6th JUNE 2023. NATHALIA.


  1. Welcome & Opening Prayers. 2.00pm 


  1. Present:

Revd G. Rippon, J. Stammers, H. Stammers, E. German, K. Parry, O. Parry, N. Smith, R. Elliott, M. Muntz, W. Watson, L. Hamon.

  1. Apologies:


  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Parish Council Meeting 9th May 2023

MOTION: Minutes be accepted as a true and correct record.

Moved: E. German.                  Seconded:   H. Stammers.                               Carried.

  1. Business Arising:
  1. Sunday Service times.
  2. Notice Board.
  3. Wakiti Creek.

MOTION: Diocese be asked to proceed with the vesting of land in the name of the Diocesan Trustees, and obtain a Memorandum of Understanding drawn up.

Moved: R. Elliott.       Seconded:  J. Stammers,                                                Carried

  1. Rectory keying. Completed.
  1. Correspondence.


  1. Diocese: Trust Fund balances 31st March 2023

Claude Hamilton Bequest:   $4,153.99            ($4,135.97)

                                    Purpose: Holy Trinity’s. General.

Mavis Rice Bequest:             $10,787.63            ($10,740.88)

Purpose: All Saints Barmah. General.

Nathalia Est. M.S. Pyper:    $983.24            ($978.96)

Purpose: For religious and charitable purposes Nathalia. General.

Yalca Porter Bequest:          $2,906.98            ($2,894.37)

Purpose: To benefit the Minister of the Parish. Perpetual, income only.

Numurkah L Hamon Trust:            $24,307.81      ($24,202.48)

Purpose: Maintenance of Columbarium & gardens at St. Georges, Perpetual, income only.

Numurkah A Heap Memorial Prize:            $2,775.19        ($2,763.14)

Purpose: Annual gift of 2 bibles St, Georges. Perpetual, income only.

Numurkah Archibald Trust :           $3,561.69            ($3,546.24)

Purpose: Prize for boy and girl by St. Georges Sunday School.

Numurkah: Lou Hamon Eucharist:            $8,877.47        ($8,838.96)

Purpose: Maintenance of vestments, linen, vessels St Georges)

Nathalia Term Deposit:        $22.59             ($22.50). General.



Common Fund 4

Sale of 44 Chapel Street Nathalia:            $154,431.26    ($153,762.04)

Purpose: Capital works. Sale of Land.

Sale of 2 Lawford Street, Barmah $50,093.01             ($49,875.93)

Purpose: Capital works. Sale of Land.


  1. Victorian Building Authority: Cladding Audit.
  2. ACNC: Annual Statement required.
  3. Bishop: Primate letters, flyer re Reconciliation.
  4. Registrar: Re Trust Fund withdrawal.
  5. Moira Shire: Acknowledgement of request re rateability of 133 Melville Street.
  6. Moira Shire: Renewal for request re rateability 37-39 Robertson St Nathalia.
  7. Moira Shire: Rural Tree Scheme.
  8. Anglicare: Receipt.
  9. Registrar: Synod first day notice paper.
  10. Registry: Statement.
  11. Archdeacon: St Paul’s Wakiti.
  12. Moira Shire: Rateability 133 Melville Street.



  1. Anglicare: Receipt for donation.
  2. ACNC: Annual Information submission.
  3. Diocese: Application to withdraw Trust Funds.
  4. Mora Shire Council: Request re rateability 37-39 Robertson St, Nathalia.

MOTION: Correspondence inwards be accepted, and outwards adopted.

Moved:   L. Hamon.            Seconded:  O. Parry.                                                          Carried


  1.    Report of Locum Tenens Priest


For May 2023


PC mtg 06/06/23


Duty days are mandated by Bishop as Sunday and Wednesday plus pastoral care.

Wednesday will become Thursday to accommodate Aged Care services. 

Locum Tenens – Authority etc.? Bp Clarence yet to spell out. Installation into Numurkah/Nathalia to be advised. 

Moved from Beechworth to Rectory 9 Brenion St. on 19th April. Travelled to Bali for Son’s wedding on 29th April. 


  • Mtg with Wardens – Numurkah
  • Hospital visit – Nathalia
  • Mtg with warden – Nathalia
  • Pastoral visit to colleague – Numurkah
  • Participated in Week of Prayer for Christian Unity at St George’s.


  • Celebrated Eucharist at St George’s on 23rd April
  • Celebrated normal Sunday Eucharists – Nathalia/Numurkah from 14th May
  • Changed times commenced 04/06 – Are they working? Too early to tell?
  • Reading sheets. I have problem with them!
  • Eucharist – Administration of communion. Intinction/common cup. What is the past practice in Numurkah/Nathalia?
  • Weekday service – Is there an interest? Will it be supported?


  • One wedding enquiry for March 2024 


  • Various matters attended to post occupation. Other being dealt with.
  • Mail Box relocated.
  • All doors in Rectory have been keyed as one.


  • Gathering at Rectory for “Winter Bash” – Friday 23rd June 


MOTION: That the Locum Tenens Priest Report be accepted.

Moved:    Revd. G. Rippon                              Seconded:   E. German.                                       Carried 



  1. Financial Report



MOTION: Thay $8,000 be transferred from cheque account to savings account0

Moved: W. Watson.          Seconded: O. Parry.                                              Carried.

MOTION: That the financial report be accepted, and accounts passed for payment..   

Moved:           W. Watson.                 Seconded:  K. Parry.                                     Carried.

  1. GST Business – Move that the following fundraising activities be input taxed.

Catering: Movies at Numurkah supper.

                       Hall Hire:

Funerals:  G. Thomas 12th May.

Fundraising:  Palm Cross sales, Trading Table, Movies at Numurkah Supper.

MOTION: Moved that the fund-raising activities be input taxed.

Moved:    L. Hamon                           Seconded:    H. Stammers.                                    Carried.

  1. Churchwarden’s Reports.

St. George’s: 

Ongoing organ saga. Phil Buckland has taken the power source out of the organ to make repairs to it in his workshop. Awaiting the results of this.

All the external doors of the rectory are now keyed the same.

Upcoming dates: St George’s street stall 16 June, Baking from the Heart 19 June

Parish Centre carpet off-cut to be made into a mat.

Canon printer needs replacing with need to look into upgrading lap top computer and photocopier.

                       Holy Trinity:


            MOTION: That the Churchwarden’s Reports be accepted.

Moved: R. Elliott.                   Seconded:  O. Parry.                                    Carried.


  1. Other Reports.


                       Mothers Union.

Meeting cancelled.

Safe Church Officers Report.


Few outstanding police checks,


                             Inter Church Council.


Only recent Interchurch activity has been to coordinate the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Attendance overall was low.


                                    Fund Raising. 

         St George’s street stall – 16th June.




John and I attended the 1st session of the 41st Synod of the Diocese of Wangaratta on the 2nd and 3rd of June held in a conference room in the Performing Arts Centre opposite the Cathedral.

Being involved in a Diocesan event as such, reinforces that we are part of the wider church in our Diocese and not insular.  There are many programmes and committees that are striving to bring the Anglican Church to a position of reaching out to the community and bringing others  to faith by providing a safe and enriching environment.

The business of the Diocese was discussed, voted on and/or actioned.

There were 4 Constitution Amendments to the 2022 Canon on Safe Ministry and Episcopal Standards (Child Protection) and Professional Standards that were adopted from General Synod.  We also reviewed the financial statements.  Due to the ceasing of Job Keeper payments and the revaluation of shares the Diocese made a loss of $1,325,758 after making a profit of $1,760,412 in 2021.

Reports were received from organisations in the Diocese and the Anglican Schools.  The Anglican Schools are thriving and the new All Saints College at Shepparton has commenced.  Also we heard a report from Dr Jane Freemantle regarding MAPS.

The Bishops Charge (copies in the Narthex) was read and received well.  Rev Canon Assoc. Prof. (Hon) Uncle Glenn Loughey Waradjuri spoke about the Voice to Parliament (brochures in the Narthex).

Kooyoora spoke reported on Professional Standards.  Of the 31 historical matters at the time of the transition of the Diocese to their firm (which is also serves Churches and corporations in other Diocese’ in Australia and New Zealand) 22 have been resolved and closed with over $107,000 being paid out in the last 12 months.  We are pleased to announce that Dr Jane Freemantle is a Volunteer Recruitment appointed to the Professional Standards Commission.

Two late motions were included at the end of business on the 2nd day, the first being a warm congratulations to the Diocese of the Murray for allowing the ordination of women to the priesthood.  The second was to welcome the referendum about whether to change the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.

We received a report from the Lambeth Conference and consequently broke into groups to discuss the calls as below.

The theme of the Lambeth Conference was “‘Walking, Listening and Witnessing Together.’ During the conference, ten Lambeth Calls were discussed by the bishops on themes in church. Lambeth Calls themes are:

  • Discipleship
  • The Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Anglican Identity
  • Safe Church
  • Science and Faith
  • Human Dignity
  • Christian Unity
  • Mission and Evangelism
  • Inter Faith
  • Reconciliation”

John and I would like to see Parish Council consider these areas of ministry and where possible focus on or work towards a ministry in fulfilment of the call to discipleship of all Christians.


MOTION: That reports be accepted.

Moved:  K. Parry.                   Seconded:       R. Elliott.                                            Carried


  1. General Business.
  1. Palm Cross payments received for all orders.
  1. Pioneers Lodge & Karinya service times.


Meeting closed with Grace at  3.26pm


Next Meeting: TUESDAY – 4th JULY – NUMURKAH.