15th October 2015

8.00pm Holy Trinity Hall, Nathalia

Welcome and Opening Prayer – Rev’d Sally Boothey

Present – Wendy Watson, Keith Schier, Bev Leaf, Mary Muntz, Norma Shepherd, Nola Smith, John Stammers, Brian Devenish, Judy James and Sally Boothey

Apologies – Lou Hamon, Rob Elliott

Minutes of meeting held September 17 were confirmed. Moved J. Stammers, 2nd N. Smith

 Business arising from the minutes

  1. Antiques Roadshow – held over until next meeting
  2. Ngukurr Mission – retiring collections are coming in each week and about $230 has been raised so far. Brian Devenish hopes to go to Ngukurr in late March 2016, with a team of workers, to help restore the church. Awaiting removal of asbestos from the building and a response from the Bishop of the Northern Territory.
  3. Hall Hire. The Holy Trinity Hall is not used very much, but it was agreed to set a standard hire fee of $40. Local funeral directors to be advised by the Parish Secretary. The fees to hire the Hamon Centre to be increased according to the suggestions made by Rob Elliott. (See appendix to minutes)

Moved W Watson, 2nd B Devenish

Correspondence – As received with Agenda. Moved K Schier, 2nd M Muntz

 Rector’s Report Notes: Change Saturday 24th October, luncheon time from 12.30pm to 1.00pm to allow time to return from Barmah. Parish Councillors and others attending to bring a plate to the luncheon as they are able. Morning Tea after the All Saints service to consist of bought biscuits, tea and coffee. Bring a plate to the post-Confirmation luncheon. Savoury or sweets.

Financial Report – moved W Watson, 2nd J James

GST Business – moved W Watson, 2nd J Stammers

 St George’s Warden’s Report – The organ is to be tuned on 22nd October

Holy Trinity Warden’s Report – Nothing to report

Holy Trinity Ladies’ Guild – Successful ‘Casual Step’ coffee morning with 30-40 attending. About $800 in the bank.

Mother’s Union Report – 10 Shoeboxes sent off. Prizes for the colouring competition at the Strawberry Festival covered and $60 donated towards shipping the shoeboxes. Judy James and Mary Muntz are attending the Rutherglen branch of MU birthday celebrations.

St George’s Ladies’ Guild – no report

Report received – moved J James, 2nd B Devenish

 General Business

Rev’d Geoffrey Poliness spoke very well at last month’s meeting and suggested a workshop which would be a good idea to do. Currently, everyone is too busy with Spring fundraisers and AGMs, but in the New Year would be a more suitable time. Suggestions out of the session – a mini market/car boot sale where table space is sold to vendors. – a ‘buy a brick’ or similar, campaign where parts of the church are ‘sold’ and the name of the ‘purchaser’ is placed on the brick. – a monthly up market shop. Also, Rev’d Geoffrey emphasised the need for promotion and exposure of what happens in and with the church. Sally to write an article on the upcoming visit to the parish of Bp John. This to be submitted to the Numurkah Leader and the Redgum Courier. – a possible service in a public space such as the park. – an encouragement trip where all parishioners travel to All Saints Barmah or St Paul’s Wakiti Creek for a special (thanksgiving?) service.

The Registry has informed all parishes that, due to the shortened parish year, it is not necessary to hold new elections and that all elected positions remain as are until the AGMs in October 2016, unless a person particularly wishes to resign at this point.

Moved J James, 2nd N Smith, that all elected positions in the parish remain unchanged until the 2016 AGMs.

          Parish Insurance. A current cover certificate is required for Strawberry Festival street raffles as soon as possible. Sally to follow up with the Registrar.

B Devenish, as part of the ‘Friendship on the Move’ mission suggested that a young man, currently completing a 9 months traineeship, could offer work in the grounds of St George’s for a day a week. This would be part of the volunteer component of his traineeship. A letter to be written to GVCT in Shepparton, outlining this arrangement, so that the young man can continue to receive Centrelink benefits.


Meeting closed 9.30pm with the Grace.

Next Meeting: Thursday 19 November, 8.00pm, in the Hamon Centre