1. Welcome & Opening Prayers. 2.00pm
  2. Appointment of Chairman.

Rob Elliott accepted nomination.


Moved:  W Watson                        Seconded:   John Stammers      Carried

  • Present: Wendy Watson, John Stammers, Elaine German, Keith Parry, Olga Parry, Nola Smith, Mary Muntz, Rob Elliott and Heather Stammers.
  • Apologies: L. Hamon.
  • Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Parish Council Meeting 7th March 2023

MOTION: Minutes be accepted as a true and correct record with one amendment ie Nola Smith was an apology.

Moved: Elaine German           Seconded:  John Stammers          Carried.

  • Business Arising:
  1. Future of St Paul’s Wakiti. (See report).
    1. Purchase of rider mower.  John reported that it will be delivered tomorrow 5th April.
    1. Inspection of Rectory. (See General Business)
    1. Transfer of trust funds from Common 1 Fund to Common 4 Fund.

            Registrar transferred two. Presently on leave and unable to discuss.

  •  Correspondence.


  1. Diocese: Trust Fund balances 31st December 2022

Claude Hamilton Bequest:   $4,135.97            ($3,900.80)

                                    Purpose: Holy Trinity’s. General.

                                    Mavis Rice Bequest:             $10,740.88                        ($10,130.10)

Purpose: All Saints Barmah. General.

Nathalia Est. M.S. Pyper:    $978.96            ($923.30)

Purpose: For religious and charitable purposes Nathalia. General.

Yalca Porter Bequest:          $2,894.37            ($2,729.79)

Purpose: To benefit the Minister of the Parish. Perpetual, income only.

Numurkah L Hamon Trust:            $24,202.48      ($22,826.20)

Purpose: Maintenance of Columbarium & gardens at St. Georges, Perpetual, income only.

Numurkah A Heap Memorial Prize:            $2,763.14        ($2,606.03)

Purpose: Annual gift of 2 bibles St, Georges. Perpetual, income only.

Numurkah Archibald Trust :           $3,546.24            ($3,344.60)

Purpose: Prize for boy and girl by St. Georges Sunday School.

Numurkah: Lou Hamon Eucharist:            $8,838.96        ($8,336.33)

Purpose: Maintenance of vestments, linen, vessels St Georges)

Nathalia Term Deposit:        $22.50             ($21.22). General.

Sale of 44 Chapel Street Nathalia:            $153,762.04    ($145,018.34)

Purpose: Capital works. Sale of Land.

Sale of 2 Lawford Street, Barmah $49,875.93            ($47,039.73)

Purpose: Capital works. Sale of Land.

  • Registrar re Earthquake Damage Insurance Claims for Holy Trinity and Parish Centre. –           Advised Registrar that Parish will accept the cash offers.  Final payment $6880.40.
  • Registrar re Common Fund 1 transfer to Common Fund 4 – Registrar on leave, unable to discuss.
  • Registry: Lady Day.
  • Bishop: Passing of Kate Jessup and funeral arrangements.
  • Bishop: Letter and attachments regarding Afghanistan crisis and resettling refugees.
  • Angela Duggan: Interest in purchasing St Paul’s Wakiti.   (see below).              


  1. Registrar & Archdeacon: Parish Council decision to close and deconsecrate St Paul’s Wakiti.
  2. Registrar: Common Funds 4.
  3. Numurkah Secondary College: ANZAC Day wreath.
  4. John Decker: Letter of thanks.
  5. Palm Crosses: 58 orders dispatched, and emails sent.
  6. Reply to Angela Duggan.

MOTION: Correspondence inwards be accepted, and outwards adopted.

Moved:   Keith Parry                    Seconded:  Mary Muntz                          Carried

 St Paul’s Wakiti.

Minutes of Parish Council that established St Paul’s was not financially viable forwarded to Archdeacon Neil Hicks and Registrar, requesting advice if any further action by Parish to be undertaken before the Archdeacon makes a recommendation to Bishop in Council.

No response received.

Registrar recommends removal of brassware until de-consecration.  Marj Smith to be asked by Mary Muntz to remove brassware.

Enquiry re purchase of St Paul’s from Angela Duggan, Mathoura, via website.

Wishing to relocate to Mathoura in a function centre being developed.

Replied with information on website, followed by a phone call. See correspondence.  Awaiting reply from Angela.

9.  Financial Report

Cheque account $6005.55; Nathalia Fundraising $354.82; Betty Daniel Term Deposit $7238.46, Savings account $9237.87.

Accounts payable:  Organ repairs $988.25.

Palm Cross income: Steady flow of income from sales.


MOTION: That the financial report be accepted.   

Moved:           W. Watson.                 Seconded:  Olga Parry Carried.

            10. GST Business – Move that the following fundraising activities be input taxed.


          Hall Hire:


                        Fundraising:  Fete, Palm Cross sales, Street Stall, Sale of Preserves.

          MOTION: Moved that the fund-raising activities be input taxed.

          Moved:  Rob Elliott                Seconded:  Nola Smith                    Carried.

11. Churchwarden’s Reports.

          St. George’s:

The replacement carpet was installed in the Hamon Centre on 9 March. We received a discount of $250 as the workers did not have to move the furniture out, and an extra strip of carpet was required on the west end as the carpet that was delivered was 20cm short.

The insurance money to cover the cost of the new carpet and the drying out of the Hamon Centre was received.

Wendy Gilchrist, for the Baking from the Heart group, has completed the forms needed for insurance cover.

Inspection of Rectory took place (John Stammers, Lou Hamon & myself).

  • Some electrical work to be undertaken. Electrician has been contacted. Heat lamps in the en suite have been replaced.
  • Extra keys have been cut for the front screen door. Keys for office door & screen have been cut for Gunnar. Consider keying all locks the same.
  • Some cracks in the plaster in the old section of the house. These have not changed for years.

The Rogers organ has been shifted back into the church; thanks to John Stammers & John Decker (and Rob Elliott). Phil Buckland put the new circuit board in on 30 March. Still some work needed sometime in the future to fix a few remaining problems.

Specialist globes have been purchased for the sanctuary lamps in St George’s.

A rider mower for St George’s has been ordered from Tweaked Performance in Numurkah.

Rev Helen and I have been organising the services and preparing the congregational booklets for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday & Easter Day.

Moved Olga Parry and seconded Elaine German that locks on all outside doors be changed to the same key access instead of 6 different keys and that a copy be held by the wardens and a copy in the vestry.                  

           Holy Trinity:                        

             No combined Palm Service with UCA.  Rev’d Helen Malcolm conducted service.

MOTION: That the Churchwarden’s Reports be accepted.

Moved:  Mary Muntz                 Seconded:  Wendy Watson                                  Carried.

12. Other Reports.

          Mothers Union.

We had our first Mothers’ Union meeting on Tuesday. Jenny Brown is our new Treasurer, replacing Norma Shepherd, who was our conscientious treasurer for the last five years.

                        Safe Church Officers Report.

            As Police Checks and the Safe Ministry Questionnaire are to be renewed, Police Checks are being completed and a copy handed to Safe Church Officers, SMQ to be handed to Parish Councillors, Wardens and those holding office and and when completed those forms and the  WWCC numbers to be scanned and sent to Rev’d David Still, Diocesan Safe Church Officer.

                 Inter Church Council.

Dawn Service 6.30am Easter morning in Hamon Gardens Rotunda.  If inclement weather, to be held in the Hamon Parish Center.

                 Fund Raising.

Parish to provide Supper for Movies at Numurkah 20th May, “Mrs Harris goes to Paris” for a cost of $10 per person (tickets to be sold).  Members will be paid for by committee.  New members will be charged a deposit of $10 for a membership ticket (or full price if they wish) and $10 for supper.

  MOTION: That reports be accepted.

  Moved:   Elaine German                  Seconded:  Keith Parry               Carried

         13. General Business.

  1. Palm crosses packed and dispatched.  Orders received 58 for 11,666 palm crosses. Raising $10,224, less postage and packaging $799, Profit estimated $9,424.
  2. A successful Street Stall on 17 March despite the footpath at the Community Kiosk being closed for repair/concreting.  ($902.15 raised),
  • Rev Helen’s final service 16 April. Small presentation & morning tea to follow.
  • Rev Gunnar Rippon to move into the rectory on 19 April. He & Margaret have moved some belongings in already. The date of his formal appointment as priest-in-charge may be brought forward. He will be in Bali from the 29th April to the 9th May.
  • ANZAC wreath to be organised; Pat Simpson to make the wreath, Win Knight to lay it at the Anzac Service.
  • Soup and bread rolls on Sunday 23rd April for all to share and welcome seasonal workers.
  • Bishop’s Visit to the parish is on 30th April. There is a whole parish service at St George’s at 9:30am. Morning tea and soup and rolls to follow.

14.    Meeting closed with Grace at 3.02pm.15.       Next Meeting: TUESDAY – 9th MAY 2023 – NUMURKAH.