18th AUGUST 2016, 8PM


 Welcome & Opening Prayer: Rev Sally Boothey.

Present: Rev S Boothey, N Shepherd, N Smith, B Leaf, M Muntz, J James, W Watson, K. Schier, L. Hamon.

Apologies: R. Elliott. J. Stammers.

Minutes of Meeting held 21st July:

           That the minutes be confirmed.

Moved: B. Leaf, 2nd M. Muntz.                                                                                  Carried

Business arising from the minutes:

  1. St George’s altar damage, repairs pending.
  2. GV Water volumetric charge. Wastewater discharge percentage reduced from 80% to 25%. Account credited.
  3. Love Our Lifestyle database: Antique Appraisal and High Tea entered on website.



  1. Registrar: ABM Pacific El Nino Emergency.
  2. G.V. Water: Wastewater Discharge Review.
  3. Registry: St Matthew’s Fair.
  4. Registry: Statement.
  5. ACNC: Return.
  6. BS/Australian Church Resources.


  1. Heather Stammers: Foodbowl Festival request.

That the inward correspondence be accepted and the outward approved.            

Moved: N. Shepherd, 2nd N. Smith                                                                                       Carried

Rector’s Report:

            Strategic Plan

Step 1. It will be helpful, and possibly required in the future, for the parish to have a ‘Parish Profile’ document. It may be that there is one already, but it will need updating. Part of the Diocesan Strategic Plan is for each parish to have a documented profile which can, in time, be placed on the diocesan website. These parish documents also help to provide a realistic picture for prospective clergy. There will be some help, in the form of possible templates and information, coming from the diocesan strategic planning committee, but I believe we can make a good start already.

Step 2. As was noted at the last Parish Council, a fair and accessible estimate of the number of worshippers in the Parish of Numurkah-Nathalia is 57. This is based on statistics from the 2011 census. The recent census may provide a more current and accurate figure, but it will be some time before that is available to us and, as our population centres aren’t growing much, it is unlikely to be much different. So, can we be confident that there are 57 practicing Anglicans in our congregations?

Step 3. It would be helpful to do some calculations around realistic numbers of worshippers (57) and assessment, to get some idea of the ‘per person, per week’ cost of staying financially viable.  This is just another way of looking at our finances and it may make things clearer for people.

It seems likely that there will be some future increase in assessment.

Holy Nativity and All Saints, Barmah

An article has been prepared for the Red Gum Courier which tells a little of the history of the church and flags the strong possibility that it will be closed. The headings in the article are ‘Then, And Now and The Future?’ and it concludes with an expressed hope that the values represented by this community Christian Church will continue to be held in the community. The Parish Council motion is recorded, as is the process of deliberation by diocesan Property Committee and Bishop-in-Council, so it is clear that no definite decision has yet been made. The article has been read and approved by several key people, including Marjorie Smith, Keith and Judy from Holy Trinity and Rob and Lou from St George’s. I will approach the Red Gum Courier editor and try to get this in as an article of public interest. It may even lead to other ‘remember when’ stories from locals.

At this week’s Bishop-in-Council meeting, there was no mention of All Saints and no report from the Property Committee. Nothing will happen quickly. As such, I propose that we schedule our usual Christmas Eve Service at All Saints and if the Wakiti people will travel, hold a service there on All Saints Day.

Since last meeting, we have seen a change in the weather – lots of rain but slightly higher temperatures and our very busy Spring Time fundraising activities are being planned. In the pipeline are the High Tea and the Fete at St George’s and Blumes Fashions coffee morning and the Strawberry Festival at Holy Trinity. The inaugural? Antiques Appraisal Afternoon went well.

Around the parish, the usual ministries and worship services are occurring and, although there have been some falls, sickness and sadnesses over the past months, people seem to be recovering physically and managing their changed circumstances. A bit of blue sky, sunshine and blossom helps lift spirits too.

At the diocesan level, the Strategic Planning Group is beavering away to find ways and actions that will implement the identified needs. Finances are very stretched and the registry staff and others are working very hard to keep everything going. The workload is increased with compliance regulations to be met for the newly formed Diocesan Corporation. Bishop-in-Council members are also on the Board of Directors for the Corporation (2 meetings, one after the other), and issues like Work Cover and numerous policies and protocols must be established, approved and implemented in the diocese. Examples are policies on appropriate use of electronic communication, privacy and safe ministry. There is also a need to go further down the ‘business’ model, with job descriptions, occupational health and safety and so forth. Much work ahead. This has to filter down too, to the parishes, so there will be changes ahead. These changes are mostly protective of people in their intent, but take such a lot of time to formally implement. It is a pity that all of this was not ‘eased in’ when the rest of society was doing it. And it is a great indictment that it became necessary to force this change in churches because people were not being cared for, and needed protection.

Personally – All is well with the family but Denis is a bit battle-scarred from a little incident in the science prep room involving nitric acid. Science experiment preparation goes a bit wrong. Luckily, he had on lab coat, gloves, safety glasses and used a fume cupboard. Hopefully, the marks on his face will heal and fade and the yellow in his hair will grow out.

Our next Parish Council is scheduled for 15 September and as clergy conference finishes that day, I am not sure if I’ll be back in time. Would it be possible to change the next Parish Council date to 8th September, the week prior?

If not, I will be an apology for September and October, as I begin 5 weeks of Long Service Leave on 19 September.

Every blessing,

Rev. Sally

           That the Rector’s report be received.

Moved: Rev Sally, 2nd N Shepherd                                                                              Carried

Financial Report:

Cheque Account                                       1687.58

Investment Account                                       0.79

Holy Trinity Ladies‘ Guild                        799.17

Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival               259.53

Holy Trinity Diocese of Wangaratta          243.82

Betty Daniel Term Deposit                      7133.74

Offertory                                                  4761.10

That the financial report be accepted.

Moved: W Watson, 2nd N. Shepherd.                                                                                   Carried

GST Business:

Catering: Funeral 29th July Brian Curtis

Hall Hire: Baulkamaugh CWA


Fundraising: Antique Appraisals 14th August.

That the above fundraising activities be input taxed.

Moved: l. Hamon, 2nd N. Smith                                                                                     Carried

Moved “That the undertakers be informed that Holy Trinity Ladies will only cater for funeral in Community   Centre and Uniting Church Hall”.

Moved: M. Muntz, 2nd B. Leaf

            St. George’s Churchwarden’s Reports:

Gas heater in church requires maintenance.

             Holy Trinity Warden’s Report:

Weeds to be sprayed.

Holy Trinity Ladies’ Guild Report:

                       Donated $1000 to Parish.

Blume’s Fashions 8th September.

Mother’s Union Report:

Three attended Mary Sumner Day.

Ballarat Conference 20th September.

St George’s Ladies’ Guild Report:

No Report.

That the reports be accepted.

                        Moved: N Smith, 2nd J James              z                                                                                Carried

General Business:

Future direction of the Parish:

  1. Parish Centre hire charges. With the Shire now charging for the use of Presidents Room. A Community Group price to be reviewed for the hire of Parish Centre.
  2. Keith Schier advised that the recording of furniture and fittings donated for All Saints Barmah be recorded.

Meeting closed 9.00pm with the Grace.


      NEXT MEETING: Thursday 8th September – Numurkah.


Minutes confirmed ………………………………………………    Date ………………..