1. 1.            OPENING & WELCOME.

Fr Kim Benton opened the meeting with a prayer.

  1. 2.            PRESENT.

Fr Kim Benton, Keith Schier, Judy James, Ron Cobbledick, Rob Elliott, Margaret Mitchell, Robyn Pendlebury, Merle Cobbledick, John Stammers, Wendy Watson, Bev Leaf, Robyn Broms.

3.            APOLOGIES.

Bev Patrick, Lou Hamon, Mary Muntz.

Fr Kim welcomed Bev Leaf & Robyn Broms onto Parish Council

MOTION: “That the apologies be accepted”.

Moved: Margaret Mitchell.         Seconded: Judy James.                                          Agreed.


Secretary: Lou Hamon nominated by Keith Schier, seconded by Robyn Pendlebury.

                                                                                                                             Elected unopposed.

Treasurer: Wendy Watson nominated by Margaret Mitchell, seconded by Bev Leaf.

                                                                                                                             Elected unopposed.


Minutes of the Parish Council held 16th February 2012 were received with the following correction: that the funeral at item 12.2 was H. Smith.

MOTION: “That the  amended Minutes of the Parish Council held 16th February 2012 be confirmed as a true and correct record of the proceedings of the meeting”.

Moved: Merle Cobbledick.               Seconded: John Stammers.                           Agreed.


MOTION: That the minutes of the meetings held on 4th, 6th & 11th March be received.

Moved: Wendy Watson.           Seconded: John Stammers.                                   Agreed.


7.1    Hand rail chancel steps St. Georges. Pending.

7.2    Sale of St Paul’s Harmonium. Discussions taking place.

7.3    Switchboards. In hand, another quote to be obtained. Fr Kim to follow up.

7.4    Monthly income and expenses figures in Pew Sheet. Pending.

7.5    Expressions of interest for Assistant Organist for St George’s. To be auctioned this


7.6    Holy Trinity 125th Anniversary. Limited liquor lisence needed. To be organised by the     Nathalia Committee.

7.7    Replacement of Doors at St George’s. Pending.

7.8    Bunning’s Community BBQ 30th November 2012. Pending.

7.9    Holy Trinity Floor Covering. Held over to Warden’s Report.



1.Diocese: Trust Funds.

Claude Hamilton Bequest: Balance: $2,331.12. Purpose: General: Holy Trinity.

Mavis Rice Bequest: Balance: $4,653.30. Purpose: For use by All Saints Barmah.

M.S. Pyper Bequest: $424.15. Purpose: For use by Nathalia Vestry.

Porter Bequest: $1,418.36. Purpose: For Rector.

A. Heap Memorial Prize: Balance $1.325.00. Purpose: Annual Gift of 2 Bibles.

Archibald Trust: Balance $1,536.31. Purpose: Prizes for a boy & girl by Sunday School.

Lou Hamon Eucharist Bequest: Balance: $4,052.39. Purpose: Maintenance of vestments, linen, vessels used at St George’s.

L. Hamon Trust: Balance: $12,549.56. Purpose: Maintenance of columbarium & gardens at St George’s.

Sale 44 Chapel Street: Balance: $93,841.49

2. Diocese: St Columb’s Fair. Wodonga, Seymour & Shepparton.

3. Diocese: Bishop of Wangaratta Flood Appeal.

4. BS/Anglicord/BCA/CBM/Act for Peace (Christmas Bowl).

5. Di Burgmann (email) – Rochester Parish offering support re floods

6. Oakleigh Parish – Offering prayers and any support needed re floods.

7. Alex Monk – acceptance of invitation to receive the Debs.

8. Advocate (email) – flyer re advertising.

9. CFA – fire equipment maintenance.

10. Thoroughly Cleaned – carpet cleaning availability.

11. Bishop (email) – informing Diocese of the murder in South Africa of the parents of Fr Glyn Rees of St John’s Wodonga. Letter of condolence to be written to Fr Glyn and          his family.

Action by:   Time by: ASAP



1. Letter of Thanks: Fr. Thomas Leslie.

2. Di Burgmann: Acceptance of invitation to visit Rochester..

3. Letter of Thanks: Heather Stammers.

MOTION: “That the correspondence inwards be accepted and the outwards be approved”.

Moved: Ron Cobbledick.          Seconded: Margaret Mitchell.                            Agreed.

 9.         RECTORS REPORT.

Written Report tabled and discussed.

1.0 Introduction:

This report covers the period of service from 16th February – 22nd March 2012.  This time has been a most remarkable period in our Parish’s history – forever to be remembered as the floods of 2012 the 100- year flood that followed the drought.  We give thanks for the fact that there were no lives lost and the town of Nathalia was spared by the ingenuity of engineers, but the damage to homes, businesses, stock and land as a result of the inundation of water is of concern. The presence of Bishop John and Archdeacon John as Emergency Chaplains was noted by many, and in addition other clergy of the Diocese and beyond served as Emergency Chaplains. As we head into the recovery phase there will be much to do in listening and responding as we can to those in need, and I have commenced negotiations with Anglicare to be available under our current Farmer Support Scheme. I was pleased that Fr Robert Whalley was able to assist with worship in the Hamon Parish Centre on Sunday 11th March.  The Bishop launched an Appeal for the parishes of the Moira Shire.

I commend the swift action of Parish Councillors in Numurkah who actioned the Disaster Plan and ensured the safety and well being of parishioners.  Similarly close contact was made with the Holy Trinity Wardens and the most vulnerable were checked on.

There was no damage to St George’s or the Rectory or Holy Trinity as a result of the flood.  There was some concern with rainwater flooding All Saints but this was not a severe as first thought and the damage minimal.

2.0 Ministry

2.1 Worship:

2.1.1 Lent was marked with Shrove Tuesday pancakes and services on Ash Wednesday.

2.1.2 Services were suspended in St George’s on Sunday 4th March, and recommenced

on Sunday 18th March .

2.1.3  The harvest festival was cancelled.

2.1.4  The service at St Paul’s was cancelled on Sunday 18th March as roads were


2.1.5  Refreshment Sunday / Mothering Sunday held at Holy Trinity and St George’s on

Sunday 18th March and thanks to Leone and Bev for baking simnel cakes and Pat

for the posies.

2.1.5  Due to evacuation of Barwo Homestead services were cancelled and will resume

next week, and the service at Karinya was also cancelled due to evacuation.

2.1.6  The Holy Trinity service on Tuesday 20th was cancelled as the Rector was absent in

New Zealand.

2.2  Weddings:  No weddings

2.3  Funerals:  One funeral and the Ashes of Betty Daniel were interned at St George’s on

Sunday 26th February.

2.4  Baptisms: One baptism during this period.

2.5 Other ministry

2.5.1  Congregational Annual meetings were held at St Paul’s and St George’s 19th

February and the Parish AGM held 26 February.

2.5.2 I attended the World Day of Prayer on Friday 2nd March at St John’s Roman Catholic


2.5.3 Flood service – request discussion on place – civil or church, dates & time, who to


2.6 Outreach:

2.6.1 Lenten study was held in St George’s Rectory 28th February and 13 March.

2.6.2 Request for assistance from family – any suggestions?

3.0 Staffing:

3.1 Due to the death of close friend I attended the funeral in Auckland on Wednesday 21


3.2 Assistant Organist for St George’s – needs to be activated.

4.0 Parish Events:

4.1 St George’s Ladies Guild had a successful street stall on Friday 16th March

4.2  St George’s Night at the Movies was held Wednesday 21 March –  thanks to Margaret

Mitchell for facilitating this event.

5.0 Meetings:

5.1  Anglicare Board Meeting in February was cancelled due to the floods.

6.0 Communications: 

6.1 Website: featured the floods with many hits.

6.2. Advertising – cancellation of services were advertised in the local press in Numurkah.

7.0 Other:

7.1 Parish Council Retreat the date has been finalised for 4-5 May details to follow.

8.0 For Profit enterprise

8.1 Sale of Palm Crosses – these are progressing – orders to be filled this week.

MOTION: “That the Rector’s Report be received and accepted”

Moved: Fr. Kim.                                                                                                              Agreed.

MOTION: “That Church services for Floods be held in Nathalia & Numurkah”.

Moved: Robyn Broms.              Seconded: John Stammers.                                   Agreed.

After discussion it was decided to hold ‘Flood Services’ on 15th April.

– Holy Trinity Nathalia in the afternoon followed by afternoon tea.

– St. George’s Numurkah at night followed by supper.

Services to be ecumenical with invitations to those affected by the floods and the key volunteer groups who would be asked to participate.


Action by:   Time by: ASAP

The Parish Council thanked Fr Kim for all his work during the floods; his visits to parishioners, his long trips to Nathalia, his transportation of people around the town, his hospitality and his co-ordinating and follow up of the phone contacts with all on the parish roll in Numurkah.

   10.                FINANCIAL REPORT.

Cheque Account                                         $    7042.54

Investment Account                                                $  19814.22

St George’s Ladies Guild                            $    1232.78

Holy Trinity Ladies Guild                            $    2161.20

Holy Trinity Mother’s Union                                   $      286.55

Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival                 $    1498.45

Holy Trinity Diocese Wangaratta              $      181.87

Betty Daniel Scholarship Term Deposit   $    8000.00

Offertory                                                         $    7584.00

Accounts Payable                                       $      457.51

MOTION: “That the Financial Report be accepted and the accounts passed for payment”.

Moved: Wendy Watson.                     Seconded: Bev Leaf.                                               Agreed.

   11.       GST BUSINESS.


            9.1.      Catering: Funerals; I Lindsay 4th March, A Matthews 24th February.

9.2.     Hall Hire: Nil

9.3.      Funerals: Isobel Lindsay 4th March

9.4       Fundraising: St George’s Ladies Guild Street Stall 16th March, ‘The Help’ Film Night

21st March

MOTION: “That the fundraising activities be Input Taxed”.

            Moved: Rob Elliott.               Seconded: John Stammers.                                               Agreed.




   St. George’s: 1.Concern re the subsurface moisture under St. George’s and the Rectory.

MOTION: “To investigate the commercial drying of the subsurface moisture at St George’s and the Rectory”

Moved: Rob Elliott.                    Seconded: Robyn Broms.                                      Agreed.

Action by: Wardens Time by: ASAP

Holy Trinity:   1.As a result of investigations by Keith Schier it was decided that the carpeting of the floor under the pews at Holy Trinity was not feasible. A verbal quote of $1680 for sanding and 3 finishing coats was obtained. Subject to a confirming written quote it was decided to go ahead with this work.

2. Palm Sunday arrangements; ecumenical palm procession at Nathalia with the Uniting Church to join the worship at Holy Trinity. Bev Leaf to make the palm crosses for the occasion.

MOTION: “That the Warden’s Reports be accepted”.

Moved: Bev Leaf.                         Seconded: Ron Cobbledick.                                  Agreed.

   14.    OTHER REPORTS.

14.1. Deb Ball: Rehearsals going well with a good group of young people. Short of Helpers

for the night. Moira Shire mayor, Alex Monk, to receive the debs.

14.2. Nathalia Guild:     Catering for E Holyman funeral 27th March.

Sale of raffle tickets for Coffee Morning to start 23rd March.

Annual Meeting 2nd April.

Coffee Morning 16th April.

Street Stall 18th May.

             15.    GENERAL BUSINESS.

 1. Carpet runner at St. Paul’s – request to be replaced. Approved.

2. Water tank at St. Paul’s to be installed. Quotes to be obtained by St. Paul’s warden and


3. Garage sale at St. George’s 16th June.

4. Payment for Fr Thomas Leslie (locum during January) to be followed up by treasurer.

5. Numurkah Leader is seeking photos of floods. Those taken at the Eucharist in Hamon Centre on 13th March be provided to them after permission sought from the parishioners in the photos.

6. Requiem for Audrey Woodroofe to take place in St. George’s at 1pm on 23rd March.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday 19th April 2012 – Holy Trinity Nathalia.

 Meeting closed with grace at 9.24 pm.

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