THURSDAY 21st MAY 2015

1. Welcome & Opening Prayer:

Rev. Sally Boothey opened the meeting with a prayer at 8.05pm.

2.  Present: Rev Sally Boothey, John Stammers, Keith Schier, Beverley Leaf, Mary Muntz, Judith James, Wendy Watson, Rob Elliott, and Lou Hamon.

3.  Apologies: Brian Devenish, Norma Shepherd, Nola Smith.

4.  Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Motion: That the minutes of the Parish Council held 16th April 2015 be confirmed as a true and correct record.’

Moved: Keith Schier, seconded Rob Elliott.                                                                         Carried

5.  Business Arising:       1. Projected budget for Diocese. Sent to Diocese with letter to the Bishop.

2. Claim purchase of bibles from trust fund. Withdrawal form completed.

3. Car boot sale Barmah. Very successful.

4. Additional Palm tree for Rectory garden in place and thriving.

5. Bishop’s reply to our letter to be read at all centres.

6. Antique Roadshow still awaiting contact.

7. Open Garden planned for October.

8. White ant inspection at Holy Trinity tomorrow.

9. Grant application for community garden was not successful.

10. Gas meter repaired at Rectory.

11. Jars. Enquiries to be made for source of jars.

6.  Correspondence.

Inwards: 1. Bishop: Nepal Disaster Appeal.

2. Registrar: Diocese Invoice & Statement.

3. Bishop: Reply to letter re financial viability.

4. BS/SU.

5. ACNC: Annual return

6. Registrar: Diocesan Lunch, Corryong September 15th

Outwards: 1. Bishop: re financial viability.

2. Registrar: Annual Return.

Motion: That the correspondence inward be accepted and the outwards be approved.

Moved: Bev. Leaf, seconded Wendy Watson.                                                                       Carried

Services:  The usual services have continued this past month, including All Saints, Barmah, which had 4 people at the communion service. The baptism of Paige Koeleman  at St George’s on 19 April was a particularly happy event for all present.  Home communions occur regularly and if anyone wishes to receive Holy Communion at home, or in hospital or nursing home, I am always happy to bring the sacraments to them. Anzac Day was well marked throughout the parish and it was a privilege to lead the Lord’s Prayer at a service at Numurkah and at Barmah, where a new memorial was also dedicated by Fr Chris Reay and myself.

Last Friday I conducted a graveside funeral for Frank David Smith at the Barmah cemetery.

 Mission: Retiring collections have been taken to support the ABM appeal for help in the wake of the earthquakes in Nepal. The suggestion of ‘Change jars for mission’ has been promoted and the first collection of this offering will be made on Sunday 28 June, with the final collection for 2015 on Sunday 15 November.

Wakiti Creek: Mr Wally Lord has very kindly donated a battery-operated organ/keyboard to be used at church services at St Paul’s and we are extremely thankful for this ideal solution to the problem of music. This is much more easily handled and placed in the small church than a piano and it should not need the regular tuning of a traditional piano. Joan Harding is very pleased with the sound of the instrument, which she has seen and played. Studies of Rowan William’s book on the Creed continue at Joan’s home fortnightly.

 Barmah: The car boot sale was very successful and raised about $600. Many thanks to Margie and all who helped out.

Rectory: The new rings have now been put in the gas line and all seems well with the heating.

Diocesan Updates: The main Synod business this year will be progressing the incorporation of the Diocese of Wangaratta and altering the Parish Administration Act so that the changed Diocesan financial year can come into effect.  The new end of the financial year of the church (and the associated AGMs and election of Parish Councilors etc.) will be before Christmas. More accurate dates will be brought next meeting after Synod.  It has been decided that the Diocesan Registry will move from its current location to St John’s Village in Wangaratta. This has the advantage of shared facilities and receptionist and it enables the current Registry to be refurbished and rented out. This move will occur later in the year. Some office space, for meetings and interviews, will be retained at Purbrick Hall. The Diocese is still in a very tight financial position but has shown some positive figures in recent financial reports.

Worship meeting: Service booklets for significant seasonal services, and for baptisms, have been updated and placed into the Parish ‘drop-box’ for easier and broader access. Thank you to Heather Stammers for this work.

Grant application:  Our grant application to establish a community garden at St

Antiques Roadshows: No dates have been set as we are awaiting return contact from the person who valued antiques for the fundraiser held by the Numurkah Library. He may be away.

Rector’s Leave: Please note changed dates. Thursday 17 September until Friday 9 October. Apparently early October best suited our son and guide. This means I will be an apology for the Clergy Conference and Retreat held from 5 to 8 October. Rev’d Geoffrey Poliness has agreed to take the Sunday services during this time and act as clergy contact for any pastoral emergencies or services.

Bishop John’s response to our letter will be read out at each centre in the coming week. At Parish Council, we will be made aware of our financial circumstances each month and it may be appropriate to invite the Registrar to address Council, or to consult with a smaller, parish finance group, later in the year.  In the meantime, we will do whatever we can to improve our financial circumstances and keep the churches open and active.

As we come to Pentecost, we pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us, teach us and enable us as we go through this difficult and challenging time.

Rev’d Sally

Letter of thanks to be written to Mr Wally Lord.

Advertise in pew sheets dates for mission jars.

Motion “That the Rector’s Report be accepted”

Moved: Rev’d Sally     Seconded: Keith Schier.                                                                    Carried

8.  Financial Report.

Cheque Account                                              $  6901.68

Investment Account                                         $  2351.62

St George’s ladies Guild                                  $    898.45

Holy Trinity Ladies Guild                                $  1460.09

Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival                     $   1759.53

Holy Trinity Diocese Wangaratta                    $     243.82

Betty Daniel Scholarship Term Deposit           $   8133.74

Offertory                                                          $   8675.00

Accounts payable                                             $     585.01

Motion: ‘That the financial report be received and accounts passed for payment.’

Moved: W Watson, seconded Rob Elliott                                                                                     Carried

Discussion on closure of all bank accounts with monies transferred to Parish Account to enable Parish to meet     its financial obligation to pay the Ministry Fund to the Diocese on the 10th of each month.

Letters to be written to Holy Trinity Ladies Guild and Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival.

To be discussed at the next Parish Council.

9.  GST Business

Catering: Funeral 18th April, Funeral 30th April, and Funeral D. Jackson 18th May.

Hall Hire: Funeral 18th April, Funeral 30th April..


Fundraising: Barmah Car Boot Sale 26th April, Holy Trinity Street stall 15th May.

Motion: ‘That the activities listed be Input Taxed.’

Moved: Lou Hamon, seconded John Stammers.                                                                             Carried

10. Churchwarden’s Reports.

St. George’s:
1. Additional palm tree for Rectory garden planted.
2. Glass door in narthex to have glass replaced and closure re-positioned.
3. Mat under urn in Parish Centre replacing wooden tray.
4. Margaret Mitchell has arranged a film night on Wednesday 22nd July. “Royal Night Out”. $25/head 6.30 for 7.
5. Rob will be absent from 16th July to 24th August. For Sunday services Geoff Austin is unavailable recorded hymns on CDs will be played.

Holy Trinity:
1. White ant baits to be inspected tomorrow.

11.  Other Reports.

Holy Trinity Ladies Guild.
1. Successful Street stall on 15th May.
2. Catered for Dave Jackson’s funeral on 18th May.
3. $1000 cheque forwarded to Parish

Mothers Union.
1. Quiet Day at Barmah 26th May.

St George’s Ladies Guild.
1. Street stall 17th July and 11th September.

Motion: ’That the reports be received.’

Moved: Mary Muntz, seconded Bev. Leaf                                                                                     Carried

 12. General Business:
1. Barmah to celebrate their centenary in October. Celebrations to be arranged at All Saints with the Bishop hopefully participating.
2′ Bishop’s visit to Parish on 23, 24 & 25th October.
3. Visit from Gayle Berg von Lindhe, Anglicare Parish Partnerships to attend next Parish Council.
4. Arrange meeting with Registrar to discuss financial situation of Parish. Rev’s Sally to phone Registrar and make arrangements.
5. Parish to be continually aware of finances.


Meeting closed with the grace at 9.30pm.

Minutes confirmed ………………………………………                 Date ………………………..

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