1.            Welcome and Opening.

Rev. Sally Boothey opened the meeting with a prayer at 8.00pm

 2.            Present

Rev Sally Boothey,  John Stammers, Judy James, Bev Leaf, Rob Elliott, Ron Cobbledick, Merle Cobbledick, Margaret Mitchell, Mary Muntz, Bev Patrick, Wendy Watson, Robyn Pendlebury, Keith Schier, Lou Hamon.

 3.            Apologies: Joan Harding.

 4.       Confirmation of Minutes

 MOTION: “That the Minutes of the Parish Council held 18th October 2012 be confirmed as a true and correct record.”

Moved: Rob Elliot.               Seconded: Ron Cobbledick.                                                 Agreed.

 5.        Business Arising from previous minutes.

5.1   Bunning’s Community BBQ. Date 30th November 2012.

5.2   St Paul’s water tank. Being installed.

5.3.  Tiling on Rectory repaired.

6.       Correspondence.


6.1.    Registrar: Ministry Fund Assessment.

6.2.    Registrar: Parish Annual Returns.

6.3.    Shirley Cohen: Carafes for St. Georges.

6.4.    Moira Shire: Food Premises Inspection Reports.

MOTION: “That new fluorescent tubes be installed in Holy Trinity Hall”

Moved: Merle Cobbledick.        Seconded: Bev Leaf.                                                           Agreed.

6.5.    Laidlaw Electrical: Certificates of Electrical Safety.

6.6.    Solar City Pest Control.

MOTION: “That if due, inspection of Rectory & Church Numurkah be arranged with Solar City, and Holy Trinity by Rays Pest Control”

Moved: Rob Elliott.                     Seconded: Wendy Watson.                                                Agreed.

6.7.    Nungalinya/Church Army/Anglicare/Bible Society/Mission to Seafarers.

6.8.    Registrar: St Andrews Dederang 40th Anniversary/St Matthews Harvest Market.

6.9.    Registrar: Certificate of Currency.

6.10.  Registrar: Ad Populum.

6.11.  Registrar: Reduced Telstra Pricing.

MOTION: “That pricing be investigated”

Moved: Wendy Watson.                        Seconded: Judith James.                           Agreed.


 6.12.  Letters of thanks: Fr Thomas Leslie/ Fr. Ron Wood/ Colin Pendlebury/ Linder Moorfield/                Shirley Cohen/ Ven. Peter McLeod-Miller.

6.13.  Registrar: Drawn down funds for switchboard upgrades.

6.14.  Invitations to Induction x48

MOTION: “That the correspondence inwards be accepted and outwards adopted ”.

Moved: Margaret Mitchell.                     Seconded: John Stammers.                                   Agreed.

 7.         Rectors Report:

      Written Report tabled and discussed.

            Denis and I have been made to feel very welcome in the Parish of Numurkah-Nathalia and our sincere thanks go to everyone. Even prior to the Induction Service, we had a helpful and supportive correspondence with the Parish Secretary Lou, and the food provided in the rectory fridge was much appreciated on our moving-in day!

            I believe that the Induction Service went very well and certainly, our Adelaide visitors received warm welcomes and were delighted with the area and with the people they met. Sincere thanks again to everyone who contributed to making our potentially stressful first week so smooth.

           We are now pretty much settled at the rectory and only have to finish notifying companies and utilities of our change of address and then the move will be complete.

            The first Sunday had only two services – at Nathalia and Numurkah – and it was good to begin to learn about the traditions and people of these two centres.

            During my time in the parish, my day off will be Friday and, if at all possible, I will take this day for recreational purposes (golf or visiting family).


            This Tuesday, I convened an informal meeting at Nathalia to discuss services and happenings at Holy Trinity. It was decided to continue with the traditional 10.00 am Tuesday morning Holy Communion and to hold a specially designed ‘children’s church’ or child-focussed family service, four times a year. Mary Muntz kindly took me to Barwo Homestead, to meet the relevant staff,   and the Anglicans are rostered on for February, May, August and November. We also went to Banawah at Nathalia Hospital and I will liaise with the Uniting Church minister, Jean Mayer, to provide regular services there. Jean is on a week’s Compassionate Leave and I will catch up with her next week. Kim was taking Communion to some residents but they have now died and on one currently is requesting a personal visit.


            On Wednesday I had morning tea with Chris Sutton at Pioneer Lodge and the Anglican residents. I will be taking a Communion Service there at 9.00 am each Thursday fortnight. I will be meeting Heather at Karinya on Monday, to organise services there.

             WAKITI CREEK and BARMAH

            This afternoon I met with the people from Barmah and Wakiti Creek to discuss services this year. It is likely that both congregations will worship together at alternating churches. This Sunday, 7.30 am, will be a Communion Service at Wakiti Creek and the second Sunday at 7.30 am, a Communion service at Barmah. On the 3rd and 4th Sundays, the congregations will meet for Morning Prayer at 9.00 am at Wakiti Creek and then Barmah. This pattern will continue for the time being, but is open to change if needs be. There will be a combined Congregational Meeting for All Saints Barmah and St Paul’s Wakiti Creek on Sunday 10th February at 7.30 am.

             On 1 March, 10.00 am, Holy Trinity is hosting the World Day of Prayer and I have agreed to be the guest speaker.

 8.                     Financial Report:

Cheque Account                                          $   11291.92

Investment. Account                                   $   22813.01

St George’s ladies Guild                              $      137.05

Holy Trinity Ladies Guild                            $    3691.25

Holy Trinity Mother’s Union                       $      334.05

Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival                 $    1498.45

Holy Trinity Diocese Wang.                        $      181.87

Betty Daniel Scholarship Term Deposit      $    8186.56

Offertory                                                     $    6407.20

Accounts Payable                                       $     

 MOTION: “That the financial report be received and accounts passed for payment”

Moved: Wendy Watson.                  Seconded: Robyn Pendlebury.                              Agreed.


Film Night 20th March “The Quartet” being arranged.

Parish to apply for another Community BBQ on a Saturday.

 MOTION: “That the budget for 2013 be recommended for adoption at AGM”

Moved: Rob Elliott.               Seconded: John Stammers.                                               Agreed.

 9.       GST BUSINESS:

            9.1.      Catering: 22nd November Fleming, 23rd November I. Daffy, B. Platfuss.

            9.2.     Hall Hire: 23 November Funeral I. Daffy, 17th January Funeral Grace, Orana.

            9.3.      Funerals:  12 December Leon Corbett, 4 January Olive Dundas.

            9.4       Fundraising: Christmas Hamper.

      MOTION: “That the fundraising activities be Input Taxed”.

       Moved: Lou Hamon.                 Seconded: Mary Muntz.                                                                  Agreed.



 11.       WARDEN’S REPORTS:

                 St. George’s: 12.1. Rectory cleaning (windows & carpet) and window replacement. Church & Parish Centre carpet clean, Church window clean.

                                          12.2. Sound System checked and settings adjusted.

                                          12.3. Fly wire on screen door replaced.

                                          12.4. Thanks to Margaret Mitchell in arranging for sign to be altered.

               Holy Trinity:.  12.5.  A farewell to Kim and welcome to Sally occupied congregation.

                                           12.6. Thanks to relieving Clergy.

                                           12.7.  Sign to be updated.

                                           12.8.  Drippers commenced

12.       OTHER REPORTS:

            12.1  Holy Trinity Ladies Guild

                        World Day of Prayer 1st March.

                        Raffle in March to be drawn 8th April at Morning Coffee.

                         Planning working bee to clean cupboards in hall.

                         Busy with 125th celebrations and Strawberry Festival.

             12.2. Mother’s Union.

                        Commissioning of Bethley Sullivan..

                        Diocese meeting on Monday.

                         Lady Day 25th March.

                         Presented hand painted plate to Kim.

                 MOTION: That the Reports be received”

                      Moved: Margaret Mitchell.               Seconded: Keith Schier.                                                     Agreed.


                         14.1. AGM Dates:

                          St Paul’s & All Saints 10th February.

                           Holy Trinity 10th February

                           St George’s 17th February.

                           Parish 24th February.

                       14.2. Palm Crosses

                           Advertising commenced, one order received. Bev Leaf & Betty Gray to make crosses.

                       14.3. Deb. Ball.

                          Nine Debs so far with more to come. Practice commence 14th February.

                       14.4. Website & Advocate.

                           Being updated regularly, and stories sent to the Advocate for publication.

                       14.5. Lent dates.

                          Shrove Tuesday 6pm Holy Trinity, 7.30 St George’s. 12th February.

                           Ash Wednesday 10.00 am Holy Trinity, 7.30 pm St George’s. 13th February.

                          Lenten Studies St George’s 7.30 pm Tuesdays, Holy Trinity after Tuesday   service.

                        14.6. Hall Hire.

                              Two flood meetings. Hire fees to be reviewed, with recommendations to next meeting.

                         14.7. Bank Signatories. Sally to be a signatory to bank accounts. Two out of four to sign.

                     MOTION: “That Sally be a signatory to Parish bank accounts”

                      Moved: Wendy Watson.                  Carried: Merle Cobbledick.                                                 Agreed.

                         14.8. Harvest Festival.

                      3rd March in all centre’s

                       14.9. Photo-copier

                      Photo copier at Holy Trinity requires service. Service bt Solar City Office Supplies to be arranged.


 NEXT MEETING: Thursday 21st February 2013 – HOLY TRINITY NATHALIA.

 Meeting closed with  grace at 9.30 pm.

      Minutes confirmed…………………………………………….                  Date………………………..

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