9th MAY 2023. NUMURKAH.


  1. Welcome & Opening Prayers. 2.00pm


  1. Appointment of Chairman.

MOTION:   Moved Rob Elliott act as chairman for this meeting.

Moved:     L. Hamon.                       Seconded:   J. Stammers.                             Carried


  1. Present:
  2. Elliott, H. Stammers, J. Stammers, N. Smith, E. German, W. Watson, L. Hamon.
  3. Apologies:
  4. Muntz, O. Parry, K. Parry.
  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Parish Council Meeting 4th April 2023

MOTION: Minutes be accepted as a true and correct record.

Moved:    E. German.               Seconded:    N. Smith.                                      Carried.

  1. Business Arising:
  1. Transfer of Trust funds to Common Fund #4.
  2. St Paulk’s Wakiti
  1. Correspondence.


  1. Registrar: Hall Hire
  2. Bishop: Lay Ministry Clearances and other.
  3. Jennifer Britten: Enquiry re presentation at Holy Trinity 1925.
  4. Jenny O’Rourke: Enquiry re funeral detail Dawn Lambshead.
  5. Registry: Statement.
  6. Archdeacon: re Wakiti
  7. Bishop: Letter of Engagement Rev. Gunnar Rippon.



  1. David Still: Re Sunday service 7th
  2. Bishop Clarence: Letter of Engagement.
  3. Archdeacon: St Paul’s Wakiti
  4. Jennifer Britten: Past enquiry to Holy Trinity.
  5. Jenny O’Rourke: Details of Dawn Lambshead funeral.
  6. Overdue notice Palm Cross sales x 9. $2582 outstanding. (5 paid).


MOTION: Correspondence inwards be accepted, and outwards adopted.

Moved: J. Stammers.              Seconded:  H. Stammers.                                                    Carried

  1. Financial Report

                      Financial Report for April 2023

Cheque Account                                              $ 9948.82

Nathalia Fundraising                                     $   354.82

Betty Daniel Term Deposit                          $ 7250.45

Savings Account                                              $ 9256.35


MOTION: That $1,200 be transferred back into Savings Account from Cheque Account and the total transfer be $6,000

Moved: W. Watson.          Seconded:  E. German.                                                    Carried

MOTION: That the financial report be accepted, and accounts passed for payment..   

Moved:           W. Watson.                 Seconded:  N. Smith.                                               Carried.

  1. GST Business – Move that the following fundraising activities be input taxed.


                       Hall Hire:


Fundraising:  Palm Cross sales.

MOTION: Moved that the fund-raising activities be input taxed.

Moved:    L. Hamon                           Seconded:   E. German.                                       Carried.

  1. Churchwarden’s Reports.

St. George’s:

Holy Week and Easter services went well, thanks to Rev Helen’s work.

The Bishop’s visit to the parish on Sunday 30th April was an enjoyable occasion. Thanks to those who provided soup, bread rolls and slices/cakes for the meal afterwards.

Phil Buckland has been contacted about the organ. He is checking the manual to ascertain what the likely problem may be and also checking the guarantee on the new part installed in March with the Rogers’ representative. Some direction is needed as to whether we spend any more money on the Rogers organ.

A keysmith needs to be contacted about keying all external doors of the rectory the same. This will be done in consultation with Rev Gunnar.

Some plumbing and electrical issues in the rectory have been fixed. However a grill tray needs to be bought for the oven.

Rev Helen’s final service on 16th April was followed by morning tea and a small presentation. Thanks to Heather Stammers for organising the present. Helen expressed her thanks to the parishioners for their friendship during her time with us.

Thanks to Pat Simpson and Win Knight for making and laying the Anzac wreath at the town remembrance service.


                       Holy Trinity:

Service times on website to be checked.

            MOTION: That the Churchwarden’s Reports be accepted.

Moved: J. Stammers.              Seconded:  W. Watson.                 Carried.


  1. Other Reports.


                       Mothers Union.

Meeting 4th Tuesday of month.

Safe Church Officers Report.

                        Scanning and sending documents received to Diocese.


                             Inter Church Council.


Week of Prayer For Christian Unity. 1.30pm May22-25th Theme: “Do good; seek justice”.

Monday 22 St George’s, Tuesday 23 Uniting for Church of Christ, Wednesday 25 St John’s, Thursday 25 Uniting Church.


                                    Fund Raising.


            May:          Supper Movies at Numurkah 20th May, “Mrs Harris goes to Paris”.

MOTION: That reports be accepted.

Moved:   E. German.                  Seconded:    N. Smith.                                             Carried


  1. General Business.


  1. Service times when Rev Gunnar Rippon begins tenure as locum.

Suggested 8.30am Holy Trinity and 10.30am St Georges, allowing time for Rev Gunner to spend time after service at Holy Trinity, and not rushed to return for St. Georges.

Change in service times to take effect from June 4th.

Numurkah Leader to be contacted re appointment of Rev. Gunnar Rippon as Locum and change in service times.

  1. Notice board.

Priest name and service times to be changed.


Meeting closed with Grace at  3.10pm



Next Meeting: TUESDAY – 6th JUNE – NATHALIA.