THURSDAY 15th MAY 2014.

 Welcome and Opening:

  1. Rev. Sally Boothey opened the meeting with a prayer at 8.00pm


  2. Rev Sally Boothey, Judy James, Bev Leaf, Rob Elliott, Mary Muntz, Robyn Pendlebury, Merle Cobbledick, Ron Cobbledick, Wendy Watson, John Stammers, Keith Schier, Bev Patrick, Lou Hamon.

    3,Apologies: Carol Lugg.

  3. 4.      Confirmation of Minutes:  
  4. MOTION: “That the Minutes of the Parish Council held 24th April 2014 be confirmed as a true and correct record.”

         Moved: Ron Cobbledick.            Seconded: Merle Cobbledick.                    Carried.

    5.       Business Arising from previous minutes:

    5.1 Ngukur Mission enquiry – no response as yet.

    5.2   Debutante Ball. Thanks to all who made it such a success.

    6.       Correspondence:


     6.1.   Primate: South Sedan Appeal.

    6.2.   Registrar: Certification of Synod membership.

    6.3.   Registrar: Celtic Weekend St Matthews Albury 21-22 June.

    6.4.   Registrar: Anglican Women Annual Rally 18th June.

    6.5.   Nungalinga/Defence Force Chaplaincy/Bible Society.


    6.6. Letter of thanks: Robyn & Colin Pendlebury and Ian Patrick – Lamb Drive.

    6.7.  Invitations to Deb Ball: June Dudley, Melva McPherson, Lorna Harbor, Peggy Cusick.

    6.8.  Letter of thanks: Ron Monk – donation.

    6.9. Letters of thanks: Gary Swann, Lorraine Farrar, Michele Davis, Wendy Watson, Judy Grenness, Kaye Jensen – Deb Ball.

    MOTION: “That the correspondence inwards be accepted and outwards adopted”.

    Moved: Keith Schier.                 Seconded: John Stammers.                                  Carried.

    Rectors Report:

    Written Report tabled and discussed.

    It is always encouraging and inspiring for me to see how much dedication, generosity and resolve there is amongst the people of our church community. At each centre, the church services only happen because people offer their skills and support to ensure that they do.

All Saints Barmah is a case in point. It has a tiny congregation of two locals. In the past couple of years, All Saints and St Paul’s Wakiti Creek (which also has a small regular congregation of five) combine for services each week. Twice a month, I take a service of Holy Communion at each centre, to which all come, and twice a month, they lead their own service of Morning Prayer, for which I usually provide a homily and, again, all who can, attend. These amazing people also run their own ‘fundraisers’ for the parish and late last month there was a Car Boot Sale in the grounds of All Saints. I am really pleased to note that worshippers from other centres, particularly Holy Trinity, provide help and support for these events.

I would like to publicly commend and thank Marjorie Smith, warden at All Saints,  who is personally and solely responsible for cleaning and preparing the church and grounds and for setting up and opening up for services, and who leads Morning prayer, reads at most Barmah and Wakiti Creek services AND initiates and organises fundraisers like the Car Boot Sale. Thank you Marjorie for all that you do and for the witness of your life in Barmah and to all who know you.

The Deb Ball is over and it was, I believe, a great social success. The Debs and their partners were most co-operative and friendly throughout the preparation and did themselves proud on the night. It was a happy evening, with many people, of all ages, joining in the dancing and I think that both Gary and Lorraine felt that their last Deb Ball with us was a fitting farewell for them. We have been very fortunate to have Gary and Lorraine and the Deb Committee is now undertaking the task of looking for trainers for next year. From all accounts, there is a strong demand for the Parish Deb Balls to continue.

Thank you to everyone, from across the parish, who worked so hard again this year.

Thank you to wardens and others who ensured that Rev’d Helen Malcolm was welcomed and assisted last Sunday. Our son William is now a happily married man and he and his wife, Felicity are having a week on a beach in Croatia before heading to Shanghai to resume work and begin a new life together.

This weekend is Diocesan Synod and for Synod Reps, Carol Lugg and Robyn Pendlebury, it will be a new, and hopefully enjoyable, experience. A report will come next meeting.

We have been blessed with a number of baptisms lately, with at least two more to come. Suggestions have been made that the cost of providing Children’s Bibles be covered by an appropriate Trust Fund and I believe this is good stewardship if it is possible. The next baptisms are 25 May and 8 June, both at St George’s.

Our first funeral in the parish for the year was held at St George’s on 13 May when we farewelled Frances Manners.

We have had some services in combination with the Uniting Church these past months and in early June the Numurkah Interchurch Council is facilitating the  observance of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. At 5.00pm each evening, a 15 minute service is held in one of the local Christian Churches in Numurkah. The Anglican church is hosting on Monday 2 June.

On Sunday 15 June, Trinity Sunday, Bp John is coming to the parish. He will happily preach and preside at both 9.00am and 10.30 am, but it has been suggested that, since it is Holy Trinity’s Patronal Festival, we might have a Whole Parish service at Holy Trinity at 11.00am with a parish luncheon to follow. I realise this may be good in theory but unrealistic in practice, so I seek council’s advice.

Assorted initiatives in my inbox are still ‘pending’. These include:- signage for St George’s and All Saints, repairs to the parquetry at All Saints, resuming the ‘Living the Questions’ studies at St George’s, making the final purple chasuble, transferring parish service booklets into a readily accessible and printable computer format with Heathers help and developing some ‘always available’ children’s resources to offer the children who sometimes attend services. These are (almost) all outworking’s of the parish Strategic plan.

As I am leading the Diocesan Lay Retreat this year, Fr Michael Moulder will be taking the services at Holy Trinity and St George’s on Sunday 1 June.

Thank you again to everyone for your help, support, encouragement and patience.

Rev’d Sally.

MOTION: “That a letter of thanks be sent to Marjorie Smith for her work at All Saints, and   particularly in organising the Car Boot Sale”

Moved: Ron Cobbledick.                    Seconded: Keith Schier.                                             Carried.

MOTION: “That a vote of thanks be recorded for the organisers of the successful Deb. Ball, Wendy Watson, Judy Grenness and Kaye Jensen.”

Moved Rob Elliott.                   Seconded: Bev. Patrick.                                                         Carried.

MOTION: that the Rector’s report be accepted.

Moved: Rev Sally Boothey             Seconded: Lou Hamon                                           Carried

  1. Financial Report:

Cheque Account                                         $  10463.14

Investment. Account                                   $  16134.34

St George’s ladies Guild                             $    1262.41

Holy Trinity Ladies Guild                            $    2110.29

Holy Trinity Mother’s Union                                   $      334.05

Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival                 $    1498.45

Holy Trinity Diocese Wang.                       $      243.82

Betty Daniel Scholarship Term Deposit   $    8724.43

Offertory                                                         $    3867.65

Accounts payable                                    $    1605.44

MOTION: “That the financial report be received and accounts passed for payment”

Moved: Wendy Watson.                  Seconded: Judy James.                             Carried.

Query re interest rates on accounts and value of consolidating all accounts.

9.      GST Business:

             9.1.      Catering:

9.2.     Hall Hire: Orana Day Care.

9.3.      Funerals: Frances Manners 13th May.

9.4       Fundraising: Debutante Ball 9th May, Holy Trinity Guild Coffee Morning 28th April.

MOTION: “That the activities listed above be Input Taxed”.

                         Moved: Lou Hamon.                       Seconded: Wendy Watson.                        Carried.

Warden’s Reports:

St. George’s: 10.1. Cobwebs removed thanks to John Stammers..

10.2. Flag pole halyards replaced by John Stammers..

10.3. Carpets in Parish Centre to be cleaned. Wendy Watson to arrange.

10.4. Eucharist vessels regilding to be organized by Rob Elliott.

10.5. Automatic watering system for church and rectory gardens to be     investigated.

Holy Trinity:   10.6. Sprayed around fence lines to assist mower.

                           10.7. Investigate balloon ties for Deb Ball.

All Saints:       10.8. Thanks to all the helpers who assisted in making the Car Boot Sale such a great success.

          11.       Other Reports:

                       11.1 Holy Trinity Ladies Guild

                      Bank balance $ 2110.29

Coffee Morning on 28th was a good day.

Street Stall tomorrow.

Gas cylinder indicator of gas level to be arranged.

                      11.2 Mothers’ Union.

                      Quiet Day at Wakiti.

Raised suggested support for Pauline Glover in her work training midwives in Cambodia.

MOTION: “That a retiring collection be held to raise funds to support Pauline Glover”.

Moved: Ron Cobbledick.                Seconded: Bev Patrick.                                           Carried.

11.3. St George’s Ladies Guild.

                      Morning coffee to be arranged. Christine Middleton suggested as a possible guest speaker.


MOTION: “That the Reports be received”

Moved: Mary Muntz.             Seconded: Judy James.                                          Carried.

           12.     General Business:

                       12.1. Film night, larger cinema secured, 132 tickets printed.

12.2. Trinity Sunday 15th June. One service in Parish at 10.30am at Holy Trinity with Bishop attending. Bring and share lunch, car pool from St George’s.

12.3. Baptism Bibles to be purchased from trust funds.

12.4. Deb Ball trainer secured for next year. Joanne Barry with a partner from Mooroopna. Training on Sunday nights 7 – 9.30pm for 8 weeks. Ball to be on 24th April 2015.

12.5. Children’s Church requested for Holy Trinity in spring.

12.6. Gideon speaker on 20th July.

     Next Meeting: Thursday 19th June. Holy Trinity Nathalia.

Meeting closed with the grace at 9.20 pm.

Minutes confirmed…………………………………………….                  Date..


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