1. Welcome and Opening.
Fr Kim Benton opened the meeting with a prayer at 8.02pm

2. Present
Fr Kim Benton, John Stammers, Judy James, Bev Leaf, Rob Elliott, Ron Cobbledick, Merle Cobbledick, Margaret Mitchell, Mary Muntz, Bev Patrick, Wendy Watson, Robyn Pendlebury, Lou Hamon.

3. Apologies
Keith Schier.
MOTION: “That the apology be accepted”
Moved: Rob Elliott. Seconded: John Stammers. Agreed.

4. Confirmation of Minutes

MOTION: “That the Minutes of the Parish Council held 20th September be confirmed as a true and correct record.”
Moved: Ron Cobbledick. Seconded: Robyn Pendlebury. Agreed.

5. Business Arising from previous minutes.

5.1 Hand rail chancel steps St. Georges. South side installed, completed tomorrow.
5.2 Holy Trinity 125th Anniversary. Report to follow.
5.3 Replacement of doors at St George’s. Completed. Question for need of transfer on glass.
5.4. Bunning’s Community BBQ. Date 30th November 2012.
5.5 St Paul’s water tank.
5.6. Solar Power Rectory. Smart meter connected, readings begun. Need “switching on” ceremony for publicity. Possibility Sunday after service.
5.7. Rectory Gardens. Well under way. Planting next phase.
5.8. Rectory ceiling & floor. Tiler to be re-contacted.
5.9. Parish Council Christmas Dinner. December 13th Rectory.
5.10. Licensing of Lay Persons.
MOTION: “That the Parish Council accepts the following people as licensed LM1 to work in the Parish”
Moved Fr. Kim. Agreed.

Cobbledick Merle
Cobbledick Ronald George
Hack Leone
Jackson Francis George
Leaf Beverley Joan
Schier Keith
Schier Mary Jean
Brown Jennifer
Muntz Mary Elizabeth
Davey Regina

Harding Elizabeth Joan

Smith Marjorie Janet

German Elaine
Grenness Judith Amelia
Hamon Louis John
Hicks Nancy Margaret
Jensen Kaye Janet
Kayess Susan Margaret
Knight Winifred Jane
Patrick Beverley Helen
Patrick Ian Neil
Pendlebury Robyn Catherine
Robertson Glen Wesley Haig
Simpson Patricia
Watson Wendy Margaret
Gread Thelma Jean
Decker Leonie Jean
Lugg Carol Elizabeth
Elliott Robin Roy
Elliott Glenda Maree
Woodroofe Michael Royston
Mitchell Margaret Lorraine
Stammers Heather June
Stammers John Francis

7. Correspondence.

6.1. Oakleigh Anglican Church: Donation.
6.2. Registrar: Seymour Quilt Fair, Songs of Praise, Festival of Flowers, Introducing Thomas Merton.
6.3. BCA/Sunday Journal..


6.4. Oakleigh Anglican Church: Letter of thanks.

MOTION: “That the correspondence inwards be accepted and outwards adopted ”.
Moved: Mary Muntz. Seconded: Beverley Patrick. Agreed.

8.. Rectors Report:
Written Report tabled and discussed.

1.0 Introduction:
This report covers the period of service from 21st September – 18 October 2012.

2.0 Ministry
2.1 Worship:
2.1.1 Services of worship have been offered in the usual pattern
2.1.2 A meditation service was conducted on Sunday 23 September in the evening
2.1.2 St Francis Day with Blessing of the Animals was held 7th October with a special service at
Holy Trinity and St George’s some pets and owners were blessed
2.1.3 St Paul’s Wakiti Creek welcome 4 visitors from the parish for their 3pm service followed by
afternoon tea – it was quite delightful

2.2 Pastoral services
2.2.1 No weddings
2.2.2 Funerals: 2 Funerals were conducted in the parish
2.2.3 Baptisms: No baptisms were conducted.

2.3 Other ministry
Nothing to report

2.4 Outreach:
Nothing to report

2.5 Diocesan
2.5.1 Licensing for ministry. I have progressed this process across the parish.
2.5.2 I attended the clergy retreat Monday 24 September – Thursday 27 September at Harrietville.

3.0 Staffing:
3.1 Annual Leave. I tried to go on annual leave and then the locum for Sunday 14 October was no longer available and there was insufficient time to make alternative arrangements. I will therefore add an extra Sunday to my leave. I did take some time off in Melbourne and came back to a funeral. There remains two dates of significance next Sunday 21 October and 4th Nov.

4.0 Education
4.1 Faith Enhancement groups have been suspended during my annual leave.

5.0 Parish Events:
5.1 Betty Daniel Scholarship Fund Concert on Sunday 30th September was well attended for
some excellent music – thanks to St George’s Guild for organising and providing afternoon tea.

6.0 Meetings:
No meeting this period

7.0 Communications:
7.1 One article for the Advocate has been submitted.

8.0 Other:
8.1 Solar Panels on Rectory now connected – wardens need to arrange an event to “switch on”
8.2 Rectory Gardens have been attended to – now for planting.

9.0 For Profit enterprise
No report

10.0 Maintenance
10.1 All projects have been completed or are in final stages.

11.0 Up coming events

Sunday 21st October – 3pm High Tea and Choral Evensong with St Matthew’s Albury Choir followed by Soup Supper, as part of the Numurkah Foodbowl Festival (Soup to be arranged by Parish Councilors).
Sunday 4th November – 10.30am Parish Eucharist & 125th Celebrations at Holy Trinity Nathalia followed by lunch
Friday 23rd November – 4-8pm Annual Strawberry Festival, Community Centre Nathalia
Sunday worship 9am Sung Eucharist Holy Trinity Nathalia; 10.30am Sung Eucharist St George’s Numurkah.
Sunday 16th December 8pm Nine Lessons and Carols St George’s Numurkah

MOTION: “That the Rector’s Report be received”
Moved: Fr. Kim. Agreed.

9 Financial Report:
Cheque Account $ 3574.78
Investment. Account $ 10611.00
St George’s ladies Guild $ 567.46
Holy Trinity Ladies Guild $ 4525.79
Holy Trinity Mother’s Union $ 29.00
Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival $ 1498.45
Holy Trinity Diocese Wang. $ 181.87
Betty Daniel Scholarship Term Deposit $ 8186.56
Offertory $ 5189.60
Accounts Payable $ 613.92

MOTION: “That the financial report be received and accounts passed for payment”
Moved: Wendy Watson. Seconded: Ron Cobbledick. Agreed.


9.1. Catering: 30 Sept. Betty Daniel Scholarship Concert, 14 Oct. M. Hocking 80th,Funerals: 18 Oct G Graham, 24 Aug. L. Pridmore, 25 Sept. P. Thorpe, 13 Oct. R. McMaster. 15 Oct. R. Grinter.
9.2. Hall Hire: 14 Oct. M. Hocking 80th, 18 Oct. G. Graham Funeral, Orana.
9.3. Funerals: 15 Oct. M. McPherson. 18 Oct. G. Graham.
9.4 Fundraising: 30 Sept. Betty Daniel Scholarship Concert.

MOTION: “That the fundraising activities be Input Taxed”.
Moved: Lou Hamon. Seconded: Robyn Pendlebury. Agreed.

Pastoral Care: Phone ring-a-round completed.
List drawn up of those who would appreciate visit from Rector.
Delivering Pew Sheets to a few who requested them.
List of people to be notified of Meditation Services.
Notice to be placed in Pew Sheet advising any Parishioner who knows someone in need of support to firstly ask permission to pass name on for contact. Then to pass name on for contact.
Positive response to contacts made.
Parish Council congratulated Bev Patrick & Robyn Pendlebury for their outstanding work.

St. George’s: 12.1. Repairs made to Parish Centre sewerage pipe.
12.2. Hand rails as reported.

Holy Trinity:. 12.3. Painting fence and steps.


13.1 Holy Trinity Ladies Guild
Catered for two funerals.
Blums Fashions function well received.
Planning working bee to clean cupboards in hall.
Busy with 125th celebrations and Strawberry Festival.

13.2. Holy Trinity 125th Celebrations.
95 acceptances.
Meeting Sunday.
Approached Nathalia Rotary for RSA persons to serve drinks.
Food and drinks to be ordered.
Set up day before.
Program to be printed on back of Order of Serviced.

13.3. Mother’s Union.
New member to be admitted on Tuesday.
Busy attending State Council and birthday parties.

MOTION: That the Reports be received”
Moved: Margaret Mitchell. Seconded: John Stammers. Agreed.

14.1. November Parish Council meeting. Discussion took place with both the Rector and Secretary apologies.

MOTION: “That the November Parish Council meeting be cancelled, unless urgent business requires a meeting to be called”
Moved: Ron Cobbledick. Seconded: Mary Muntz. Agreed.

14.2. Mary Muntz advised new address and phone number:
19 Muntz Avenue, Nathalia. Phone: 5866 2621

NEXT MEETING: Thursday 13th DECEMBER 2012. Christmas Dinner – Rectory.

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