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The Parish of Numurkah-Nathalia is located on the Broken Creek, North Central plains in the State of Victoria, Australia.  The Parish has congregations in the townships of Numurkah, Nathalia, and district of Wakiti Creek.  Established 120 years ago we offer worship in the Anglo-Catholic tradition based on a liberal-progressive understanding of the Christian faith.

Our Vision: To be a joyous, worshipping, accepting, loving community of caring people.

Our Mission: To joyously proclaim God’s love for all, with compassionate outreach to those in need.

Inside this site you can look around at the four centres which make up the Parish of Numurkah-Nathalia, find a service you might like to attend and be assured of a warm welcome.  We hope you will find this site useful – leave a comment if you feel inclined.

Our “What’s on” button takes you to forthcoming events and opportunities for participate in the life of the parish. Here you will find dates and times and places of events that are planned.

“Events” reviews some of the activities that have already happened.

“Strategic Plan” provides an overview of our strategic directions for ministry.

“Education” will lead to the Faith Enhancement program that is being offered including seasonal studies and ongoing themes.

“Parish Groups” lists the opportunities for involvement in ongoing parish life.

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Online Morning Prayer



Sermon by Revd. Victor Adams on the 6th Sunday of Easter–17 May`20
First Reading Acts 17: 22-31
Psalm 66: 7-19
Second Reading 1Peter 3: 8-22
Gospel John 14: 15-21
The gospel text today reminds me of a short story about a little girl who sat at the table having her porridge one morning with her dear Nan. As the winter sun began to shine through the kitchen`s window, one sunbeam came right over her bowl and as she brought her spoon with some sunshine on it, to her mouth she said “Look Nan, I have a spoon full of sunshine!” She was happy that morning that she had some sunshine in her. I feel like that when I encounter Jesus` words in this particular gospel reading. Jesus said about the Holy Spirit in verse 17 “and He will be in you.” Sunshine will come in you. It means that the Holy Spirit will abide in you and me, you and I becoming the abode of God`s Spirit. And we know that God is Spirit (John 4:24) and as His Spirit finds entry into our lives, it is God Himself coming to live within us. This theme of “being in God and God within us” is taken further by Jesus when addressing His disciples in this gospel text, verse 20 ‘on that day you will know that I am in my Father and you in me and I in you.” The Creator of the universe willingly coming into my life and your life, residing within us… forever. Can you fathom that? Processing that eternal reality on a Sunday morning like today, in a nutshell is what we refer to as worship, a relationship with God, being Church (and being what Church really is about.) For sure this is about finding one`s true calling and purpose in life, which is to let God in. God within us defines “child of God.” The Missio Dei (God`s mission to the world) finds its fulfilment in that we all (every person in the world) have to let God come in and make us His children. (John 3:16 and Rev. 3:20) God`s work of salvation on the cross brought us redemption and now the work of the Holy Spirit brings us to that awakening and reality. The Holy Spirit within us, facilitates our coming closer to the cross each day, prompting us to grasp the immense love of God and finally move us to conviction to be in Him as He is in us.
Jesus says about the Holy Spirit coming to be in us, that we “know” Him. At the heart of today`s message is knowing God, loving Him and keeping His commandments (His Word.) If we do that we are on the right way.
How well do we know the Holy Spirit Who lives within us? How aware are we of God within us? How mindful are we of His presence each moment of each day? The world that God had come to, to save on the cross, doesn`t “see” Him and doesn`t “know” Him. In other words, the world ignores God. It sounds harsh, but taken from the eternal words of our Lord, it seems that the world (non-believers) is not only reluctant to see God for Who He really is, but rather that they turn their backs on Him. Here in the 21st century by our 4th industrial revolution society, God has been pushed aside. However, the Creator of the universe has not given up on His world, He still wants to save us all. Right now, during these critical and trying times that the corona virus had brought upon us, it had become a time to be quiet before the Lord. This world-wide calamity with its total and devastated impact ought to have brought the whole world on our knees before God. The first reason I am saying this is the fact we need God to save us, only God can fix this. Secondly, as we are brought low already by this pandemic, it`s probably right there, on our knees that God is speaking to us and want to speak to us. What would God communicate to us on our knees? That we have strayed away like sheep from Him and He is calling us back, that we don`t see and recognize Him in our daily lives and don`t know Him (anymore?) Is not this perhaps, the hidden text and message, that God brought all the world to a standstill to ponder on Him? Whilst being in isolation and distancing ourselves from others, on our knees, is it not there where He meets us face to face? No matter what creed or color we are, the God of us all has silenced us. The quiet in the streets that we had seen throughout all the world had silenced the world before God who said “be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10 and 2 Chronicles 7:14) The world has been brought to a stand-still and God got our attention and focus at last. God Who desires our attention for so long that we, the world should “see” and come to “know” Him. Sadly, that it took the corona-virus to turn the face of the whole world to God. Hopefully. God breaking through the rhythm of our lives, disturbing our routine and suspending our normality (even if it`s for a while) speaks to us all and say “see” Me, come to “know” Me, “love Me and keep My commandments.” The spoon full of sunshine of the little girl of earlier has indeed some relevancy and truth to it, that we all have to scoop of that bright, golden light into our souls, so that we may shine by the glory of God within us. God within us and we in God. Amen






Rev. Victor Adams will conduct Morning Prayers online via Zoom on Sunday 10th May at 10.30pm.

You are invited by clicking on the link below.

Morning Prayer



Sermon by Revd, Victor Adams
Readings Today: First Reading – Acts 7:55-60
Psalm: 31: 1-5,17-18
Second Reading: 1 Peter 2: 11-25
Gospel: John 14:1-14
Let us pray: Lord Jesus as we come before You today, we are grateful for the opportunity to read Your Word again. As we come more closely, speak to us. Open our hearts and minds as we seek and desire for You to be present with us. Fill us now dear Lord with Your loving presence. Amen
We find in today`s gospel reading Jesus speaking to His disciples about His impending going away to the Father. 11 Days from now we commemorate the Ascension of our Lord. What a wonderful day of celebration in our Church`s calendar of Jesus going to heaven to prepare a place for all of us. Before that event, Jesus indeed prepare the hearts of the disciples and informing them of what was going to happen. The disciples however had a few questions of “where” Jesus was going to and “how He would get there.” Jesus said to them “I am the way, the truth and the life” (v.6) and “no one comes to the Father except through me.” In other words, Jesus implied to them that He is the “gate-way” and the “high-way” to which we get to Father. The only way. Speaking of the way to go, I am reminded of a short story about a few boys who planned on a Saturday morning to go for a walk in the bush. As they got together before they took off, they checked in with each other to see whether they were all set and ready to go. It appeared that one of the boys, let`s name him Jack for now, had an empty rucksack. Upon closer inspection they found that the only item in there was a small Gideon`s bible, to which Jack then said “well guys, this is my map, my compass, my torch, my water bottle, my snack, my jumper, my stick, hat and sunscreen. I `m ready to go”
It is fascinating to think that the Christian faith with its inception was called “The Way” and the followers of Jesus “people of the Way.” We find evidence of that in Acts 9:2 when Saul (who became Paul with his conversion) persecuted people of the Way. That was what the Church was called then and to some extend still bears that identity even today. Why was it called the Way? Well Jesus said “I am the way…and no one comes to the Father except through me” By implication to all the Lord`s followers it means that He is the way that we should go, the way that we should live, the way that we should understand what`s God`s will for us and the way that brings us to God. During those formative years of the Church it was even harder to establish itself as the Way and to grow amongst the onslaught of persecutions and the opposition of the Jewish leaders. They knew no other way than knowing His love, care, kindness, protection, joy and blessings. That understanding became of a way of life.
Notwithstanding that, the people of the Way, by their vigilance, faith, commitment and conviction had shown all generations to come what the way of being the Way was really about.
Starting with the apostles up to this day, there`s a common phenomena throughout the ages that we all have, and that is perseverance. I think that when we were baptized we received “perseverance for the race” as gift from the Holy Spirit. This is the one element of our Christian DNA that keeps us going, united, hopeful and resolute on the Way. The Way is not an easy “walk in the park.” It comes with challenges and it is sometimes a thorny path as it was for every Christian since the beginning of their faith`s journey. Jesus prayed to the Father in the garden of Gethsemane for “cup of suffering” to pass (Matthew 26:39) and Paul as well asked God three times to remove the “thorn” from his flesh. (2 Corinthians 12:7) With the perseverance of our Lord Jesus, victory was achieved on the cross. Being on the Way as a follower of Jesus is sometimes tough and given Paul`s experience, there`s sometimes hard work on ourselves, internal working and engagement with ourselves to get rid of the “thorns” we are carrying within us. To get rid of those inner challenges that prevent us from making progress on the Way, sometimes become a daunting task. It is at this point however, where some had turned around and given up, others had become less committed and still others had doubts and sought for other ways of getting to God (of which there is none…except through Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life.)
When Paul was lamenting about his “thorn in the flesh” the response from God was “my grace is sufficient for you.” In other words, God was helping Paul through his challenge giving His grace (strength and blessing) that was sufficient (and that was all that Paul needed to have.) “If in My Name you ask me for anything, I will do it” Jesus says in today`s gospel (v.14) It is God`s pleasure to give us everything that we need for our journey in this life and we find it all in Jesus. God wants for us to make it to the end on this Way (Matthew 25:23) God wants to welcome us one day in His house with many mansions, where there is room for everyone and we have arrived at the final destination…God`s eternal home. The Way leads to God`s eternal home.
Jesus therefore is our compass, torch, map, water bottle, stick, snack, sunscreen, hat and jumper (the story of earlier.) It all means that when we are weary and battered by life`s issues, He is the Way. He picks us up when we are down, He gives us new strength when we are tired. He help us to restart our journey when we find ourselves at life`s cul de sac. When we are alone and isolated like now, He is our Companion. When we are stranded and abandoned, He makes a breakthrough. When we are in trouble, He rescues us. When we have nothing, He makes a miracle. When we feel self-hatred and have low self-esteems, He showers His love over us to make us feel worthy and special. When we are in life`s dangers, He is our Savior. Jesus is the Way in this life and He is our Way to go.
The question we are confronted with is: Are we doing it the Frank Sinatra way (I do it my way?) or are we doing it His Way?
Stay strong on this Way as Jesus leads us through it all. He will lead each one of us on this Way and into God`s eternal home. Amen

Mother`s day prayer leaflet


Mother`s day prayer leaflet1

Hymn “Christ is made the sure Foundation”

Hymn “come My Way”


Online Zoom Parish Council Meeting.

Screenshot (52)


The Parish of Numurkah-Nathalia now has a Facebook page to enable another form ofer communication.




The Parish of Numurkah-Nathalia are producing a weekly newsletter which includes news, reading sheet and sermon from Fr. Victor Adams.

If you are nor on the email list, and would like to receive the newsletter, please contact the parish by email – numurkahanglican@gmail.com or phone 035862 1046.


Due to the restrictions imposed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all Sunday and Weekday services are cancelled until further notice.

Lenten Bible Studies and Children’s Kidzone are also cancelled.

The Parish will attempt to maintain contact other than face to face.


St Georges Kidzone



Parish Easter 2020



Palm Crosses 2020




Palm Cross order form 2020




1 – Advent Sunday – Fr Victor’s first services
5 – St George’s ladies lunch – 12 noon at the Telegraph Hotel
8 – Advent 2
10 – Parish Council 2pm, Numurkah
15 – Advent 3 – Holy Trinity (UCA to combine)
17 – Blue Christmas Ecumenical service, St George’s 6.00pm
19 – Karinya Holy Communion 3.15pm, Pioneers Lodge Holy Communion 4.00pm
21 – Bp John lays up his Pastoral Staff at Holy Trinity Cathedral, Wangaratta
22 – Advent 4
24 – Christmas Eve – St George’s, Midnight Mass 11.00pm
25 – Christmas Day – Holy Trinity 9.30am, St George’s to join with UCA 9.30am
29 – Christmas 1

5 – Christmas 2
12 – Baptism of our Lord
16 – Karinya Holy Communion 3.15pm, Pioneers Lodge Holy Communion 4.00pm
19 – 2nd after Epiphany – Holy Trinity to UCA 10:30am
26 – 3rd Epiphany
28 – Nathalia Mothers’ Union, Eucharist & Meeting 10.00am

2 – Presentation of Christ
4 – Parish Council 2.00pm, Nathalia
9 – 5th Epiphany
16 – 6th Epiphany – Holy Trinity (UCA to combine)
20 – Karinya Holy Communion 3.15pm, Pioneers Lodge Holy Communion 4.00pm
23 – Transfiguration
25 – Nathalia Mothers’ Union, Eucharist & Meeting 10.00am
Shrove Tuesday pancakes at St George’s
26 – Ash Wednesday

1 – Lent 1

BLUE CHRISTMAS poster 2019



INTRODUCING Fr. Victor Adams and his family, Elizabeth, Ruth and Nathan

Adams Family



Vicar General Clarence Bester inducted Rev’d Victor Adams as Priest in Charge of the Parish of Numurkah-Nathalia at a service held in St. Georges Numurkah on Thursday 28th November.


Fete 2019

Bishop John Farewelled

Bishop John visited the Numurkah-Nathalia Parish to say farewell before retiring after 11 years as Bishop of the Diocese of Wangaratta.


Fr. Gunnar Rippon retires.

On Sunday 26th May Fr Gunnar Rippon celebrated his final Eucharist in the Parish of Numurkah-Nathalia at St George’s Church, Numurkah after nearly 12 months as locum in the parish.
The parish has indeed been blessed by his presence. Parishioners have appreciated his thoughtful sermons and his fine singing voice on Sundays. And during his part-time ministry he made a point to visit many parishioners in their homes and he also took regular services in the four aged care facilities within the parish.
He introduced new services to the parish – a ‘Spring’ Service to give thanks for the promise of new life, a solemn and thought-provoking Service of Reproach on Good Friday and a ‘Blue Christmas’ held in the week before Christmas – a simple service to give people for whom Christmas can be difficult or associated with sad memories an opportunity to pray, reflect on their sorrow, and to find hope and some comfort. It was much appreciated by many in the Numurkah community, with a number of people from other denominations attending.
However, one of Fr Gunnar’s greatest achievements was to ensure that Parish Council meetings did not go beyond 60 minutes duration; quite a feat!
His wife Margaret also encouraged the parish to support ‘A Dollar a Day for Lent’ to raise money for swags for the homeless. As a result of this outward focus, $540 was raised to supplement the funds raised by the Parish of Shepparton.
As a celebration of his time with us, Fr Gunnar was farewelled at a light lunch by the parishioners of St George’s.
After the lunch Warden Lou Hamon presented Fr Gunnar with a painting of the Broken Creek footbridge near St George’s church. The painting was kindly donated by a local artist Geoff Lugg, husband of Parish Councillor Carol Lugg.
The parish has been very fortunate to have had Fr Gunnar as a locum priest and we give thanks for his ministry among us.

Fr Gunnar

Garage sale Poster 2019



Easter 2019

Leader palm crosses




palm crosses 2019

palm cross order form 2019


Christmas 2018







IMG_1151 (2)


The Anglican Parish of Numurkah-Nathalia welcome the appointment of Rev’d Gunnar Rippon as Locum Priest for the next six months.

Since the retirement of Rev’d Sally Boothey the parish has relied on retired priest Rev’s Geoffrey Poliness to conduct Sunday services and maintain parish life and are grateful for his devoted service.

Rev’s Gunnar Rippon will spend three days each week within the parish not only conducting Sunday services but undertaking pastoral care within the parish.

Gunner Rippon was born in Amble, Northumberland in north east England and in 1965 married Margaret and have three children and 10 grandchildren.

Gunner migrated to Australia in 1968 and worked as a mine surveyor in Queensland, Tasmania, New South Wales, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Accepting retrenchment in 1998, Gunner answered the call of our Lord and was ordained as Deacon in 2001 and as Priest in 2002 in Bunbury W.A. serving in two parishes then Dean of Cathedral in 2004.

In 2009 Gunnar retired to South Australia but answering the Bishop’s invitation to become district priest in Claire for three years.

Retiring again 2012 Gunnar and Margaret enjoyed caravanning around the country, doing locums in Port Fairy, Ararat, Ballarat, and Canon in Residence in Goulburn for 18 months.

In 2016 Gunnar and Margaret returned to Shepparton to a part time ministry.

Gunnar & Margaret will continue to live in Shepparton, whist working three days each week in the Parish of Numurkah-Nathalia.

The Parish are planning a Parish Dinner on 10th August, and a Film Night on Wednesday 15th August in Shepparton for the screening of the film “The Book Shop”.


Th Book Shop

Rev’d Sally Boothey’s last service and retirement.

Rev’d Sally Boothey celebrated her last service in St Georges on 15th April before her retirement.

At a luncheon after the service Sally was presented with a Joan Harding painting and flowers.

Pictures Sally with husband Dennis and Rectors Wardens Lou Hamon and Mary Muntz.


Holy Week & Easter Service Times

Palm Sunday

8.40am Palm Procession, Nathalia

9.00am Holy Trinity (UCA to Combine)

10.30am Sung Eucharist, St George’s

Maundy Thursday

7.30pm Foot Washing & Sung Eucharist St George’s

Good Friday

9am Nathalia at Uniting Church

10.30am St George’s Numurkah

11.30am Ecumenical Procession of the Cross, Numurkah

Easter Day

9.00am Holy Communion, Holy Trinity

10.30am Sung Eucharist, St George’s





Palm Crosses 2018

Palm Cross order form 2018




Screenshot (14)


fete poster 2017 jpeg (002)




St Georges High Tea 2017


Strawberry Festival 2017

De-consecration of Holy Nativity and All Saints Barmah.

The Rt. Rev’s John Parkes, Bishop of Wangaratta de-consecrated Holy Nativity and All Saints Barmah at a well attended service on Saturday 15th July 2017.

The Barmah church was the town’s first, and now the town’s last, place of worship, after it originally began as a wooden structure that was brought over from Picola in 1913.

The original timber building had to be eventually pulled down in 1966 when it was ravaged by termites.

The existing building designed to be a multi-purpose space was built in 1966.

The new church was fitted out with locally sourced red gum and the fence was made out of the cable from the old Murray River punt.

Services stopped last year and the power cut off, the building is sound and will be put up for sale.

Rev’d Sally Boothey, rector of Numurkah-Nathalia Parish said “It is a time of sadness, to contemplate the closure of this, or any church, and it seems that an era when traditional Christian worship and teaching centered around church buildings is passing”.










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