Welcome & Opening Prayer:

Rev. Sally Boothey opened the meeting with a prayer at 8.05pm.

Present: Rev Sally Boothey, John Stammers, Keith Schier, Brian Devenish, Norma Shepherd, Nola Smith, Beverley Leaf, Mary Muntz, Judith James, Wendy Watson, Rob Elliott

 Apologies: Lou Hamon

Election of Secretary & Treasurer.

Secretary: Lou Hamon, nominated R Elliott, seconded Wendy Watson.                                  Carried

Treasurer: Wendy Watson, nominated J Stammers, seconded B Devenish.                            Carried
Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Motion: That the minutes of the Parish Council held19th February 2015 be confirmed as a true and correct record.’

Moved: W Watson, seconded B Leaf                                                                                        Carried

Business Arising:       1. Rectory Heating. Rev Sally to contact GV Weathermaster.

2. Jars for preserves. New jars & lids purchased but lids have advertising; Ann Moody or Jackie Miller at Moira Shire to be contacted about the suitability of these.


Inwards: 1. Numurkah District Health Service.

2. Registrar: Property on Government Rd. Kotupna.

3. Registrar: ABM Vanuatu Appeal

4. Diocesan Prayer Diary

5. Church Stores


7. Moira Shire; food registration fees for St George’s & Holy Trinity

Discussion ensued re the property at Kotupna. Local lines of investigation to be followed up and the Registrar to be contacted re the exact position of the property.

Outwards: 1. Letters of thanks: Bev Patrick, Carol Lugg, Robyn Pendlebury, Merle Cobbledick, Ron


2. Numurkah Secondary College: Acceptance of invitation to Anzac Day Ceremony.

A letter of thanks to be written to Margaret & Lindsay Mitchell as thanks for their organisation of the

film night.

Motion: That the correspondence inward be accepted and the outwards be approved.

Moved: M Muntz, seconded B Devenish                                                                                 Carried

Rector’s Report:

Welcome to new Parish Council members and thank you for offering your time and talents for this important task of ensuring that the parish of Numurkah-Nathalia is governed well and that the ideas and needs of all congregations are heard. Communication is very important to keep the parish running smoothly and part of the role of parish councillors is to both ‘report back’ to the congregations and to bring concerns and ideas to Council.

It has been a particularly busy month in many ways, but especially with regards fundraising efforts. The necessary decision to cancel this year’s Deb Ball (due to lack of interested participants) was a big blow to the budget and it is encouraging to note the financial success of the month’s endeavours.

Unfortunately, finances are still a real concern and a budget will be prepared to send to the Registrar.

The major costs are, of course, the Rector’s stipend. For the interest of Parish Council members, I enclose a letter outlining the remuneration package associated with my appointment, and a copy of my monthly pay slip, which is administered through the diocesan office.  The treasurer would know the cost of utilities and phone, as these accounts come directly to the parish. Since the letter of offer was written in 2012, stipends in the diocese have increased from $53,500 to $56,238 per annum.

Other costs include the purchase of expendables for worship and stationery, power and water costs for the parish buildings, insurance on parish buildings, assessment paid to the diocese and contributions to missions.

It would be helpful, perhaps, to form a small finance subcommittee of Parish Council, consisting of the Rector, the Treasurer and a couple of people with financial expertise, who may be seconded for this group, to look at the Parish budget more closely. Some strategic decisions may have to be made in the coming year to address the financial shortfalls.

Bishop John’s Pilgrimage.  In 2015, Bishop John and Margaret will visit each parish. Our scheduled visit is 23rd-25th October and accommodation will be at the Rectory. The expectation over Friday night through Saturday and Sunday is – a special service of prayer on the Saturday, where people can join him in prayer, Eucharist on Saturday evening and Sunday as required, dinner with the clergy family on Saturday night, a parish event or meeting so that Bp John can speak with members of the Parish, Parish Council or the community, and time when the Bishop can speak confidentially (pastoral) with the clergy. At this stage, the bishop has promised to visit Barmah, and it is likely that Brian (and any other interested candidates) will be confirmed during this visit. Everything else can be planned and organized according to what best suits our, and the Bishop’s, purposes.

St Paul’s Wakiti Creek  It occurs to me that the unique ‘bush’ aspect of this church may make it a desirable place of repose for the ashes of those for whom the natural bush is a sacred place.  The ground is consecrated, a suitable outside cross and way to mount plaques or inscribe names could be devised. Ashes could simply be scattered, or interred in a particular area of the church grounds. This is just a suggestion, perhaps for further consideration.

The Holy Nativity and All Saints Barmah A car boot sale is being held on Sunday 26 April, to coincide with the Barmah Muster weekend. There is an active Barmah Development Committee in town and one innovation is the establishment of a War Memorial, to be dedicated this Anzac Day. Hopefully, this intentional energy and good ideas brought to reality will help the town to prosper and grow. At this stage, we have two regular worshippers at All Saints and one is moving to Moama in the near future. It would be good to keep an Anglican (or even Christian) church open in Barmah for as long as possible.

This is my 20th year of ordination and I think it would be a good idea to use some of my accrued 16 weeks of Long Service Leave. As such, I am seriously investigating taking 9 weeks leave in 2016 and adding it to 2 weeks of annual leave. This will mean an 11 week block (maybe July, August, September ish?) when I’m away. To do this, I need to give at least 3 months’ notice to the Long Service Leave Board.  At this stage, I am letting you know my thoughts and flagging this as a possibility only.

It has been wonderful to have some little ones in church at St George’s and to welcome a couple of new parishioners. There will be a baptism after Easter and I will make sure that a child-friendly talk and/or activity is included in the Easter Day services across the parish.

May the services of the Easter season encourage in us an attitude of humility and joyous praise. May we know ourselves to be truly known and deeply loved by our Father in heaven, as we remember and celebrate the self-giving love of the Son, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Rev’d Sally

Motion: ‘That the rector’s report be accepted.”

Moved: Rev S Boothey, seconded N Shepherd                                                                         Carried

 Financial Report.

Cheque Account                                              $  7691.47

Investment Account                                         $  2351.62

St George’s ladies Guild                                  $    898.45

Holy Trinity Ladies Guild                                $  1460.09

Holy Trinity Mother’s Union                            $    334.05

Holy Trinity Strawberry Festival                     $  2759.53

Holy Trinity Diocese Wangaratta                    $    243.82

Betty Daniel Scholarship Term Deposit           $   8133.74

Offertory                                                          $   4834.00

Accounts payable                                             $   1857.41

The cost of Bibles for baptisms to be claimed from the A Heap Memorial Prize Trust.

Motion: ‘That the financial report be received and accounts passed for payment.’

Moved: W Watson, seconded Rev S Boothey                                                                            Carried

GST Business

Catering: William Tuttle Funeral 17th March, Film Night 18th March.

Hall Hire: William Tuttle Funeral 17th March.

Funerals:  Fred Elliott 17th March.

Fundraising: Palm Crosses, Film Night, St Georges Guild Street Stall, Garage Sale.

Motion: ‘That the activities listed be Input Taxed.’

Moved: R Elliott, seconded J Stammers                                                                                  Carried

11. Churchwarden’s Reports.

St. George’s:
Palm Crosses – 26 orders for 4040 palm crosses. $2522 less postage of $298.20. Profit $2223.80 with 2 smaller late orders to be filled.
Film Night: Profit $2519.00
Garage Sale: Profit $946.10
Ladies’ Guild Street Stall: Profit $985.00
Community Garden Grant application. B Devenish reported that he had met with Debra Morris of Moira Shire re the application for funding a community garden behind the Hamon centre. Result of application should be known in April.

Holy Trinity:
White ants discovered in the vestry. Baits to be laid in the ceiling at a cost of approximately $180
300 attended Fred Elliott’s funeral.

12.  Other Reports.

Holy Trinity Ladies Guild.
Coffee Morning 13th April in the Dancocks Room
Street stall 15th May

Mothers Union.
Meeting held 24th March.
7 parishioners attended the Lady Day celebrations at Wangaratta; guest speaker was Lorna Morris
May meeting will be a Quiet Day at Barmah.

St George’s Ladies Guild.
Successful street stall held Friday 20th March.

Motion: ’That the reports be received.’

Moved: B Leaf, seconded M Muntz                                                                                          Carried

 General Business:
A projected budget was drawn up indicating the strained financial position that the Parish faces.

Motion: ’That the projected budget be forwarded to the Bishop & Registrar for their consideration.’

Moved: W Watson, seconded R Elliott                                                                        Carried
Parish Council & Office Bearers’ Contact List. It was agreed that a list including email addresses be produced for Parish Councillors and a list without email addresses to be displayed on notice boards at St George’s & Holy Trinity.


Meeting closed at 9.50pm.

Minutes confirmed ………………………………………                 Date ………………………..

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