Executive Summary

Executive Summary

The seven domains of the strategic plan are now:

  • Worship
  • Faith Enhancement & Education
  • Pastoral Care
  • Hospitality
  • Community Outreach & Promotion
  • Governance – Strategic Planning & Diocesan Connections
  • Resources – Stewardship & Finance

Each domain has a goal and activities to achieve the goal.  Activities have been planned to be implemented over the life of the Plan.  Evaluation and review of the plan will be undertaken on a regular basis.  Summaries of the domains, goals and activities are presented.  More detailed information is available in the Strategic Plan 2011-2015 documents. This plan is integral to the Parish Calendar 2012.


Domain – WORSHIP – innovative, sacred, challenging, faith-enhancing within the Anglo-Catholic tradition.

Goal: Provide opportunity and environment to worship as the community of faith.

Activity: Sunday worship: Eucharistic, music, family, seasonal, evensong, meditation mass, Taize, pets’ blessing, harvest festivals, Patronal Festivals, jazz mass, Back to Church, Commitment Sunday, Mission Sunday.

Weekday worship: as scheduled; nursing homes, hospitals, home communions.

Pastoral Services: funerals, memorials, baptism, marriage, confirmation, house blessings, civic services, Inter-Church special events  e.g., World Day of Prayer, Easter, Service to Support People Affected by the Floods, Volunteer Thanksgiving.


Domain – FAITH ENHANCEMENT & EDUCATION– scriptural, spiritual, exploratory, relevant, faith-enhancing

Goal: Provide opportunities and resources to engage with scripture and exploration of the life of faith.

Activity: Bible studies, commentaries, sermons, confirmation and faith enhancement study groups; visiting priests & theological student placements; cultural exchange with other Christian communities – invite priest from Pacific for placement; Seasonal Studies intra and inter-church; preaching, talks and displays, Diocesan Conferences; books, websites, films, discussion groups, radio program, community events; Seminars, “Spirited Conversations”, retreats and quiet days.


 Domain – HOSPITALITY & OUTREACH– active, generous, non-judgmental, welcoming to all; and to develop connections and relationships with the wider community.

Goal: Provide generous hospitality and welcome; develop unity within the Parish; provide a space for engagement with wider community.

Activities: Church: offer a welcoming environment for visitors;

Church Community: provide food and refreshments; celebrations and festive events; parish lunches & dinners, men’s breakfasts, “Spirited Conversations”,

Wider Community: provide refreshments at parish events and community events (e.g., funerals); establish a program that engages with spiritual needs of community; events and functions that bring the community into the Church; e.g., Deb Ball, Night

at the Movies, Garage Sale,  Strawberry Festival, Spring Fiesta, Trivia Night, Mission Dinners, Seasonal Festivals. Finding and welcoming new arrivals, connecting with community events; establish farmer mentoring program; concerts, seminars, special events e.g. ‘Back to Church Sunday’.

PROMOTION – to be visible, encourage participation, raise profile

Goal: Promote the life of the Church

Internal: Regular communication with parishioners on progress of thinking, planning, discussions, projects, evaluations, finances, successes, anniversaries.

External: Develop a promotional strategy; advertising,  press releases, develop brochure, develop the website; have something to say on topical issues; be inviting and welcoming; connect with concerns of the community, be involved in community events.


 Domain – PASTORAL CARE– compassionate, non-judgmental, non-intrusive, client focused

Goal: Responding to the pastoral needs of the community.

Activity: Intra Church: Develop a parish-visiting program; care for sick, elderly, infirmed, bereaved, hospital visiting. Beyond the Church: support the NEEHAS Program, basket of goods for distribution, support for new mothers and grandmothers, establish a play group, facilitate seminars on life transitions, retirement, grand-parenting, death and bereavement.

Emergencies: Prepare parish disaster plan, prepare and activate telephone tree for elderly in extreme weather; undertake skills audit of parishioners; Rector as emergency chaplain, recruit other emergency lay chaplains.



Goal: Ensure the Strategic Plan is implemented and remains relevant to the Parish and is in keeping with Diocesan Strategic Directions

Activity: Undertake periodic reviews and evaluations and ensure connections with Diocesan Units (e.g. Synod, Registry, Mother’s Union, Anglicare) are maintained.


Domain RESOURCESSTEWARDSHIP & FINANCE – effective and efficient use of resources

Goal: Ensure ongoing financial viability of the Parish

Activity:  Undertake  appropriate Stewardship Programs to encourage regular giving, bequests, gifts and voluntary donations of time and talent;  undertake diligent budget management.



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