ladies Guild Street Stall raised $835 odd

8.5.0 Meetings:
5.1 Attended Anglicare Board Meeting Thursday 26 July.
5.2 Warden’s dinner meeting Tuesday 14 August – good discussion

8.6.0 Communications:
6.1 Two articles and one ad for Advocate have been submitted.

8.7.0 Other:
7.1 Solar Panels on Rectory waiting for Power Corp to connect to grid
7.2 Work moving ahead on Rectory Gardens if but slowly – advice sought and got from wardens

8.8.0 For Profit enterprise
8.1 Planning for the Friday Gourmet Fiesta continues
8.2 I attended the Bunning’s BBQ information night

8.9.0 Maintenance
9.1 Yet to have investigated the mould in architraves in two places in Rectory
9.3 No action yet on the floor level on the west side of Rectory dinning room floor
9.4 Replacement doors for St George’s are under construction and will be in place in couple of weeks
9.5 Switchboards were supposed to be started last Monday – however??
9.6 Monitor in St George’s sent away for servicing not back yet.
9.7 St George’s organ was serviced today – Holy Trinity Organ has a fault

Up coming events
Friday 7th September 5-9pm – Friday Gourmet Fiesta [French theme] with dinner & cafe music
Sunday 30th September – Visit to share worship 10.30am St George’s by Parish of Rochester with BBQ lunch followed by the Betty Daniel Scholarship Concert at 2.30pm by Betty Higgs [ Organ] and her students James Earl – [piano and trumpet] and Emily Earl – [Highland dancing and piano]
Sunday 7th October – Blessing of Pets and Back to Church Sunday morning & then combined worship and afternoon tea 3pm at St Paul’s Wakiti Creek [a lovely wood Victorian Church in a paddock]
Sunday 21st October – 3pm High Tea and Choral Evensong with St Matthew’s Albury Choir followed by Soup Supper, as part of the Numurkah Foodbowl Festival
Sunday 4th November – 10.30am Parish Eucharist & 125th Celebrations at Holy Trinity Nathalia followed by lunch
Friday 23rd November – 4-8pm Annual Strawberry Festival, Community Centre Nathalia
Sunday worship 9am Sung Eucharist Holy Trinity Nathalia; 10.30am Sung Eucharist St George’s Numurkah.
Sunday 25th November 7pm Meditation Service St George’s Numurkah
Sunday 16th December 8pm Nine Lessons and Carols St George’s Numurkah

MOTION: “That the Rector’s Report be received and accepted”
Moved: Fr. Kim. Agreed.

9 Financial Report:
Cheque Account $ 309.47
Investment. Account $ 19058.00
St George’s ladies Guild $ 624.48
Holy Trinity Ladies Guild $ 6695.14
Holy Trinity Mother’s Union $ 29.00
Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival $ 1498.45
Holy Trinity Diocese Wang. $ 181.87
Betty Daniel Scholarship Term Deposit $ 8186.56
Offertory $ 5563.00
Accounts Payable $ 1353.52

MOTION: “That the financial report be received and accounts passed for payment”
Moved: Wendy Watson. Seconded: Judy James. Agreed.


9.1. Catering: Funerals: S. Tetley 25 July, M. Baker 8 Aug, R Matthews 10 Aug., R Stevenson 13 Aug., D. Mann 25th Aug., G.M. Landcare..
9.2. Hall Hire: 25 July S. Tetley Funeral, 24 July Funeral, 11 Aug., Funeral, 13 Aug., Funeral, 14 Aug., Moira Palliative Care, 15 Aug., Funeral. Orana. Moira Healthcare $210.
9.3. Funerals: L. Hansen 30 July, D. Mann 15th Aug.
9.4 Fundraising: 20 July St Georges Guild Street Stall, 25 July St Georges Film Night.

MOTION: “That the fundraising activities be Input Taxed”.
Moved: Lou Hamon. Seconded: Keith Schier. Agreed.

Pastoral Care: Phone ring-a-round commenced. Any needs passed onto Rector.
Worthwhile, but time consuming.

St. George’s: 12.1. Solar Power for Rectory. Reported above.
12.2. Rectory & Church gardens. Discussion followed.
12.3. Ridge Tiles replaced.

Holy Trinity: 12.4. Hall hire $210 from Moira Healthcare Alliance.
12.5. Sanctuary globes installed and wiring checked.
12.6. Parish Eucharist well attended.
12.7. Some painting to be done before 125th.


13.1. Warden’s Meeting 14th August.

Present: Fr Kim, Mary Muntz, Wendy Watson, Rob Elliott, Lou Hamon.
• Appraisal.
Attendances have not dropped off.
Positive feel in Parish.
Coming to grips with new computer and photocopier.
Guilds “burning out”. May have to consider tasks undertaken.
• Stewardship.
Thanks to all who work so hard.
Considerable movement on infrastructure, OHS demands and keeping operational has been major issues with financial demand.
Budget doing better than expected, offertory down thus reliant on fund raising.
Impact of carbon tax will be felt in gas and electricity prices.
• Trust accounts.
Photocopier, computer and printer costs to be drawn from trust funds.
Piper bequest waiting for final balance to draw down. May draw $400 in meantime with H.T. Guild paying $1,200 to cover floor cost.
• Surge protector to be purchased for office.
• Comparison of electricity usage with 12 months ago with Orana and air conditioner usage. Slight increase.
• Service contract for photocopier @ 1.4c/copy. Decided not to proceed.
• Solar system awaiting connection of smart meter.
• Advocate advertising special rates to be used for forthcoming functions.
• Rectory Gardens at a standstill as gardener has relocated. Consideration to working bees.
• Water tank St Pauls. Appeal to parishioners for a tank stand.
• Proposed roundabout Melville & Brenion streets, no objection.

• Spirited Conversations deferred till next year.
• 1662 service 2 September. Decided booklet required.
• Friday Gourmet Fiesta 7 Sept in hand.
• Back to Church Sunday to be 7 October St Francis Day.
• Rochester visit 30th September.
• Betty Daniel Scholarship Concert 30 September.
• Parish visit to St Pauls 3pm 7 October. Blessing of the animals.
• High Tea with choral evensong 21 October.
• Holy Trinity 125th celebrations 4 November.
• Strawberry Festival 23 November.
• Bunning’s BBQ Friday 30 November.
• Parish Council Dinner 13 December at Rectory.
• Pastoral Care begun ring-a-round.
• Men’s Dinner request.
• VCC Area co-ordinator sought.

13.2 Holy Trinity 125th Celebrations.
Meeting Sunday.
End of August cut off time for collection of names.
Invitations will then be posted in September.
Invitation to Mayor.
Publicity for Red Gum Courier 31st.
Name tags purchased.
Entertainment being sought.

13.2. Holy Trinity Ladies Guild.
Balance $ 6695.14.
September address invitations.

13.3. Mother’s Union.
Fellowship 28th August.

MOTION: That the Reports be received”
Moved: John Stammers. Seconded: Bev Patrick. Agreed.

14.1. Music publisher program to be purchased.

14.2 Men’s Dinner thought to be worthwhile.

14.3. Daytime screening of “The Best Marigold Hotel’ for those who missed film night.
To be screened in Parish Centre Sunday 16th September 1.30pm followed by afternoon tea. Cost $10.
MOTION: “That a film afternoon be held in Parish Centre on Sunday September 16th with a $10 charge”.
Moved: Margaret Mitchell. Seconded: Judy James. Agreed.

14.4. Rectory Gardens to be undertaken by working bee with expert advice sought.

14.5. Parish Council Christmas Dinner 13th December.
MOTION: “That the Parish Council Christmas Dinner on 13th December be held in the Rectory”.
Moved: Lou Hamon. Seconded: Judy James. Agreed.


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