Welcome & Opening Prayer: Rev Sally Boothey.

Present: Rev S Boothey, N Shepherd, N Smith, B Leaf, M Muntz, J James, J Stammers, W Watson,    R Elliott.

Apologies: L Hamon, K Schier

Minutes of Meeting held 18th August:

           That the minutes be confirmed.

Moved: B Leaf, 2nd N Smith                                                                           Carried

Business arising from the minutes:

  1. St George’s altar damage, repairs pending: Geoff Gittens contacted
  2. Strategic Plan: pending until Parish profile is completed.
  3. Hamon Parish Centre hire charges; proposed charges for regular users discussed in light of Shire charges for Presidents room and Council chambers in Numurkah. Decision to check other hall hire charges in the area before setting our own charges.



  1. Bishop: Ad Populum.
  2. Anglican Centre in Rome.
  3. Registry: Gospel Belles Seymour..
  4. Registry: Farewell Service Fr Alan Jarrad 2nd October.
  5. Registry: What does the Bible really say about same-sex relationships?
  6. Australian Anglican Calendar/SU.



  1. Letters to Session Family Funerals, Peter Cox & Sons & Heritage Park Funerals.

           That the inward correspondence be accepted and the outward approved.            

Moved: N Shepherd, 2nd M Muntz                                                                                       Carried

Rector’s Report:

Although there is little to report since last meeting, the slowly changing seasons, from the cold of Winter to the warmer and sunnier days of Spring, have brought an increase in the number of worshippers at each centre.

Preparations are underway for the annual fundraisers of Strawberry Festival and Fete which happen in the Spring and, again, the skills and generosity of parishioners and the wider community come to the fore as everyone works together to make these events run successfully. My sincere thanks and admiration are for everyone who helps at all, as I know that it is not easy, as we get older, to do what we once did.

My sincere thanks, too, to Lou, Rob, Wendy and the wardens at each centre who will administer the parish whilst I’m on Long Service leave. Hopefully, this will enable the parish to conserve some funds and be in a better financial position for the start of the next financial year.

As our year now concludes on 30th September, Annual Reports are coming due. The AGM dates are set and it would be good to get reports to Rob for printing in the next couple of weeks. I will endeavor to prepare my Rector’s Report before I go on leave.

At these AGMs, elections can be held as required because a full year has passed. Please give this some thought. Our Parish Secretary, Lou Hamon, will be able to help with information about ‘positions vacant’ and ‘job descriptions’ as needed.

The Redgum Courier on 2nd September carried the article on the changing circumstances for Holy Nativity and All Saints, Barmah. It will be interesting to see if there is any feedback from the community.

There is still no decision from the Property Committee and the decision was taken to cancel the Bishop-in-Council meeting for September, because the Registrar is on leave, so there is plenty of time for any community discussion.

It was good to attend the launch of the book of parishioner Joan Harding last weekend. The book features Joan’s own water colour paintings of local wildflowers and is useful for identification as well as for it’s beauty and interest as a ‘coffee table’ book. The parish is blessed with many talented and humble, hard working people.

As far as I am able, I have prepared for my longer than usual leave and am confident that Rev’d Geoffrey Poliness will competently and compassionately handle any pastoral emergencies or funerals that arise – but it would be best if there were none. He will also cover the Sunday Services, except St Paul’s, which I have cancelled for October. Lou and Rob have contact numbers for other local clergy also, in the unlikely situation of them being needed.

Denis is having 3 weeks with me, but will be in the Rectory (just him and the furry girls) and at work as usual for the fortnight 10th– 23rd October.

May God’s peace and blessing be upon the parish and its people as we move into the lively, active and joyful time of the year.

           That the Rector’s report be received.

Moved: Rev Sally, 2nd R Elliott                                                                                   Carried

Financial Report:

Cheque Account                                       5171.21

Investment Account                                       0.79

Holy Trinity Ladies‘ Guild                        799.17

Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival               259.53

Holy Trinity Diocese of Wangaratta          243.82

Betty Daniel Term Deposit                      7133.74

Offertory                                                  3628.05

That the financial report be accepted and accounts passed for payment.

Moved: W Watson, 2nd N Smith                                                                                  Carried

GST Business:

Catering: nil

Hall Hire: nil

Funerals:  Eureita Joseph 23rd August.

Fundraising: Blume’s morning coffee 8th September.

That the above fundraising activities be input taxed.                                                              

            St. George’s Churchwarden’s Reports:

Church gas heater maintenance; M Luci to be contacted again about repairs.

             Holy Trinity Warden’s Report:

K Schier has poisoned weeds.

Cracks in church have closed up due to wet weather.

Holy Trinity Ladies’ Guild Report:

                       6th September: entertained residents at Barwo Homestead; Estelle Chalker        was    guest speaker and spoke of her recent trip to Uzbekistan.

8th September: Blume’s Fashions morning coffee; ~40 in attendance; $297 raised on the day including $125 from the raffle.

3rd October : Casual Step Nathalia morning in the Dancocks Room at 10am.

Mother’s Union Report:

Samaritan Purse Shoe Boxes being sent to Melbourne this week.

St George’s Ladies’ Guild Report:

No report.

That the reports be accepted.

                        Moved: M Muntz, 2nd W Watson                                                                                 Carried

General Business:

  1. AGM dates:

St George’s: 6th November, 12 noon

Holy Trinity: 30th October, 9:45am

St Paul’s & All Saints combined: 6th November 7:30am

Parish AGM: 13th November, 12 noon followed by ‘bring a plate of finger food’ lunch.

  1. Reports for AGMs: to be with Rob Elliott 3 weeks before the meetings to allow for publication a week before the meetings.
  2. Diocesan Public Liability Certificates needed in time for raffle selling at Nathalia from 1st November and for Hall booking for the Strawberry festival. Diocese to be contacted.
  3. Parish Roll update: changes for the Nathalia centres received.


Meeting closed 9.00pm


      NEXT MEETING: Thursday 27th October 2016. Nathalia.