THURSDAY 19th JULY 2012.

1. Opening & Welcome.
Fr Kim Benton opened the meeting with a prayer at 8.00pm

2. Present
Fr Kim Benton, John Stammers, Keith Schier, Judy James, Bev Leaf, Rob Elliott Ron Cobbledick, Merle Cobbledick, Margaret Mitchell, Mary Muntz, Lou Hamon.
Bev Patrick arrived at 8.58pm.

3. In Attendance: Heather Stammers (acting Treasurer).
MOTION: “That Heather Stammers be co-opted to tonight’s meeting of Parish Council as acting Treasurer”
Moved: Ron Cobbledick. Seconded: Mary Muntz. Agreed.

4. Apologies
Robyn Pendlebury, Wendy Watson, Robyn Broms, Bev Patrick.
MOTION: “That the apologies be accepted”
Moved: Ron Cobbledick. Seconded: Rob Elliott. Agreed.

5. Confirmation of Minutes

MOTION: “That the Minutes of the Parish Council held 21st June be confirmed as a true and correct record.”
Moved: John Stammers. Seconded: Keith Schier. Agreed.

6. Business Arising from previous minutes.

5.1 Hand rail chancel steps St. Georges. Jeff Gittens contacted.
5.2 Switchboards. Laidlaw’s ordering parts.
5.3. Offertory against budget to be reported by Wardens and in Pew Sheet.
5.3. Holy Trinity 125th Anniversary. Report to follow.
5.4 Replacement of doors at St George’s. In hand.
5.5 Bunning’s Community BBQ. Date 30th November 2012. Fr Kim to attend briefing.
5.6 St Paul’s water tank.
5.7. Solar Power Rectory. Grant received. See Warden’s Report.
5.8. Rectory Gardens. Trees have been removed.

7. Correspondence.

6.1. Keppel Prince: Solar Panels receipt and information.
6.2. Lions Club of Shepparton: Circus Quirkus.
6.3. Nungalinya College.
6.4. Diocese: ABM News.


6.5. Cr Alex Monk: Invitation to Holy Trinity 125th celebrations.

MOTION: “That the correspondence inwards be accepted, and the outwards adopted ”.
Moved: Margaret Mitchell. Seconded: Mary Muntz. Agreed.

8.. Rectors Report:
Written Report tabled and discussed.

8.1.0 Introduction:

This report covers the period of service from 22nd June – 18th July 2012. Rain is so welcomed but still tempted to retreat under the doona.

8.2.0 Ministry
8.2.1 Worship: Services of worship have been offered in the usual pattern – numbers are low but then it is winter The Matthias setting of the Mass has been introduced to St George’s and embraced – Holy Trinity will be next. A Taize service was offered evening of Sunday 15th July at St George’s

8.2.2 Pastoral services No weddings Funerals: 1 funeral in the parish and I conducted 1 funeral in Seymour for the Parish of Central Goulburn – no closer priests available Baptisms: No baptisms during this period.

8.2.3 Other ministry
8.2.4 Outreach: VCC Emergency Chaplains have now moved on to Benalla. Hamon Parish Centre continues to be home for Orana Hamon Parish Centre has been used for meetings of the Community Flood Committee Residents’ Flood Recovery BBQ and meeting held Hamon Parish Centre 24th June – I spoke on recovery issues

8.2.5 Diocesan Deanery Meeting I attended with Fr Ralph on Wednesday 27th June at Benalla; issues included some administration and implementation of the licensing requirements Shepparton Cluster – I attend one luncheon for cluster clergy in Shepparton this month

8.3.0 Staffing:
8.3.1. Andrew Neaum, Rector St Augustine’s in Shepparton, taking leave. Request for Fr Kim to assist if needed.

8.4.0 Parish Events:
8.4.1. Faith Enhancement groups at St George’s – St Paul’s have missed because Joan being away

8.5.0 Meetings:
8.5.1 Pastoral Care Team meeting Tuesday 3rd July

8.6.0 Communications:
8.6.1 Statement of Trade Forms for parish events have been completed and sent to the Shire.

8.7.0 Other:
8.7.1 Solar Panels on Rectory now installed waiting for Power Corp to connect to grid – Austar dish will be relocated next week.
8.7.2 14 Trees and stumps have been removed from Rectory Gardens and other trees trimmed back and made safe still 3 more stumps to go. Work moving ahead on Rectory Gardens if but slowly.
8.7.3 St George’s flag poles have been restrung and now in use

8.8.0 For Profit enterprise
8.8.1 Street stall in Numurkah tomorrow morning
8.8.2 St George’s night at the Movies 25th July is doing very well move to a bigger theatre
8.8.3 Planning for the Friday Gourmet Fiesta continues

8.9.0 Maintenance
8.9.1 Broken toilet drain at Rectory has been repaired
8.9.2 Evidence of mould in architraves in two places in Rectory indicating leaks in the roof following the heavy rain
8.9.3 The floor level on the west side of Rectory dinning room seems to have dropped – requires investigation
Rob Elliott will undertake initial investigation.

MOTION: “That the Rector’s Report be received and accepted”
Moved: Fr. Kim. Agreed.

9 Financial Report:
Cheque Account $ 2805.33
Investment. Account $ 20058.00
St George’s ladies Guild $ 1142.63
Holy Trinity Ladies Guild $ 6107.18
Holy Trinity Mother’s Union $ 286.55
Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival $ 1498.45
Holy Trinity Diocese Wang. $ 181.87
Betty Daniel Scholarship Term Deposit $ 8000.00
Offertory $ 4918.10
Accounts Payable $ 2636.24

MOTION: “That the financial report be received and accounts passed for payment”
Moved: Heather Stammers. Seconded: Ron Cobbledick. Agreed.
A vote of thanks be recorded for the excellent financial report and Budget vs. Actual report presented by Heather Stammers.


9.1. Catering: Funeral: A. Shone 27th June.
9.2. Hall Hire: Numurkah District Health Service, Numurkah Health Community Centre July 12th. Funeral A. Shone 27th June.
9.3. Funerals: I.L. Stewart 12th July.
9.4 Fundraising:

MOTION: “That the fundraising activities be Input Taxed”.
Moved: Lou Hamon. Seconded: Judy James. Agreed.

Pastoral Care: Met twice. Commenced follow-up ring around with a needs analysis.
Finance: Discussions resulting in reports presented.

St. George’s: 12.1. Solar Power for Rectory fitted late June. Attracted a Sustainability Victoria grant of $5000. Total outlay after grants will be $ 1,114. 3KW unit installed, need to publicise, a condition of the grant.
12.2. Rectory & Church gardens. Lost many trees as a result of the floods. Old trees have been removed. Started re-planting. Gardner to assist when available.
12.3. Ridge Tiles. Water came in during recent rains over choir stalls. Ridge tiles missing. Tiler contacted.

Holy Trinity: 12.4. Front fence posts being re-positioned.


13.1. Holy Trinity 125th Celebrations.
Photographer contacted.
Possibility of St George’s Choir to lead worship.
End of August cut off time for collection of names.
Invitations will then be posted.
Decorations in hand.
Publicity for Red Gum Courier.

13.2. Holy Trinity Ladies Guild.
Small amount raised by Quiz. Won by Leone Hack.
Blooms Fashions Summer Range September 27th.

13.3. Mother’s Union.
Fete and Fellowship 28th August. Fund raising Australia wide for education in Papua New Guinea.

13.4. St George’s Film Night.
150 plus attending. Booked theatre with capacity of 164.
Raffle wine donated, need to top-up with supplies.
Supper, catering committee making sandwiches, parishioners attending need to bring cakes and slices.

13.5. Gourmet Fiesta.
French theme – food, music, decor.
3-4 main courses, desserts, gourmet BBQ, coffee, raffle.
Children’s activities, art display, outside vendors in attendance.
Entertainment – children’s choir, piano accordion busker and adult band.

13.6. St George’s Ladies Guild.
Concert with Betty Higgs for Betty Daniel Scholarship 30th September.

13.7. Foodbowl.
High Tea, Choral Evensong, Soup Supper.

13.8. Responsible Serving of Alcohol.
A one night course coming up. Need for Parish to be represented.

MOTION: That the Reports be received”
Moved: Margaret Mitchell. Seconded: Merle Cobbledick. Agreed.


14.1. Replacement of Laptop Computer. Recommend HP Pavilion from Data Parts in Shepparton. Cost $1099. Existing laptop purchased in June 2006 for $1395.

MOTION: “That the Parish purchase the new laptop as recommended”.
Moved: Rob Elliott. Seconded: John Stammers. Agreed.

14.2. Replacement of Photocopier. Present photocopier needs new drum at a cost of $600.
Rob Elliott reported he had discussions with Solar City. A new Kyocera FS 6030MFP B&W would cost $2850. Colour $4050. Existing copier purchased in 2005 for $5085.

MOTION: “That the B&W copier be purchased”
Moved: Rob Elliott. Seconded: Bev Patrick. Agreed.

MOTION: “That a new colour printer be purchased”
Moved: Ron Cobbledick. Seconded: John Stammers.

14.3. Maintenance Register has been compiled by secretary..
14.4. Key Register has been compiled by secretary..


Meeting closed with prayer and grace at 9.45 pm.

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