THURSDAY 20th JUNE 2013.

  1. 1.            Welcome and Opening:

Rev. Sally Boothey opened the meeting with a prayer at 8.03pm

 2.            Present:

Rev Sally Boothey, John Stammers, Judy James, Bev Leaf, Rob Elliott, Margaret Mitchell, Mary Muntz, Bev Patrick, Robyn Pendlebury, Merle Cobbledick, Ron Cobbledick, Keith Schier, Wendy Watson, Win Knight, Lou Hamon.

 3.            Apologies: Heather Stammers, Carol Lugg.

 4.       Confirmation of Minutes:

           MOTION: “That the Minutes of the Parish Council held 16th May 2013, be confirmed as a                        true and correct record.”

Moved: Win Knight.                  Seconded: Merle Cobbledick.                                  Carried.

 5.        Business Arising from previous minutes:

 5.1   Strategic Plan/Parish Calendar – see General Business.

5.2   Telstra reduced pricing – application resent.

5.3.  Food Bowl Festival High Tea. October 20th. Clarification on money collection.                  Hostesses to organise catering.

5.4.  Decanter’s for St George’s to be dedicated.

5.6   Gourmet Fiesta/Fete – see General Business.


6.       Correspondence:


 6.1.    Wightons: Offering Envelopes.

6.2.    Everyday Supplies: Catalogue.

6.3.    Registrar: Thoroughly Modern Millie Junior/ International Hymn                                         Competition/Vestments Exhibition.

6.4.    SUV/ACT/ BCA/ Nungalinya/CBM/BS/Anglicare.

6.5.   Registrar: Tax deductable fund available for musical performances.

6.6.   Registrar: Updated signatory list required.


 6.7.   Church Resources: re Telstra reduced pricing. Application resent.

6.8    Letters of thanks re Deb Ball: Louise Hall, Ingram Taylor & John Decker.

6.9.   Invitation to Bishop to attend annual Deb. Ball.

6.10. Lions Club Shepparton: No to support for “Circus Quirkas”.

 MOTION: “That the correspondence inwards be accepted and outwards adopted”.

Moved: Bev. Leaf.                      Seconded: Margaret Mitchell.                                Carried.

 7.         Rectors Report:

      Written Report tabled and discussed.

                  Events since last parish council were:

            The Mission Dinner

             The final service, held at St George’s, for Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

            Rector as guest speaker at Numurkah Rotary

             Local Christian minister’s breakfast

            Strategic Planning Review morning


            Saturday morning ‘Marcus Borg and N T Wright’ at Rutherglen,(attended by Shirley Cohen and               Rector) and

            Commencement of ‘Living the Questions’ studies at Holy Trinity and St George’s.

 As usual, there were two services at Pioneer’s Lodge and Karinya and one at Banawah. Some other hospital and pastoral visiting occurred.

 There were four funerals that I conducted this past month. They were those of Loris Joan Elliott, Beatrice Barker (on behalf of Shepparton Parish during their time without a Rector), Irene Marjory Berry and Elizabeth (Betty) Laura Murray.

 Denis and I have enjoyed some wonderful hospitality at dinner parties hosted by members of the parish. Thank you, as always, for your kindness, friendliness and acceptance of us into the parish community.

 Attendance numbers fluctuate a bit at services and this is not unexpected in colder months and when people, most appropriately, attend to their recreation needs and to keeping family relationships strong.

I would like, (perhaps for my own reassurance as Rector), to set up something like a ‘Parish Friendship Tree’, with branches at each centre. This helps ensure that, when people are not at church, someone either knows why, or is able to follow up with a phone call. It is really awful when someone has missed church and been either sick, or in some difficult circumstances, and no-one even knows. It can make someone feel that the church doesn’t care and doesn’t even miss them. Certainly, pastoral support is not then offered when it could and should have been. Something for the Pastoral Care domain group to help me with?

 Rector’s Recreational Leave:

I have arranged to take a week of leave from next Monday. This week coincides with school holidays in Queensland and Denis and I will travel to Brisbane to catch up with our daughter and grandchildren. The Sunday services (June 30th) – 9.00 Holy Trinity and 10.30 St George’s – will be taken by Rev’d Thomas Leslie. St Paul’s and All Saints will have a ‘Sunday off’ as it is the 5th Sunday in the month. People may travel to Nathalia.

The Tuesday service at Holy Trinity will be run as a Morning Prayer by Mother’s Union members (as has happened previously).


A date for the 2014 Deb Ball has been set for 9th May. The Bishop has been informally invited and accepted. Red and Gold are the colours for this special 70th Anniversary.

 I have contacted the ‘Leader’ and updated the incorrect church times.

 A  special ‘Children-focused’ service is to be held at Holy Trinity this year, with a luncheon afterwards. This would mean a Morning Prayer at St George’s. I therefore suggest Sunday 29 September, which is a fifth Sunday, and that there be one parish morning service only, at Holy Trinity, commencing at 10.00am. This would be a special Children’s service. There would be no Holy Communion at this service.

If the demand is sufficient, I would hold a service of Holy Communion in the afternoon at St George’s – at a suitable and agreed time.

 A  request has come from the Diocese for me to be a member of the ‘Vocational Discernment’ panel which interviews prospective ordinands at a Selection Conference. I have agreed to do this. There is a training day on 31 August and the Selection Conference is on 14 September.

 Discussion on children’s service at Holy Trinity ensued. Decision to have service on August 25th at 10.30am at Holy Trinity with a 9pm Holy Communion at St Georges.

 MOTION: “That the Rector’s Report be received”.

Moved: Revd. Sally                         Seconded: Rob Elliott.                                                       Carried.

 8.                     Financial Report:

Cheque Account                                         $    6931.12

Investment. Account                                   $  19037.87

St George’s ladies Guild                             $      992.39

Holy Trinity Ladies Guild                            $    2778.63

Holy Trinity Mother’s Union                         $      334.05

Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival                 $    1498.45

Holy Trinity Diocese Wang.                       $      181.87

Betty Daniel Scholarship Term Deposit   $    8186.56

Offertory                                                         $    6321.25

Accounts Payable                                       $    2472.62

 MOTION: “That $1,500.00 be forwarded to Bishop’s Horn of Africa Appeal”.

Moved: Rob Elliott.               Seconded: Bev Patrick.                                           Carried.

 MOTION: “That the financial report be received and accounts passed for payment”

Moved: Wendy Watson.                  Seconded: Mary Muntz.                              Carried.


9.       GST Business:

             9.1.      Catering: 15th June Funeral E. Murray.

            9.2.     Hall Hire: 15th June Funeral E. Murray, Orana Day Care.

            9.3.      Funerals:  L Elliott 22nd May, I Berry 7th June, E Murray 15th June.

            9.4       Fundraising: 17th May Mission Dinner.

               MOTION: “That the fundraising activities be Input Taxed”.

          Moved: Lou Hamon.              Seconded: John Stammers.                                   Carried.

 10.       Warden’s Reports:

                 St. George’s: 10.1. Rectory heating. Repaired.

                                          10.2. Toilets Parish Centre.

                                          10.3. Solar Power: Saved $900 in 9 months of installation. Will   cover cost of  installation in 12 months.

               Holy Trinity:    10.3. Trusses in Sanctuary. Ongoing with inspection.

                                               10.4. Painting Church ceiling. Two quotes received:

                                               Sinclair & Rooney:       $6050

                                               Wayne Gwin:                $2880. Plus $100 for gable ends.

 MOTION: “That quote of Wayne Gwin be accepted”.

Moved: Keith Schier.                Seconded: Wendy Watson.            Carried.

                                            10.5. Removal of tree by neighbor on north side to allow erection of fence.    

             11.    Other Reports:

                       11.1 Holy Trinity Ladies Guild: Bank balance $3978.63. $1,000 pain to Parish and $200 to               World Share. Retaining $1000.00 to assist M.U.75th Anniversary celebrations expenses.

                      Valuation day on August 15th cancelled as valuer unable to attend.

                        11.2. Mother’s Union. Attended Seymour’s fundraiser. 75th Anniversary 10th September 10am with morning tea for travellers at 9.30am.

                      Cold meat and salads for lunch.

                        11.3. St George’s Ladies Guild. Street stall July 19th.

                       11.4. Synod Report:  Read by Revd. Sally.

                       11.5. Deb Ball: Ball on Friday 9th May. Theme and colour decided with historic display in  foyer  to celebrate 70th year. Bishop has been invited to receive Debs.

                       MOTION: “That the Reports be received”

                      Moved: Keith Schier.                       Seconded: Roby Pendlebury.                                  Carried.

             12.      General Business:

                                  12.1. Strategic Plan / Parish Calendar. Calendar for remainder of year collated.

                                  12.2. Gourmet Fiesta / Fete.  Fete in church grounds on November 9th. Fete meeting  on 21st July.

                                  Gourmet Fiesta suggested to become a Parish Dinner in Parish Centre on 7th  September.

                                    12.3. Website. Updated with events and Centenary Histories of Holy Trinity & St Georges.

                                  12.4. Film Night discussed, with Margaret Mitchell unable to organise.

                 Next Meeting: Thursday 18th July 2013 – Holy Trinity, Nathalia.

      Meeting closed with the grace at 10.10 pm.



  Minutes confirmed…………………………………………….         Date………………………………….

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