THURSDAY 21st JUNE 2012.


  1. 1.            Opening & Welcome.

Fr Kim Benton opened the meeting with a prayer at 8.10pm


Fr Kim Benton,  John Stammers, Keith Schier, Robyn Pendlebury, Judy James, Bev Patrick,  Bev Leaf, Rob Elliott, Ron Cobbledick, Merle Cobbledick, Margaret Mitchell, Wendy Watson, Robyn Broms, Mary Muntz, Lou Hamon.

 3.            Apologies


4.     Confirmation of Minutes

    MOTION: “That the Minutes of the Parish Council held 17th May  2012 be confirmed as a true and correct record.”

Moved: Ron Cobbledick.                    Seconded: Judy James.                                            Agreed.

 5        Business Arising from previous minutes.

 5.1   Hand rail chancel steps St. Georges. Pending.

5.2   Switchboards. Dealt with in correspondence.

5.3    Monthly income & expenditure figures in pew sheet.

5.4   Holy Trinity 125th Anniversary. Report to follow.

5.5   Replacement of doors at St George’s. Dealt with in correspondence.

5.6   Bunning’s Community BBQ. Date 30th November 2012. Noted.

5.7   Holy Trinity floor sanding. Completed.

5.8   St Paul’s carpet runner and tank. Pending.

5.9   Solar Power Rectory. See Warden’s report.

5.10 Rectory Gardens. Awaiting removal of trees.

5.11 Rectory repairs. Follow up required.

 6.       Correspondence.


 6.1.    Laidlaw Electrical: Quote for switchboard replacement in all building $5170. I Mayberry $7533.50.

MOTION: “That Laidlaw Electrical quote be accepted. But an itemised quote with breakdown for all buildings be requested before proceeding.”.

Moved: Rob Elliott.                     Seconded: Robyn Broms.                                                  Agreed.

 6.2.    Shepparton Glass Co.: Quote for installation of new doors, St George’s. $5161.20, Cobram Windows quote $5200.

MOTION: “That the quote from Shepparton Glass Co. be accepted”

Moved: John Stammers.                       Seconded: Bev Patrick.                                           Agreed.

6.3.    Moira Shire: Notices of Application for Planning Permit: Robertson & Chapel Streets Nathalia.

6.4.    Diocese: Lay Ministry. Refer Rector’s Report.

6.5.    Diocese: AGL Energy.

6.6.    Diocese: Revive.

6.7.    Diocese: “What is Spiritual Direction”.

6.8.    NCCA/BS/BCA/MMA/Seasons of the Spirit/Mediacom/Anglicare Imagine.


 6.9.   Letter of thanks: St James The Great, Thornbury.

6.10. Letter of thanks: Di Burgmann, Rochester.

6.10  Letter of thanks: Ben Hall.

MOTION: “That the correspondence inwards be accepted, and the outwards adopted ”.

Moved: Robyn Broms.                           Seconded: Bev Leaf.                                               Agreed.

 7.         Rectors Report:

Written Report tabled and discussed.

7.1.0 Introduction:

This report covers the period of service from 18th May – 21st June 2012. Winter has set in and the temptation is to retreat under the doona.

7.2.0 Ministry

7.2.1 Worship: Visiting preacher and luncheon guest speaker at St Augustine’s Shepparton Sunday 20th  May – well received – thanks to Rev Clifford Penniceard who celebrated at St George’s that day Trinity Sunday marked Holy Trinity’s Patronal Festival – a morning tea followed the  service Meditation service was offered evening of Sunday 10th June at St George’s – bigger numbers

7.2.2  Pastoral services  No weddings  Funerals: 1 funeral  Baptisms: No baptisms during this period.

7.2.3 Other ministry Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 21 – 27 May St George’s hosted Tuesday 22 service. I attended 4 services and preached at the Sunday evening wind up service at St John’s Roman Catholic Church

7.2.4 Outreach: VCC Emergency Chaplaincy – has undertaken a massive task of following up request  from the Shire to visit and check on people affected by the floods.  The team has been based at  St George’s and will continue for some time.  Thanks to parishioners who have provided billets.

7.2.5 Diocesan Synod – 25th – 26th May – in addition to the usual reports and adoption of budgets, legislation was passed on Professional Standards for Bishops, and a new licensing system for ministry in the Diocese.  I successfully moved a motion on behalf of Anglicare Board to support a proposal for Parishes to be Ancillary Offices of Anglicare.

7.3.0 Staffing:

7.3.1  Licensing of Lay Ministers – the Synod adopted this new protocol 3 levels of license for ministry in the Diocese, Levels 1&2 are licensed by the Bishop; Level 3 which includes any role  within the life of the parish that does not fall into levels 1 0r 2.  I intend to implement this licensing  procedure over the next few months.

7.4.0 Parish Events:

7.4.1. Holy Trinity held a very successful street stall – well done.

7.4.2 Faith Enhancement groups at St George’s and St Paul’s have been held and a new program following on from the Heart of Christianity has commenced.

7.5.0 Meetings:

7.5.1  Worship Team meeting Monday  28th May

7.6.0 Communications:

7.6.1  Advocate – 3 articles published Rochester visit, Mission Dinner, Beth Pyle 90th

7.7.0 Other:

7.7.1 Solar Panels on Rectory

7.8.0 For Profit enterprise

7.8.1 St George’s night at the Movies will be held 25th July promotion is well underway

7.8.2 St George’s Garage Sale has been cancelled due to ongoing accommodation of Orana             House in the Parish Centre

7.8.3 Planning has commenced for the Friday Gourmet Fiesta

7.9.0 Maintenance

7.9.1 Tap washers and showerhead in Rectory have been repaired but more work is needed

7.9.2 Flooding toilet in Hamon Parish Centre repaired

7.9.3 Blocked toilets in Hamon Parish Centre cleared

MOTION: “That the Rector’s Report be received and accepted”

Moved: Fr. Kim.                                                                                                                           Agreed.


8                      Financial Report:

Cheque Account                                         $    3888.57

Investment. Account                                   $  19814.22

St George’s ladies Guild                             $    1179.78

Holy Trinity Ladies Guild                            $    4749.45

Holy Trinity Mother’s Union                                   $      286.55

Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival                 $    1498.45

Holy Trinity Diocese Wang.                       $      181.87

Betty Daniel Scholarship Term Deposit   $    8000.00

Offertory                                                         $    7000.00?

Accounts Payable                                       $    3888.57

MOTION: “That the financial report be received and accounts passed for payment”

Moved: Wendy Watson.                  Seconded: Robyn Pendlebury.                              Agreed.

 9.       GST BUSINESS:

             9.1.      Catering: Funeral: E. Hansford 11th June, G. Hemmil 14th June..

9.2.     Hall Hire: Numurkah District Health Service, T. Gread 10th June, P .Cox Funeral 25th May.

9.3.      Funerals:  E. Hansford 11th June.

9.4       Fundraising: Holy Trinity Guild street stall 18th May.

MOTION: “That the fundraising activities be Input Taxed”.

       Moved: Lou Hamon.                 Seconded: Rob Elliott..                                                                   Agreed.


            Worship. New settings for Mass well received. Altar in St George’s moved forward.


 St. George’s: 11.1. Solar Power for Rectory.

Panels installed. Waiting on installation of Smart Meter by Powercor, then contract with Origin Energy to sell power.

11.2. Rectory & Church gardens. Waiting on tree removal.

Holy Trinity: 11.3.  Sanding and varnishing of floor completed.

11.4.  Globes for sanctuary lamps hard to procure, but are now on order.

          12.       OTHER REPORTS:

                                   12.1 Holy Trinity Ladies Guild.  Catered for two funerals. Bank balance $6107.18.

                                  12.2. Holy Trinity 125th Celebrations.

                                  Meal will be catered.

Collecting names and addresses.

Morning tea to be provided for travelers

Advertising to follow in Advocate and Weekly Times.

Ron Cobbledick to talk on history/

                                  12.3. Mothers Union: Attended Seymour fund-raising and AWA Luncheon.

             13.      GENERAL BUSINESS:

                                   13.1. Friday Gourmet Fiesta meeting requested.




Meeting closed with prayer and grace at 9.04 pm.

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