1. Welcome & Opening Prayers. 2.00pm


  1. Appointment of Chairman.

MOTION: That Heather Stammers be appointed Chairman for the meeting.

Moved:  L. Hamon           Seconded: O. Parry.                                                       Carried


  1. Present: H. Stammers, J. Stammers, E. German, M. Muntz, O. Parry, K. Parry, W. Watson, L. Hamon
  2. Apologies: Elliott.
  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Parish Council Meeting 7th February 2023

MOTION: Minutes be accepted as a true and correct record.

Moved:  O. Parry.                           Seconded:   E. German.                              Carried.

  1. Business Arising:
  1. Future St Paul’s Wakiti. (See report).
  2. Purchase of rider mower.

MOTION: That a rider mower be purchased for quoted $3,800.

Moved: E. German.           Seconded: K. Parry.       Carried

  1. Inspection of Rectory. To be undertaken.
  2. Diocesan Workshop. Eight attendees found workshop productive.
  • Correspondence.


  1. Registrar: Acknowledgement of request to close St Paul’s
  2. Registrar: Receipt of insurance claim.
  3. Cheryl Holmes re plaque on columbarium.
  4. Cobram Carpet Court deposit invoice.
  5. Phil Buckland: Invoice for part Rogers Organ.
  6. Moira Shire: Approval for use of kiosk.
  7. Bishop: Letter to the People.
  8. Victorian Energy Compare.
  9. David Still: Power Saving Bonus.
  10. Philippa Willsher: Baptism.
  11. Registry: Invoice.
  12. Registrar: Common Fund Four.


MOTION: The Parish Council resolve to allocate the following Parish Trust Accounts to the Common Fund Number Four investment.

Moved:  W. Watson.                                             Seconded: E. German.                        Carried

Trust Funds:

Nath 44 Chapel St. Sale of Land.

Sol Barmah 2 Lawford Street. Sale of land.

Claude Hamilton Bequest

Mavis Rice Bequest

Nathalia Est M.S, Pyper

Nathalia Term Deposit

  1. Bishop: Rev. Gunner Rippon locum tenets from 15th
  2. Hollye Duggan: Baptism.
  3. NSC Anzac Day.




  1. Registrar: Parish Council decision to close and deconsecrate St Paul’s Wakiti.
  2. David Harrison: Re decision of Parish Council on closure of St Paul’s.
  3. Registry: Insurance claim.
  4. Geoff Lugg: Letter of thanks for painting.
  5. Moira Shire: Rate exemption application.
  6. Hollye Duggan: re Baptism.

MOTION: Correspondence inwards be accepted, and outwards adopted.

Moved:   O. Parry.                               Seconded:  M. Muntz.                                     Carried

St Paul’s Wakiti.


After a discussion with the Archdeacon, Rev. Neil Hicks, the Parish Secretary, Lou Hamon report to Parish Council.


  • Present congregation of two.
  • Inventory on file.


  • Expenditure:

            Sunday services $75 x 12 = $900

Travelling from Numurkah 90km round trip @ 72cents/km = $64.80 x 12 = $780

            Rates $235.42

Maintenance ?

Total Expenditure:  $1,915


  • Income:

Offertory estimate $50 x 12 = $600.

MOTION: As St Paul’s Wakiti is not financially viable the Parish Council resolve that St Paul’s be made redundant and closed.

Moved:   W. Watson.                                      Seconded:      K. Parry.                                     Carried

MOTION: The Parish Council reaffirms its motion on 7th February 2023, to recommend to the Archdeacon and Bishop in Council, that St Paul’s be closed, deconsecrated, and sold.

Moved: J. Stammers.                                      Seconded:       E. German.                                  Carried.



         10  Financial Report


MOTION: That the financial report be accepted.   

Moved:           W. Watson.                 Seconded:  K. Parry.                         Carried.

            11 GST Business – Move that the following fundraising activities be input taxed.


                       Hall Hire:

Funerals:  R. Pill 21st February, A. Hall 24th February, D. Harbor 28th February.

                       Fundraising:  No Bake Stall, Palm Cross sales, Trading Table, Sale of Preserves.

MOTION: Moved that the fund-raising activities be input taxed.

Moved:  L. Hamon.                            Seconded: J. Stammers.                                   Carried.

12 Churchwarden’s Reports.

St. George’s:


Insurance claim for damaged carpet in the Hamon Centre has been submitted via the Diocese.

Carpet being installed on Thursday 9 March.

New procedures for hall hire by unincorporated groups – diocese is covering extra costs for this during this year.

Mothering Sunday Fourth Sunday of Lent 19th March. Simnel cake required to be made.

Photocopier serviced.

                       Holy Trinity:

I will make the Simnel Cake for Mothering Sunday March 19th so if a cake is needed here I will make one. Mothers’ Union Tuesday 28th March.

Palm Sunday falls on April 2nd.For many years now the three churches have met at the water tower for a short service before going to their own churches. As we are all getting older last year St Mary’s congregation and Holy Trinity met in the Uniting Church garden for the Ecumenical part of the service. As it was our Sunday to be at the Uniting Church Fr Victor took the whole service.


            MOTION: That the Churchwarden’s Reports be accepted.

Moved: J. Stammers.              Seconded:  M. Muntz.                  Carried.


  • Other Reports.


                       Mothers Union.


Tuesday 28th March.

Safe Church Officers Report.


Discussion was held with Revd David Still when he last visited Numurkah. He confirmed all police checks need to be renewed as the Diocese are following the three year cycle observed by the Diocese for Synod, Synod Reps etc. All Parish Councillors, Synod reps, office bearers, wardens, offertory counters, treasurers and Safe Church Officers must complete a new Police Check. Thankfully most in those categories have completed their check or it is underway and they will be scanned and sent to David. If anyone needs help, please contact Heather or Robyn.


                             Inter Church Council.


Easter Dawn Service April 9th 6.30am. Chairs made available.

Church of Christ again hosting Savoy Singers in Town Hall 26th March, Sunday afternoon.



                                    Fund Raising.


            March:      Palm Crosses

Street Stall 17th.

            May:          Supper Movies at Numurkah 20th May, “Mrs Harris goes to Paris”.

MOTION: That reports be accepted.

Moved:  E. German.                   Seconded: O. Parry.                                                   Carried


  1. General Business.


  1.    Easter Service times. Discussion with Revd Helen Malcolm.

Maundy Thursday 7.30pm Numurkah. Washing of feet.

Good Friday: 9.30am Devotional Service St Georges.

Easter; 6.30am Ecumenical Dawn service Numurkah.

8am Holy Trinity Nathalia

9.30am St George’s Numurkah.

  1. Palm cross manufacture. Commenced Sunday 5th March, post 20th March. Palm Sunday 2nd April.

Orders received 58 for 8541 palm crosses. Raising $7463 less postage.


Meeting closed with Grace at  3.12pm



     Next Meeting: TUES