1. Welcome and Opening.
Fr Kim Benton opened the meeting with a prayer at 8.00pm

2. Present
Fr Kim Benton, John Stammers, Keith Schier, Judy James, Bev Leaf, Rob Elliott, Ron Cobbledick, Merle Cobbledick, Margaret Mitchell, Mary Muntz, Wendy Watson, Robyn Pendlebury, Lou Hamon.

3. Apologies
Bev Patrick.
MOTION: “That the apology be accepted”
Moved: Mary Muntz. Seconded: Margaret Mitchell. Agreed.

Parish Council place on record condolences to the Cohen family on the passing of Fr. Ralph and thanks for the outstanding service given by Fr Ralph to this Parish.

Resignation of Robyn Broms from Parish Council.
MOTION: “That the vacancy on Parish Council be left to the next AGM”.
Moved: Wendy Watson. Seconded: John Stammers. Agreed.

4. Confirmation of Minutes

MOTION: “That the Minutes of the Parish Council held 16th August be confirmed as a true and correct record.”
Moved: Ron Cobbledick. Seconded: Robyn Pendlebury. Agreed.

5. Business Arising from previous minutes.

5.1 Hand rail chancel steps St. Georges. Jeff Gittens to meet on Monday.
5.2 Switchboards. Installation completed need certification by inspector.
5.3 Holy Trinity 125th Anniversary. Report following.
5.4 Replacement of doors at St George’s. In process.
5.5 Bunning’s Community BBQ. Date 30th November 2012.
5.6 St Paul’s water tank.
5.7. Solar Power Rectory. Rob rang Origin to ensure paperwork done.
5.8. Rectory Gardens.
5.9. Rectory ceiling & floor. Tiler to inspect this week.
5.10 Parish Centre leaking sewerage pipe. Plumber to inspect.
5.11 Parish Council Christmas Dinner.

7. Correspondence.

6.1. Diocese: Ad Clerum: Congo Appeal/ Death of Mrs. Shirley Glen
6.2. Registrar: Photographs of Churches/Pet Photographs/ABM Updates/Beechworth Melbourne Cup Day Carnival.
6.3. Di Burgmann: re Rochester visit.
6.4. Freedom Fellowship: Sympathy card.
6.5 BCA/Anglican Overseas Aid/Ship to Shore/Youth Alive Main Event.
6.6. Southern Phone/Safe Flame.


6.7. Fr Frank Jones: Wishing well in retirement.
6.8. Montage Electrics: Letter of thanks for donation of photocopier.
6.9. Numurkah A & P Society: Catering committee quote.
6.10. Food Fiesta: Letters of thanks: Linder Moorfield, Rotary Club, 7x Rotary Club members, Marie Martin, Peter & Beryl White, Joan Harding, Lions Club, Katunga Walnuts, Ryan & Bau, Bernadette Steward.

MOTION: “That the correspondence inwards be accepted ”.
Moved: Merle Cobbledick. Seconded: Beverley Leaf. Agreed.

8.. Rectors Report:
Written Report tabled and discussed.

8.1.0 Introduction:
This report covers the period of service from 17th August – 20th September 2012. Spring has sprung the rains have come and the sap is rising. Parish life is as busy and satisfying as ever. I want to once again acknowledge the assistance and commitment of many of you to ensure the success of our program.

8.2.0 Ministry
2.1 Worship: Services of worship have been offered in the usual pattern as we have followed the Gospel of Mark with added input from John’s Gospel. Stewardship Sunday was held 19 August across the Parish The 1662 rite was offered on 2 September with some interesting responses. The Requiem for Fr Ralph Cohen was well attended and with the Vicar General presiding it was a significant event in our Parish life.

8.2.2 Pastoral services No weddings Funerals: 1 funeral in the parish – Internment of Audrey Woodroofe ashes after the service this Sunday at St George’s Baptisms: No baptisms were conducted.

8.2.3 Other ministry I attended and spoke at the Karinya Memorial Service Tuesday 28th August I attended the Nathalia Hospital Memorial Service Wednesday 19th September

8.2.4 Outreach: Hamon Parish Centre continues to be home for Orana A meeting of the Residents’ Flood Recovery BBQ was held on Sunday 9th September. A dinner is being planned closer to Christmas. The response to these BBQs has been very positive and thanks must go to Marie Martin for organising.

8.2.5 Diocesan The Bishop has instructed that the Licensing Procedures for each Parish be completed by 16 October. I have progressed this process across the parish.

8.3.0 Staffing:
8.3.1 Clergy Retreat – Monday 24 September – Thursday 27 September at Harrietville. All clergy are required to attend. No weekday services.

8.3.2 Annual Leave. I met with the Bishop on 4 September and one of the issues discussed was the amount of annual leave I have accrued – 6 weeks! I have been instructed to clear this by the end of the year or I will lose it. Negotiations are currently underway to find locum priests. There are two dates of significance that i will make myself available for – 21 October and 4th Nov. I will inform the Wardens of the schedule when it is finalised.

8.4.0 Education
4.1 Faith Enhancement groups continue to meet at St George’s & St Paul’s – however these will need to be suspended during my annual leave.

8.5.0 Parish Events:
8.5.1 Friday Gourmet Fiesta – 7th September in Numurkah Town Hall – many positive responses to the event. A debriefing meeting needs to be held. Grateful thanks to al who worked so hard and to Heather Stammers for taking the lead.
8.5.2 A Pleasant Sunday Afternoon at St George’s 16th September screening of the Most Exotic Marigold Hotel followed by Devonshire Tea. Thanks to Margaret Mitchell for bring this off.
8.5.3 Holy Trinity Ladies Guild visited and entertained residents at Barwo Homestead 12 September.

8.6.0 Meetings:
8.6.1 Attended Anglicare Board Meeting Thursday 13 September in Wangaratta.

8.7.0 Communications:
8.7.1 One article and one ad for the Advocate have been submitted.

8.8.0 Other:
8.8.1 Solar Panels on Rectory waiting for Power Corp to connect to grid
8.8.2 Work moving ahead on Rectory Gardens if but slowly
8.8.3 Stewardship Commitment Response HT 9 – $6772 pledged; SG 21 – $40,040 pledged = $46812

8.9.0 For Profit enterprise
No report

8.10.0 Maintenance
8.10.1 Switchboards have been replaced in all buildings now awaiting final inspection
8.10.4 Replacement doors for St George’s are under construction
8.10.5 St George’s piano will be tuned this Monday ready for the concert
8.10.6 An additional light has been installed on the back deck of the Rectory to light the back steps.

8.11.0 Up coming events
Sunday 23rd September 7pm Mediation Service St Georges
Sunday 30th September – Visit to share worship 10.30am St George’s by Parish of Rochester with BBQ lunch followed by the Betty Daniel Scholarship Concert at 2.30pm by Betty Higgs [Organ] and her students James Earl – [piano and trumpet] and Emily Earl – [Highland dancing and piano]
Sunday 7th October – Blessing of Pets and Back to Church Sunday morning & then combined worship and afternoon tea 3pm at St Paul’s Wakiti Creek [a lovely wood Victorian Church in a paddock]
Sunday 21st October – 3pm High Tea and Choral Evensong with St Matthew’s Albury Choir followed by Soup Supper, as part of the Numurkah Foodbowl Festival
Sunday 4th November – 10.30am Parish Eucharist & 125th Celebrations at Holy Trinity Nathalia followed by lunch
Friday 23rd November – 4-8pm Annual Strawberry Festival, Community Centre Nathalia
Sunday worship 9am Sung Eucharist Holy Trinity Nathalia; 10.30am Sung Eucharist St George’s Numurkah.
Sunday 25th November 7pm Meditation Service St George’s Numurkah
Sunday 16th December 8pm Nine Lessons and Carols St George’s Numurkah

MOTION: “That the Rector’s Report be received and accepted”
Moved: Fr. Kim. Agreed.

9 Financial Report:
Cheque Account $ 8629.38
Investment. Account $ 19111.00
St George’s ladies Guild $ 567.46
Holy Trinity Ladies Guild $ 4525.79
Holy Trinity Mother’s Union $ 29.00
Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival $ 1498.45
Holy Trinity Diocese Wang. $ 181.87
Betty Daniel Scholarship Term Deposit $ 8186.56
Offertory $ 7095.45
Accounts Payable $ 1213.35

Profit from Friday Gourmet Fiesta stands at $4174.40 with more expenses to come.

MOTION: “That the financial report be received and accounts passed for payment”
Moved: Wendy Watson. Seconded: Mary Muntz. Agreed.


9.1. Catering: Funerals: J. Hall 20 Aug., C. Black 27 Aug., L Maskell 11 Sept.., N. Glass 18 Sept.
9.2. Hall Hire: 20 Aug. J. Hall Funeral, 27th Aug. C. Black Funeral, 11 Sept. L Maskell Funeral, Orana.
9.3. Funerals:
9.4 Fundraising: 7th Sept. Friday Gourmet Fiesta, 16th Sept. Film screening..

MOTION: “That the fundraising activities be Input Taxed”.
Moved: Lou Hamon. Seconded: Robyn Pendlebury. Agreed.

Pastoral Care: Phone ring-a-round nearly completed.
Stewardship: Reported in Rector’s report.

St. George’s: 12.1. Solar Power for Rectory, already reported.

Holy Trinity: 12.2. Switchboard installation completed.
12.3. Exit lights in hall installed.
12.4. Painting fence and steps.
12.5. Photocopier needs service.


13.1 Holy Trinity Ladies Guild
Sent out 171 invitations.
Catering for a funeral.
Attended Barwo on Wednesday.
Blums fashions next week.

13.2. Holy Trinity 125th Celebrations.
Advertisement in Gum Courier.
Regional media to be contacted.
Rostered jobs for the day.
History and sketches to be sold.
Request for photos and memorabilia.
Entertainment and speakers organised.
Cut off date for acceptances 15th October.

13.3. Mother’s Union.
New member to be admitted in October.

MOTION: That the Reports be received”
Moved: Margaret Mitchell. Seconded: John Stammers. Agreed.

14.1. Licensing of Lay Persons
10 outstanding.
Nominations to be presented to Parish Council for endorsement next month.

14.2. Parish Eucharist 30 September.
Bring and share lunch. Soup and sandwiches.

14.3. Gourmet Fiesta debrief on Sunday after the service.


Meeting closed with prayer and grace at 9.14 pm.

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