Meeting Minutes 2023





  1. Welcome & Opening Prayers. 2.00pm
  • Appointment of Chairman.

Moved: That Rob Elliott be appointed chairman for the meeting.

Moved: L. Hamon. Seconded M. Muntz.                                                               Carried

  • Passing of Norma Shepherd.         

Moved R. Elliott, Seconded M. Muntz.                                                                 Carried

The Parish Council records its sadness on the passing of our fellow member Norma Shepherd.    We thank God for her commitment to the parish, particularly as part of the Holy Trinity congregation, and for her contribution to the wider Nathalia community.

  • Present: R. Elliott, W. Watson, E. German, N. Smith, H. Stammers, J. Stammers, M. Muntz, L. Hamon.
  • Apologies: Olga Parry, Keith Parry.
  • Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Parish Council Meeting 3rd January 2023

MOTION: Minutes be accepted as a true and correct record.

Moved:   J. Stammers.          Seconded:   H. Stammers.                               Carried.

  • Business Arising:
    • Fr. Victor Adam’s farewell. Uniting Church members attended Holy Trinity farewell. St George’s presented Fr. Victor with a painting by Geoff Lugg at morning tea farewell
  • Future St Paul’s Wakiti. (See report).
  •  Correspondence.


  1. Bishop: Arrangements for Sunday Services.
  2. Diocese: Diocesan Workshop 18th February.
  3. Registrar: Parish Office Holders declaration.
  4. Diocese: Statement.
  5. Palm Cross orders: x34
  6. Cheryl Holmes: Enquiry re plaque of columbarium.

Moved: E. German. Seconded W. Watson.                                               Carried

That permission be granted.

  • Registry: Advocate deadlines.
  • Email Victor re Wakiti


  1. Registrar: Parish Holders declarations and Office Bearers details.
  2. Cheryl Holmes: Reply to request.
  3. Confirmation of palm cross order x34
  4. Registrar: Parish Statistics.
  5. Letter of Thanks: Christ Church, Birregurra, for Yamaha Organ.

MOTION: Correspondence inwards be accepted, and outwards adopted.

Moved:  W. Watson.                        Seconded:    N. Smith.                                     Carried


This feedback and report is the result of two conversations with the only two active members of St. Paul`s Wakiti Creek. Marj Smith and Margaret Patterson were kind, thoughtful and of great understanding to give their comments about the future of the congregation. Conversations were conducted during the week of 15 to 20 January 2023. This was also done because of a resolution from our last Parish council meeting held on Tuesday 03 January 2023.

The recent history of St. Paul`s seemed to be unchanged with one service a month for 2 persons, at times 7 persons at the most. With a few burglaries during 2022 and an offer from David Harrison to purchase the building, it had been over time, a matter of discussion in the Parish and amongst the people of St. Paul`s.           Bishop Clarence, on his visit to the Parish, was informed of such conversations amongst the members of the Parish of Numurkah/Nathalia. The land on which the Church building stands does not belong to the Parish, even though it was donated. With the future outlook of the Parish for ministry and the growth and maintenance of the Church, as well as costs added to that, it had become necessary at this point to have a clear direction for the way forward.

Both Marj and Margaret feel that given their age, they are not able to commit to the future and support of the ongoing ministry at St. Paul`s. They are convinced that there is nothing more they can do to keep going as a congregation, as it has shrunk significantly over these many years. They understand, hard as it is, that the building has to be deconsecrated by the Bishop, for no further use. And they are in favour that David could buy the building, given the fact that he will make it available to the Parish to meet there (at Wakiti Creek resort) for services.           Marj already attends services at Holy Trinity and Margaret was giving it a thought.

These two members of St. Paul`s are in favour for the Parish Council to proceed with the request to the Bishop of our diocese to close and deconsecrate the Church building at Wakiti Creek. They are also in favour for the sale of property to go through the office of the Registrar and Archdeacon of our diocese.

To God be the glory for the faithful service and worship at St. Paul`s Wakiti Creek over these many years. Report by Priest in Charge – Revd. Victor Adams.

MOTION: That Parish Council request the closure and deconsecrating of St Paul’s and sale.

Moved E. German.  Seconded H. Stammers.                                                     Carried.

         10  Financial Report


MOTION: That the financial report be accepted.   

Moved:           W. Watson.                 Seconded:   H. Stammers.                             Carried.

            11 GST Business – Move that the following fundraising activities be input taxed.

                       Catering: Movies at Numurkah.

                       Hall Hire:

Funerals:  N. Shepherd 19 Jan, G. Shaw 20 Jan.

                       Fundraising:  No Bake Stall, Palm Cross sales, Fete, Trading Table,

           MOTION: Moved that the fund-raising activities be input taxed.

           Moved:  L. Hamon.                            Seconded: J. Stammers.                                   Carried.

12 Churchwarden’s Reports.

                       St. George’s:

Fr Victor’s last service at St George’s went well. The morning tea to farewell him and his family was a pleasant social time. As a parting gift, Fr Victor was presented with a painting completed by parishioner Geoff Lugg.

There will need to be an inspection of the rectory following Fr Victor’s departure.

Hamon Parish Centre carpet:

Invoice for lifting of damaged carpet and drying of wet walls and concrete floor (J Kelly) $7,334.81!!

             Quote for carpet replacement (Cobram Carpet Court) $6,700

            Insurance claim to be completed.

Hamon Parish Centre guttering has been cleared by Mark Jeffrey.

Leaking air conditioner in the church has been repaired – new pump installed by Doug Larkin.

Photocopier; awaiting service call – confusion re invoice for previous service.

Application for three street stalls for St George’s was approved by Moira Shire: 17 Mar, 16 Jun, 8 Sept.

‘Baking from the Heart’ are using the Hamon Centre again in 2023 for collating their boxes of goodies for cancer sufferers. Dates are 13/2, 27/3, 8/5, 19/6, 31/7, 11/9, 23/10, 4/12.

There is a need to reassess the maintenance of the church grounds, becoming an onerous job for very few. Rectory lawns will need to be maintained during the interregnum.

MOTION: Moved That Parish investigates purchase of ride on mower.

Moved: W. Watson.  Seconded H. Stammers.                                                                       Carried.

                       Holy Trinity:

Maintenance gardener to be approached re up-keep of surrounds.

                       St Paul’s Wakiti:


            MOTION: That the Churchwarden’s Reports be accepted.

           Moved: N. Smith.                   Seconded:  E. German.                             Carried.

  1.  Other Reports.

                       Mothers Union.

First meeting to be held in February.

Safe Church Officers Report.

              Police Checks required for those counting offertory.

                             Inter Church Council.

      Met Monday 6th, Win & Bev in attendance.

             World Day of Prayer 3rd March 10.30am Church of Christ, McDonald Street, morning tea following.

              Our service times for Easter, to advertise.

              Easter Dawn Service April 9th 6.30am. Chairs available?

              Church of Christ again hosting Savoy Singers in Town Hall 26th March, Sunday afternoon.

                                    Fund Raising.

            February: Temple Traders

            March:      Palm Crosses

                              Street Stall 17th.

              May: supper Movies at Numurkah.

         MOTION: That reports be accepted.

         Moved: M. Muntz.  Seconded J. Stammers.                                                                 Carried

            14. General Business.

  1. Harvest Festival at St George’s next Sunday, 12 Feb.

          2    Shrove Tuesday & burning of palm crosses?

                Ash Wednesday times; Fr Barrie Slatter availability.

                Easter Service times. Discussion with Revd Helen Malcolm.

          3   Need to contact Karinya & Pioneers Lodge re February visits. Karinya: Heather/Elaine? Pioneers                                   Lodge: Olga/Keith?        

  • Palm cross manufacture. Commence Sunday 5th March, post 20th March. Palm Sunday 2nd April.

           5    Changes to the insurance cover for hirers of church halls is being mooted by the Diocese.

           6    Do we need to contact Bp Clarence about the possible reintroduction of the common cup at           communion.

           7.   Sunday Service times, considering visiting clergy. Times to remain 8am and 9.30pm.

           8. Palm Cross orders received 36 for 5548, realising $4900

Meeting closed with Grace at  3.20pm.

     Next Meeting: TUESDAY – 7th MARCH 2023 – NUMURKAH.