THURSDAY 17th JULY 2014.


  • Welcome and Opening: 


  1. Rev. Sally Boothey opened the meeting with a prayer at 7.40 pm
  2. Present: Rev Sally Boothey, Judy James, Bev Leaf, Mary Muntz, Merle Cobbledick, Ron Cobbledick, Wendy Watson, John Stammers, Rob Elliott, Carol Lugg, Lou Hamon.

Apologies:  Bev Patrick, Robyn Pendlebury, Keith Schier.              

  Confirmation of Minutes

MOTION: “That the Minutes of the Parish Council held 19th June 2014 be confirmed as a true and correct record.”

Moved: Ron Cobbledick.            Seconded: Judy James.                  Carried.

5.       Business Arising from previous minutes:

5.1 Nil.

6.       Correspondence: 


6.1.   Bishop: Induction of Dean 30th July 7 pm

6.2.   Bishop: Interfaith Service St Paul’s Cathedral/ Family Violence/ Church of Japan Typhoon.

6.3.   Registrar: Christian Conference of Asia

6.4. Registrar: Commemoration of Commencement of World War 1.

6.5.   Kim Davis: Request for information on Revd. S G Davis and his wife Alice

6.6.   Anglicare/CBM/.Anglican Tours Australia/Grassroots

6.7.   Registrar: Saint Columb’s Hall Reunion.


6.7. Response to Kim Davis request.


“That the correspondence inwards be accepted and outwards adopted”. 

Moved: Mary Muntz.                   Seconded: Bev Leaf.                                  Carried.


             General Synod 2014 has been and gone. It was a privilege to be elected as a delegate by Wangaratta Synod and I found it to be an interesting experience at many levels.

As it was in Adelaide, I saw many familiar faces and took the chance to catch up with people and events in my previous Diocese. This was most enjoyable but it reminded me, too, that a lot of changes in personnel and structures can happen in 18 months and one soon becomes ‘out of the loop’. On Sunday morning, I went to worship at the Good Shepherd and was able to enjoy a ‘sit in the pews’ and informal chat with the people we know from that congregation.

The Synod business itself was pretty non-controversial and, given that anything Synod votes on doesn’t have to be accepted in every diocese, it seemed to take a lot of time to debate legislative wording and to hear long speeches about issues that no-one disagreed with.

Each day, we divided into small discussion groups (of careful geographic and theological mix) and we discussed issues around the future of the Anglican church in Australia. Part of the pre-Synod reading was a sobering task force report on the viability and structures of the church, with clear statements about the non-viability of many country dioceses and the inability of city dioceses such as Melbourne, Sydney and Perth to minister to very large, rapidly expanding, culturally diverse populations. Although it was clear to all that some structural changes should be made to, for example, diocesan boundaries, it was also obvious that the constitutional changes required were virtually impossible to make and that Provincial rather than National initiatives, with perhaps some less formal co-operation between agreeable dioceses, would be the most hopeful way forward. There needs to be a National Anglican Church response, in terms of improved selection processes, safe ministry initiatives and common compensation procedures, to the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse. Some practices and procedures must have national acceptance. There is still disagreement on many issues between sections within the church. The familiar rift between those Anglicans who, on the whole, assert the primacy and literal truth of Scripture and those Anglicans who see both Scripture, which must be interpreted for meaning given the context of its authors, and the Sacraments as truly important. It is the old ‘Evangelical/Anglo-catholic’ spectrum. In truth, the extremes at both ends are rare, but in the middle, there are still honestly held and believed theological viewpoints which seem irreconcilable. This was brought home to me in the frank and open discussions in our small group. I would categorise most in the Wangaratta diocese as liberal Anglo-catholic in their theology, but, from the election results for Standing Committee of General Synod, this was not the case for the majority of clergy at General Synod.

Just prior to Synod, Phillip Freier, Archbishop of Melbourne, was elected as the new Primate. Apparently Archbishop Glen Davies of Sydney came a very close second.

The outgoing Primate, Phillip Aspinall, was in our small group and I found him to be an exceptiionally wise, knowledgeable, approachable, good-humoured and compassionate man with great gifts of sensitive leadership. (No less than you’d expect of an Archbishop!) We would pray that our new Primate is enabled, also, to meet the challenges of his role in our changing Australian Anglican Church. (The Reports of General Synod, including Viability and Structures, are available for anyone who would like to read them)

For our part, I believe that we must be true to our own understood faith and continue to worship in reverence and thankful joy, honouring both Word and Sacrament as Christian mediators of God’s love revealed in Christ. Our engagement with Scripture will continue to call upon the work of scholars to inform our reason and to explain and even renew our traditions. Whatever we do, we should do it with sincerity and as well as we can.

After Synod, Denis and I had a week of leave and had a happy time visiting old friends in Gippsland and catching up with my Mum.

The new, winter, school term commences and not unexpectedly, attendance is down at our services. Plans are underway for Spring time events such as the fete at St George’s. There are two children-focussed services planned for the second half of the year at Holy Trinity and the study and discussion groups at Joan Hardings are continuing.

Since last Parish Council, we have conducted funeral services for Dan Roscoe and Jack Mapletoft.

All Saints Barmah – repairs to parquetry flooring. Renewed contact has been made with B and S Timber Flooring of Shepparton and Ben will come out at some stage, (although, as he said, it is a little job and fiddly). Work has begun to put the correct name and contact details on the All Saints sign.

All Faith Leaders have been contacted by the Director of the Veterans’ Affairs Branch of the Department of Premier and Cabinet encouringing participation in the commemoration of 100th Anniversary of World War 1. We will incorporate appropriate prayers and words in our services on Sunday 3 August.

Wighton’s have agreed to send us larger envelopes this year.

Thank you to everyone who kept the parish running whilst I was away.

Thank you to whoever keeps the grounds at Holy Trinity looking so well cared for and neat. It is cheering to see some winter flowers surrounding the church with colour! Thank you, too, to the pruner and nurturer of the wonderful St George’s roses which last so well and smell so beautiful.


Rev’d Sally


MOTION: “That Strategic Plan be evaluated next meeting”,

Moved: Rev Sally                            Seconded: Rob Elliott.                                              Carried.

MOTION: “That the Rector’s report be accepted”.

Moved: Rev Sally Boothey             Seconded: Keith Shier.                                           Carried

Financial Report:

Cheque Account                                         $    4969.56

Investment. Account                                   $  16193.86

St George’s ladies Guild                                 $    1262.41

Holy Trinity Ladies Guild                              $    1822.66

Holy Trinity Mother’s Union                        $      334.05

Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival                 $    1498.45

Holy Trinity Diocese Wang.                         $      243.82

Betty Daniel Scholarship Term Deposit    $    8724.43

Offertory                                                          $    4748.20

Accounts payable                                           $    1866.06

MOTION: “That the financial report be received and accounts passed for payment”

Moved: Wendy Watson.                  Seconded: Ron Cobbledick.                      Carried.

 9.      GST Business:

 9.1.      Catering: Dan Roscoe Funeral 26th June.

9.2.     Hall Hire: Dan Roscoe Funeral 26th June, Orana Day Care.

9.3.      Funerals: Dan Roscoe 26th June, Jack Mapletoft 10th July.

9.4       Fundraising: Quiz Holy Trinity Guild 6th July.

MOTION: “That the activities listed above be Input Taxed”.

                         Moved: Lou Hamon.                       Seconded: John Stammers.                       Carried.

Warden’s Reports:

               St. George’s: 10.1. Parish Centre carpet has been cleaned, re-gilding of Eucharist vessels   pending.

10.2. Lock on back door of Parish Centre has been attended to by John Stammers.

10.3. Gas heater in church and hot water in Parish Centre to be checked.

Holy Trinity:   10.4.  White gravel laid in driveway.

                       10.5.  Photo of church stained glass window in Advocate.

          11.       Other Reports:

                       11.1 Holy Trinity Ladies Guild

 Bank balance $ 1822.66

Donation of $500 to Parish Council.

Revd. Sally winner of Quiz.

Children’s Service 27th July.

Visiting Barwo July 15th, Blums Fashions September 25th.

Service times reversed for 27th July.

                      11.2 Mothers’ Union.

  International Wave of Prayer 15-22 July.

11 Shoe boxes packed for Christmas giving.

11.3. St George’s Ladies Guild.

 Street Stall tomorrow morning.

Luncheon at Secondary College on 30th July. 

MOTION: “That the Reports be received”

Moved: Carol Lugg.             Seconded: Wendy Watson.                                                 Carried.


          12.     General Business: 

                      12.1. Special Events Diary circulated.

12.2. Mission emphasis to public appeal through stalls, dinner or choral evensong.

To be discussed at the next meeting.

     Next Meeting: Thursday 21st August: Holy Trinity, Nathalia. 8pm.


Meeting closed with the grace at 8.36 pm.


     Minutes confirmed…………………………………………….       

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