1.  Welcome and Opening: 

Rev. Sally Boothey opened the meeting with a prayer at 8.04 pm

2.  Present:

Rev Sally Boothey, Judy James, Bev Leaf, Keith Schier, Bev Patrick, John Stammers, Wendy Watson, Lou Hamon.

3.  Apologies: Rob Elliott, Mary Muntz, Ron & Merle Cobbledick. Carol Lugg, Robyn Pendlebury. 

4.  Confirmation of Minutes:

Motion: “That the minutes of the Parish Council held 20th November 2014 be confirmed as a true and correct record”.

Moved: Bev Leaf.                           Seconded: Bev Patrick                                    Carried

 5.       Business Arising from previous minutes:

5.1 Rectory Heating. Pending.

5.2 Mission Fund Raising.

MOTION: “The Parish adopt ABM Project “Youth Engagement in NT remote communities.

Moved: Wendy Watson.                        Seconded: John Stammers.            Carried.



6.1.   Diocese: Trust Fund balances as at 31/12/2014. Last year in brackets.          

           Numurkah A Heap Memorial Prize        $1,929.30       ($1776.30)

                                   Purpose: Annual gift of 2 bibles St Georges.

           Numurkah Archibald Trust                                  $2,237.09      ($2059.64)

                                   Purpose: Prize for a girl & boy by St Georges Sunday School.

Numurkah L Hamon Trust                                   $18,274.71    ($16,824.33)

                                   Purpose: Maintenance of Columbarium & gardens at St Georges.

Yalca Porter Bequest                                $2,065.29      ($1901.50)

                                   Purpose: For Rector.

Claude Hamilton Bequest                                    $3,394.28      ($3125.07)

                                   Purpose: Holy Trinity general.

Mavis Rice Bequest                                               $6,775.74      ($6,238.35)

                                   Purpose: For All Saints Barmah

Nathalia Est. M.S. Porter                           $617.53          ($568.56)

                                   Purpose: For use by Nathalia Vestry.

Nathalia Term Deposit                              $ 264.82         ($243.82)

           Lou Hamon Eucharist                               $5,900.65      ($5,432.68)

                                   Purpose: Maintenance of vestments, linen, vessels St Georges.

Sale 44 Chapel Street Nathalia               $ 111,564.32 ($102,715.36)

Purpose: Maintenance.


Discussion ensued with suggestions to utilise trust funds.

Yalca Porter Bequest to be used for relief clergy.

Archibald prize money to be used for a youth project e.g. Deb Ball.

MOTION: “That the Nathalia Term Deposit be closed”

Moved: Keith Schier.           Seconded: Bev. Leaf.                                Carried.

6.2.  Diocese: Ministry Fund, assessment, Insurance. $98,384. Monthly $8,259.14

6.3.   Registry: Invoicing.

6.4.  Bishop: Bishop Barbara Darling, Fr Lyall Turley.

6.5.   A.W.A. general meeting 28th February.

6.6.  Lady Day 25th March.

6.7.   Advocate advertising.

6.8.  Moira Shire: Food business inspection reports Nathalia & Numurkah.

6.9.   Numurkah Secondary College: Anzac Day representative & wreath.

6.10  Palm Cross orders: 16 orders, 2200 palm crosses.

6.11. Australian Charities Commission  

6.12. ACT/CBM/Anglicare/Access/Christmas Bowl/ABM/Anglican Tours/Grass Roots/Powercor/Numurkah Home Hardware.


6.13. Letter of thanks: Geoff Austin

6.14. Letter of thanks: Lions Club, Fire Brigade, Common Thread, Plantasyland, Amcal Pharmacy, Wattle Warblers.

MOTION: “That the correspondence be accepted and outwards adopted”.

Moved: Bev Patrick.                   Seconded: John Stammers.                                   Carried. 


 Since our last meeting, the Christmas season has come and gone, a new year has begun and we are into the season of Lent. There have been several significant worship services at all parish centres during the past two months.

Thank you to everyone who participates in the services of worship and to all who contribute to ensuring that our worship is as good as it can be. All we do, we do for the glory of God and God is glorified when we offer our best in whatever capacity that may be. Our honouring of God is expressed in our attitude to worship and to each other and, as we enhance the experience of our gathered worship, we encourage, nurture and refresh the spirituality of others.

Christmas was joyous. Shrove Tuesday was enjoyable and Ash Wednesday was appropriately reflective. We managed the service without power at Nathalia and the service without an organist at Numurkah. We wouldn’t want either situation to occur again, but if needs be, we will muddle through.

The Easter service times for 2015 come with this report.

Pastoral services since our last meeting have included three funerals and a baptism.

St Paul’s Wakiti Creek – studies are resuming at Joan Hardings on 24 February and we are looking at Rowan William’s book ‘Tokens of Trust’ which explores the Nicene Creed as an introduction to Christian belief. St Paul’s is looking for a piano to replace the electric keyboard. This will mean music even if there’s no generator. Abridged Holy Communion booklets have been produced for use at services.

Holy Nativity and All Saints Barmah – the new sign is up and there is a bit of renewed energy around the township. There may well be a large outside nativity scene erected on the church grounds next Christmas and on Anzac Day, a new War Memorial for the township is being blessed. This requires the services of at least two ministers of religion from different denominations, so Fr Chris from the Roman Catholic Church and I have been asked to do this. It is an honour that I have accepted and I am looking forward to meeting some of the locals. The parquetry in the church has not yet been fixed and it is clear that the flooring company in Shepparton is not interested. I have asked Denis to have a look, and if there is anyone else with interest and some expertise in wood flooring, carpentry or fixing things, extra wisdom and help would be greatly appreciated.

Abridged Holy Communion booklets have been produced for use at services.

Missions: The ABM mission projects have been circulated and I have some feedback. It is the work of this Parish Council to decide on the focus project from ABM for 2015. Individuals have expressed interest in:

Vanuatu – Water, sanitation and hygiene – $66,000 (receives partial funding from the Australian government)

Myanmar – Water, sanitation and hygiene – $48,000

China- HIV prevention and Health Care Promotion – $ 112,981

Australia – Youth engagement in the NT remote communities – $22,000

There are other worthwhile ABM projects, but the parish will support the one Council chooses.

Comings and Goings:

Rob Elliott and Glenda have booked for the ‘trip of a lifetime’ and will be away for all Sundays from July 19th to August 23rd. This has consequences, of course, for worship at St George’s during this time. Rob is our organist, but both Glenda and Rob play an active role. Our ‘reserve’ organist, Jeff Austin is seeing which dates he can fill. Rob also does much of the Parish administration and Lou, Wendy and I will try to fill in for Rob in this area.

The Rev’d Geoffrey Poliness, formally Bishop’s Chaplain and Priest in Charge at Alexandra Parish is retiring to live in Numurkah in the next few months. We will welcome him to worship and, when he has settled in and if he is willing, I will invite him to play a relieving role in the parish for Sundays when I’m away.

Denis and I are arranging to go overseas – destination as yet unknown – to meet up with our oldest son, who is currently working in China. Will’s project finishes in September, so I will take 3 weeks of annual leave from 14 September to 5 October.

Congregational AGMs are now complete and the next meeting will be of the elected Parish Council for 2015.

I take this opportunity to formally and sincerely thank all who have served on Council in 2014. For those who are not continuing on – you will be missed!  Your thoughtful contribution, your wisdom and your support have been wonderful gifts to the parish and the benefit that your time on Council has been cannot be measured. Thank you.

Rev’d Sally

 MOTION: “That the Rector’s report be accepted”.

Moved: Rev Sally Boothey             Seconded: Keith Schier.                                         Carried


  1. Financial Report:

Cheque Account                                         $      490.14

Investment. Account                                   $    6351.62

St George’s ladies Guild                             $      898.45

Holy Trinity Ladies Guild                            $    1814.29

Holy Trinity Mother’s Union                     $      334.05

Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival                 $    1759.53

Holy Trinity Diocese Wang.                       $      264.82

Betty Daniel Scholarship Term Deposit   $    8724.43

Offertory                                                         $    8789.60

Accounts payable                                    $

MOTION: “That the financial report be received and accounts passed for payment”

Moved: Wendy Watson.                  Seconded: Judith James.                           Carried.


GST Business:

 9.1.      Catering:  Jean Shearer 100th Feb. 1, Blockies Exhibition Feb. 6, D. Pearce Funeral Feb. 11

9.2.     Hall Hire: J. Shearer birthday.

9.3.      Funerals: K. Flannery Jan. 15, D. Pearce Feb. 11, W. Young Feb. 16.

9.4       Fundraising: Christmas hamper.

MOTION: “That the activities listed above be Input Taxed”.

                         Moved: Lou Hamon.                       Seconded: Bev Leaf.                                   Carried.

  1. Warden’s Reports:

       St. George’s: 10.1. Nil.

       Holy Trinity:   10.2. Welcomed a new parishioner.

  1. Other Reports:

                       11.1 Holy Trinity Ladies Guild

                                  Bank balance $1814.29

Monday 13th April Morning Tea.

Catered for D. Pearce funeral, Barmah Heritage Centre.

World Day of Prayer 6th March.

                      11.2 Mothers’ Union.

                                  Meeting next Tuesday.

Attended council meeting in Wangaratta February 2nd.

                        11.3. St George’s Ladies Guild.

                                  Annual meeting March 5th.

                       MOTION: “That the Reports be received”

Moved: Bev Leaf.                 Seconded: Wendy Watson.                                                 Carried.


  1. General Business:

 12.1. Letters of thanks be written to retiring Parish Councilors thanking them for their long and dedicated service to the Parish.

12.2.  Nominations received for Parish Council.

Judy James, Brian Devenish, John Stammers, Nola Smith, Norma Shepherd.

12.3.  Vote of thanks to Denis Boothey and John Stammers for installation of Rectory garden watering system.

12.4   Quotes received by Mary Muntz for jars and bottles.

Round Jars 500ml – 1000 @ $502.80, 52.8 cents per jar. Smaller lots of 50 per box

Round Jars 250ml – 1000 @ $349.00, 34.9 cents per jar. Smaller lots of 35 per box.

Sauce Bottles 250ml – 1000 @ 688.00. 68.8 cents per bottle. Smaller lots 32 per box.

Lids – Jars – 22 cents + GST

Lids – sauce bottles – 12 cents + GST.

MOTION: “That the reports be received”

Moved: Bev Patrick.             Seconded: Lou Hamon.                                                      Carried.

   Next Meeting: THURSDAY 19th MARCH 2015. ST GEORGES, NUMURKAH.

Meeting closed with the grace at 9.40 pm.

Minutes confirmed…………………………………………….                  Date………………………………….

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