17th MARCH 2016


Welcome and Opening Prayer – Revd. Sally Boothey

Present – Revd. Sally Boothey Wendy Watson, Rob Elliott, Bev Leaf, Norma Shepherd, Nola Smith, Judy James, Mary Muntz, Lou Hamon.

 Apologies – Brian Devenish, Keith Schier, John Stammers.

Minutes of meeting held 18th February 2016 were confirmed.

Moved  Mary Muntz, 2nd Wendy Watson.

 Business arising from the minutes

  1. Antiques Roadshow – later in the year, possibly July.
  2. Workshop led by Rev. Geoffrey Poliness. 27th February 2 – 4.30pm. Letter of thanks to be written to Revd. Geoffrey.
  3. Hall Hire Charges, advise funeral directors of new charges. Catering charges to be reviewed.
  4. Parish Centre storm damage. Nothing further to report.
  5. St George’s altar damage – Jeff Gittens to undertake work required within next two weeks.
  6. Toilets – Barmah no further action at this stage. Wakiti Creek – hole dug.
  7. Palm Crosses. – General business.


         Inwards: 1. Registrar: Wakiti Creek land transfer. Parish to let stand as it is.

  1. Moira Shire: Food business inspection report.
  2. Origin: Gas meter reading/interruption of supply.
  3. BS/BCA/SU.
  4. Numurkah Secondary College invitation to participate in Anzac Day ceremony. Rev’d Sally has accepted invitation to read Lord’s Prayer. Wreath laying pending.
  5. Brian Devenish: Standing down from Parish Council due to ongoing health issues.

Outwards: 1. Nil.

         Moved Norma Shepherd, 2nd Nola Smith.

 Rector’s Report


Strategic Plan:

We have had our two Strategic Planning days and we have two paths of action to complete.

One is to formulate our Mission Statement, from which comes our Vision Statement. The Mission Statement is a short, one sentence statement. The Vision Statement expresses what we need to bring the mission to life.

Those who gathered with Revd. Geoffrey Poliness wrestled with the Mission Statement and one final suggestions was:-

‘To proclaim God’s message’

The Vision Statement – again, a suggestion:-

‘Spread God’s good news in Christ to all, now and for all time, in thought word and deed.’

I have copies of the worksheets for those who were unable to attend. When you’ve have a chance to think about the questions, could you please let me have your thoughts or responses. We’ll finalize the Mission and Vision Statements for our May meeting.

Two is to put into practice the ideas generated for growing the congregations. Holy Trinity are already choosing their own hymns. The other action from Holy Trinity was to invite the wider community to a special occasion. Any suggestions as to either the invitation group or the occasion?

St George’s suggested a ‘back to church’ invitation for those on the Parish Roll and steps are underway to do this for Pentecost Sunday. A ‘baptism reunion’ was suggested and visiting targeted people by priest and parishioners. A day needs to be selected for the baptism reunion and the day planned. Some means of identifying people needing a targeted visit has to be put in place.

St Paul’s Wakiti Creek:

In the 1800’s, the land was given to the Parish trustees, four good men and true who have since died. In the 1970’s, such trust land around the Diocese was passed to the diocese. For some reason, that never happened for the St Paul’s site. The diocese holds the title but is not the registered owner. It is possible to rectify this legally, but at a cost. The consensus at diocesan level is to just leave things be, until and unless circumstances necessitate action. But be aware that the land is in legal limbo. A new toilet hole has been dug and Denis is investigating building a structure to go over it. No action on this front yet at Barmah

Easter Services:

These are under control and, as in the past, there is a Good Friday service at All Saints Barmah at 6.00pm and an Easter Day service at St Paul’s at 3.00pm. The Good Friday service at Nathalia will be held at 10.30am in the Uniting Church with both Anglican and Uniting church congregations combining. On Palm Sunday, the combination occurred at the Anglican Church for a 9.00am service.

Rector’s Annual Leave:

This year I will be taking a ‘broken week’ being out of the parish on 21, 22, 23 April and 5,6,7,8, 9 May. 8 May is a Sunday and Revd. Geoffrey will be taking the services. My second week of leave will be June 23 to 29 and again, Revd. Geoffrey will take the Sunday services on 26 June. At this stage, I’m not sure when week three will be, but week four will be, as usual, straight after Christmas Day.

The next Parish Council meeting is scheduled for 21 April when I will be away.

Parish Life:

Fundraising has again been a focus for many hardworking people and I am constantly amazed at the generosity and goodwill of people – workers and community supporters alike. There have been good amounts raised by many ventures and the palm crosses (over 5,000 made) were again a significant financial help.

My sincere thanks to everyone for all that happens in the Parish and for all the work, time and dedication that goes into ensuring worship is ordered, joyous and reverent.


Our financial report will give a more accurate picture but circumstances are fragile and it is my personal belief that our capacity to fundraise as we have been is not sustainable. Before the Parish Council meeting on 19 May, I am hoping to meet with the wardens to discuss options available to us to remain a viable parish. These options will be then discussed at our Council meeting. This meeting come after Synod, so we may also have the benefit of the information in the diocesan strategic plan.

May God continue to bless us with good community, good spirits and abundant hopefulness, and may the Holy Spirit guide us into wisdom and right pathways.


Rectors Report moved: Revd. Sally, 2nd Norma Shepherd.

Financial Report:

Cheque Account                                       3946.29

Investment Account                                       0.79

Holy Trinity Ladies‘ Guild                        799.17

Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival               259.53

Holy Trinity Diocese of Wangaratta          243.82

Betty Daniel Term Deposit                      8133.74

Offertory                                                  4298.10

Accounts payable                                     1515.31

Treasurer Wendy advised insufficient funds to pay ministry fund this month. Stipend portion of $6,584.00 only paid.

          Moved W Watson, 2nd Judy James.

 Motion: “That accounts be paid as necessary whilst Wendy is away from 13th April to 17th May.

Moved Rob Watson. 2nd Mary Muntz.

 GST Business – Move that the following fundraising activities be input taxed.

Catering:  Funerals x2.

Hall Hire: Nil.

Funerals:   D. Beardmore 25th February.

Fundraising:  St Georges street stall. Palm Crosses. St George’s Garage Sale.

Moved Lou Hamon. 2nd Mary Muntz.

 St George’s Warden’s Report

  1. Organ parts to be installed 22nd March.

 Holy Trinity Warden’s Report

  1. Vestry door inspected as gap between door and frame has widened.

 Holy Trinity Ladies’ Guild.

  1. World Day of Prayer 4th March went well.
  2. Morning Coffee 11th April with drawing of raffle and Casual Steps Fashions.

Mother’s Union Report.

  1. Lady Day 16th March was a good day.
  2. AGM 29th March.
  3. Car boot sale at Barmah on 30th April.

 St George’s Ladies’ Guild.

  1. Street stall raised $583.00

         General Business

 1. Palm Crosses. 33 orders for 6185 palm crosses received. Will raise $3841.75 less packaging and postage of $428.25. Profit of $3413.50. A tremendous effort by parishioners.

2. Revd. Sally to contact Brian Devenish re his health issues and surgery.

          Meeting closed 9.20pm with the Grace.


NEXT MEETING: THURSDAY 19th MAY 2016. Nathalia.


Minutes confirmed …………