1. Welcome & Opening Prayer:
Rev. Sally Boothey opened the meeting with a prayer at 8.00 pm.

2. Present: Rev Sally Boothey, John Stammers, Keith Schier, Brian Devenish, Nola Smith, Beverley Leaf, Judith James, Wendy Watson, and Lou Hamon.

3. Apologies: Rob Elliott, Norma Shepherd, Mary Muntz.

4. Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Motion: ‘That the minutes of the Parish Council held 16th July 2015 be confirmed as a true and correct record.’
Moved: Nola Smith, seconded Brian Devenish. Agreed

5. Business Arising:

1. Antique Roadshow. Paul Huckett from Wunghnu to be contacted.
2. Open Garden 5th November.
3. Source of jars for preserves: Plasdene Glass-Pak Preston is supplier.

6. Correspondence.

1. Registrar: Archives contact details.
2. Leprosy Mission/ACT.
3 Registrar: Volunteer authorisation needs renewal after 31/12/15

Outwards: 1. Australia Post re ABN.

Correspondence accepted.

7 Rector’s Report:
As was suggested by the Registrar, I have had conversations with Rev’ds Michael Jones and Geoffrey Poliness.
At this stage, I welcome any suggestions about increasing planned (and actual) giving. This is one component of a strategic plan to better financial viability and is the main emphasis of advice from Rev’d Michael Jones.
As was suggested by Brian Devenish at a Parish Council meeting, some form of ‘business venture’, preferably one that helps and engages with community members, has both mission and income potential. The Parish Op Shop is the most recognizable such venture. Both Peter Tinney and Geoffrey Poliness have started Op Shops.
Rev’d Geoffrey Poliness has some ideas and experience about parish ministry development and I’ve invited him to attend next month’s Parish Council meeting to share some thoughts around possible ways to move into a more robust future.
The ‘Pathways’ table is a checklist of what steps are needed to lead someone from ‘stranger’ to ‘leading ministry’. Ideally, the parish would be able to fulfill (not necessarily from within the parish) the requirements of each stage. I suspect we are lacking in the ‘belonging- embracing the Gospel’ stage – and therefore have no particular call for the next three stages.

Classes for the four younger candidates have begun and will continue on Wednesday afternoons in the Parish Centre.

The Bishop will be with us from 23rd to 25th October and we need to plan what will happen during that time.
I include a copy of the Outline received from the Registry.
There will be one, whole parish Sunday service of Confirmation at St George’s at 10.30 am.
A service at Barmah has been long promised.
A special service of prayer on the Saturday ….. ??
A Gathering…?

As there were only three at All Saints this month, I have cancelled the 7.30am Holy Communion services for September and October in Barmah. Morning prayer (led by Marjorie Smith) will continue at 9.00am if participants are willing to attend. Numbers may improve in warmer months.
Numbers at the Tuesday morning Holy Communion at Holy Trinity have sometimes been low, and again, the warmer weather may see an increase here.
A realistic assessment and some decisions about appropriate service times will need to be made at congregational and parish AGMs. Input and suggestions are welcome prior to these decisions.
Since last meeting, I have conducted funerals for Brenda Potter, Albert Beck and Harold Hansford.
There are seven parishioners who regularly receive Home Communion.
Services continue at Pioneers Lodge, Karinya, Banawah and Barwo Homestead although numbers are often low.

After attending a day of the Police Chaplains Conference, I am now an official Police Chaplain to the station members at Nathalia and Numurkah. This week I met with Sgt Rigoni and will introduce myself to the eight other local police members as soon as rosters and diary allow.

Lectionaries for 2016 are now available at $11 each. How many people need them?

Rector on Leave
Denis and I will be away from Wednesday 16 September to Saturday 10 October.
During this time, Rev’d Geoffrey Poliness will take the Sunday services at Holy Trinity and St George’s. There will be no services of Holy Communion at All Saints or St Paul’s for these three Sundays.
The two services at Pioneers Lodge and one at Karinya have been cancelled and there are no scheduled Home Communions during this time.
There will be no Holy Communion services at Holy Trinity on 15 September (assuming Corryong Luncheon goes ahead), 22 September or 29 September. The Mother’s Union may have a morning prayer before their meeting on 22 September.
The rectory phone and my mobile will direct parish calls and emergencies to Lou Hamon. (plus another suitable contact?) Rev’d Geoffrey Poliness would be available for any pastoral emergencies or funerals that may occur. I will also leave contact details for the Shepparton clergy with the Parish Secretary.
I will be an apology for next Parish Council meeting, but the secretary can take the Chair. This enables timely opportunity for fruitful conversation around the presentation of the guest speaker, Rev’d Geoffrey Poliness.
Rev’d Sally Boothey

Rectors Report read and accepted.

8 Financial Report.
Cheque Account $ 3202.75
Investment Account $ 2351.62
Holy Trinity Ladies Guild $ 548.47
Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival $ 259.53
Holy Trinity Diocese Wangaratta $ 243.82
Betty Daniel Scholarship Term Deposit $ 8133.74
Offertory $ 5856.20
Accounts payable $ 1473.59
Motion: ‘That the financial report be received and accounts passed for payment.’
Moved: W Watson, seconded Brian Devenish. Agreed

9 GST Business
Catering: Funerals: B. Potter 17th July, A. Beck 14th Aug., W. Dudley 90th Birthday..
Hall Hire: W. Dudley 90th Birthday.
Funerals: B. Potter 17th Aug., A. Beck 14th Aug., H. Hansford 14th Aug..
Fundraising: St George’s Ladies Guild Street Stall 17th July.

10. Churchwarden’s Reports.
St. George’s:
1. Thanks to Nola Smith for coming across to St George’s to play the organ.
2. Inter Church Council Memorial Service 26th August.

Holy Trinity:
1. White ant inspection: Mud tracks under vestry.
2. Grinners meeting fortnightly in hall.

11. Other Reports.

Holy Trinity Ladies Guild.
1. Blume’s Fashion on 10th September, 2 pm in Dancocks Room.
2. Entertaining the residents at Barwo Homestead on 21st September.
3. Catered for Albert Beck Funeral 14th August..

Mothers Union.
1. Mary was guest speaker at Wangaratta on 11th August.

St George’s Ladies Guild.
1. Street stall to be held Friday 11th September.

12 General Business:

1. Strategic Planning. – No Dig Garden
– Classic Movies.

Meeting closed at 9.20 pm with the Grace.

Minutes confirmed ……………………………………… Date ………