1. Welcome & Opening Prayer:
Lou Hamon welcomed those present and Fr Geoffrey Poliness opened the meeting with prayer at 8.00pm.
2. Present: John Stammers, Keith Schier Norma Shepherd, Nola Smith, Beverley Leaf, Mary Muntz, Judith James, Wendy Watson, Rob Elliott, Lou Hamon.

3. In Attendance:  Fr Geoffrey Poliness.

4. Apologies: Rev Sally Boothey.

5. Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Motion: ‘That the minutes of the Parish Council held 20th August 2015 be confirmed as a true and correct record.’
Moved: N Smith, seconded B Leaf Carried

6. Business Arising: 1. Antique Roadshow: will take place next year, possibly February.

7. Correspondence.
Inwards: 1. Diocese of Wangaratta: relocation of Registry to St John’s Village.
2. Diocese of Wangaratta: phone number of registry office is the same, plus direct lines to Tim Williams, Julie Torpey & Fiona Van Bree.
3. Moira Health Alliance: no longer require the use of Holy Trinity Hall as their group has outgrown it. Expressed thanks for support in the past.
4. Bishop of NT: asking if the parish is still keen to support the work at Ngukurr in helping to rebuild the church after asbestos removal.
5. Information & newsletters from Scripture Union/Bush Church Aid/Bible Society/Aust Anglican Calendar/Access Ministries/Anglican Overseas Aid.

Outwards: Nil.
Motion: ‘That a retiring collection be taken at each centre for the first 4 Sundays of October to support the church at Ngukurr.
Moved: R Elliott, seconded W Watson Carried
Motion: ‘That the correspondence inward be accepted.’
Moved: K Shier, seconded J Stammers Carried

8. Rector’s Report:
In the absence of the Rector, Fr Geoffrey Poliness was invited to speak on possible ways forward for the Parish.
Some points he raised were:
• Our focus is to spread the gospel in thought, word & deed.
• Need more on the ground to do the work of the parish.
• The mission of the church occurs at the parish level.
• Responsibility to survive is our business.
• The people are the assets that enable the church to go forward.
• Buildings are important as a gathering place.
• Raising money is not our business; the quality of our faith is what is important and the quality of our care to each other and those beyond our doors.
• Important to raise our public profile.
• The possibility of starting up a ‘Mission Outlet’ (an Op Shop by another name) and involving others from outside the church in its day to day running; this could be aided by gathering together other groups in the town and working as a community to promote the town externally.
• Need to publicise, in local newspapers, what we and church organisations are doing; promote all church events eg Bishop’s visit in October.
• Lift the public profile of the priest and the church in order to promote mission.
• Look at the talent that the congregation has as a whole to find ways that we can reach out
• Do people know what the church is about? What is the mission of the church? How can the mission be put into place? How can it be promoted? Need a press agent.
• How do we look after and care for our priest?
Fr Geoffrey suggested that Parish Council discuss and consider the possibility of a workshop, led by him, with Parish Council and then together with the whole parish in order to seek a way forward.
L Hamon expressed thanks, on behalf of all at the meeting, for Fr Geoffrey’s insights and his willingness to share them with us and his offer to help the parish develop a strategy and a pathway for our future growth and development.

9. Financial Report.
Cheque Account $ 1403.97
Investment Account $ 0.79
Holy Trinity Ladies Guild $ 799.17
Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival $ 259.53
Holy Trinity Diocese Wangaratta $ 243.82
Betty Daniel Scholarship Term Deposit $ 8133.74
Offertory $ 4429.95
Accounts payable $ 925.40
Monies to come in include:
St George’s street stall $825.
Holy Trinity Ladies’ Guild gave a cheque for $300.
In excess of $1000 from catering for 3 funerals at Numurkah.
Betty Daniel Scholarship Term Deposit is due for renewal.
Motion: That $3818.41 (investment from monies deposited by Fr Ralph Cohen from his stipend as locum priest) held in the Diocesan trust fund be redeemed.
Moved: K Shier, seconded W Watson
Motion: ‘That the financial report be received and accounts passed for payment.’
Moved: W Watson, seconded N Smith Carried
Motion: ‘That $7133.74 of the Betty Daniel Scholarship Term deposit be reinvested with $1000 kept aside for servicing the organ and tuning the piano at St George’s.’
Moved: R Elliott, seconded J Stammers Carried

10. GST Business
Catering: Funerals S. Cohen 16th September, I. Murdoch 16th September.
Hall Hire: Funerals S. Cohen 16th September, I. Murdoch 16th September.
Funerals: I. Murdoch 16th September, S. Cohen 16th September.
Fundraising: H.T. Blume’s Fashion 10th September, Street Stall 11th September.
Motion: ‘That the activities listed be Input Taxed.’
Moved: L Hamon, seconded W Watson Carried

11. Churchwarden’s Reports.
St. George’s:
1. Organ to be serviced and piano to be tuned.
2. Hall hire charges at St Georges and Holy Trinity will need to be reviewed next meeting.
3. St George’s Fete needs a co-ordinator; to be discussed on Sunday.
4. J Stammers offered to open and close the church each day whilst Rev Sally is away.

Holy Trinity:
1. Watching for white ants; spraying has taken place; may be 3 months before results are known.
2. Metricon using water for building next to the church block; have offered to pay for water used; to be followed up.

12. Other Reports.
Holy Trinity Ladies Guild.
1. Blume’s Fashions on 10th September was a success with $300 being forwarded to the parish account.
2. Guild is entertaining the residents at Barwo Homestead and providing afternoon tea on 21st September.
3. A morning tea featuring Casual Step clothes, shoes & jewellery to take place on Monday 12th October.

Mothers Union.
1. Finalising Operation Christmas Child packs to go to Cambodia and Vietnam.

St George’s Ladies Guild.
1. Street stall held Friday 11th September raised $825.
2. Helped with catering for 3 funerals.
3. Will be helping with catering for the Celtic Dinner on the Foodbowl weekend in October.

13. General Business:
1. Bishop John to visit the parish 23rd – 25th October. Confirmation at St George’s on Sunday 25th followed by parish lunch.
2. Open Gardens to be held in Numurkah on 14th November. Cost to be determined.

Meeting closed at 9.40pm with a blessing by Fr Geoffrey Poliness.

Minutes confirmed ……………………………………… Date ………………